101 Fun Animal Trivia Questions and Answer for Kids

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Fun Animal Trivia Questions and Answers for Kids

Entertain and educate your kids with these specially created animal trivia questions. This trivia is created with a mixture of easy and hard trivia to keep the interest of the kid in the game till the end.

The questions are designed to be short and easy for kids to understand. Your kids will certainly be happier and wiser after playing this trivia game.

1. How long can a tiger go on without feeding in the wild?
Answer: about 2 weeks

2. Newly born tiger cubs can see immediatly they are born, True or False?
Answer: False, they are born blind.


3. What special qualities does tiger saliva makes them use to clean their wounds?
Answer: antiseptic qualities

4. How fast can a tiger run?
Answer: 60km per hour.

5. How long does a tiger sleep daily?
Answer: about 18 hours

6. Tigers can stand even when they are dead, True or False?
Answer: True

7. What is a baby lion called?
Answer: Cub

8. Which large cat has the strongest bite?
Answer: jaguar

9. At what age do lions start roaring
Answer: Age of 2

10. The lion’s ear is so enhanced that it can hear the sound of prey about how far?
Answer: A mile away

11. Lions chew their food before swallowing, True or False?
Answer: False

12. The spots of a leopard are unique from others like human fingerprints, True or False?
Answer: True.

13. How long does a leopard carries its pregnancy before giving birth?
Answer: about 96 days

14. How far can a Leopard jump into the air?
Answer: 6 meters (20 feet)

15. Cheetahs are able to turn mid-air when they are chasing prey, True or False?
Answer: True

16. What is the color of jaguar cub eyes when they are born?
Answer: blue


17. Jaguar’s cub start hearing immediately they are born, True or False?
Answer: False, they are born deaf.

18. How far can Cougars jump into the air?
Answer: 20 feet (6.1 meters)

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19. The male and the female cougar are involved in taking care of their cougar cubs, True or False?
Answer: False, only the female takes care of its cubs.

20. Can cougars roar?
Answer: No

21. Can cougars swim?
Answer: Yes

22. What are female tigers called?
Answer: tigress

23. Which animal has killed the most people on earth?
Answer: mosquito

24. What is the most deadly snake on earth called?
Answer: Inland Taipan

25. Which animal has the shortest lifespan?
Answer: Mayfly

26. Can Koalas sleep up to 22 hours a day?
Answer: Yes

27. Swifts fly can fly up to six months without landing, True or False?
Answer: True

28. Do elephant babies suck on their trunks?
Answer: Yes

29. Which animal has the strongest bite on earth?
Answer: Saltwater Crocodile

30. Which is the only male animal that naturally gives birth to their young ones?
Answer: seahorse

31. Do pufferfish toxins have a verified antidote?
Answer: No

32. The land animal that has the loudest noise is?
Answer: the howler monkey

33. legs of an ostrich can kill a lion with a kick, True or False?
Answer: True

34. Which country has the highest population of pigs?
Answer: China

35. A baby pig is called?
Answer: Piglet

36. What is the color of white polar bears’ skin?
Answer: black

37. How far can a great White Shark detect a drop of blood?
Answer: about 5km

38. Can Naked Mole Rat survive without oxygen for 20 minutes?
Answer: Yes

39. Do piglets stand when they are born?
Answer: No, they stand up within minutes

40. What is the most venomous fish in the world?
Answer: the stonefish

41. What is the biggest insect that was recorded in the world?
Answer: dragonfly

42. What are baby sheep called?
Answer: Lamb

43. Which is the deepest fish in the ocean?
Answer: Mariana sailfish

44. Which fish has both gills and lungs?
Answer: lungfish

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45. Can electric eels shock make a horse faint?
Answer: Yes

46. It is possible to see the organs of glass frogs, True or False?
Answer: True

47. Which lizard can shoot out blood from its own eye?
Answer: Horned Lizard

48. How many noses do slugs have?
Answer: 4

49. what is the only mammal that can’t jump?
Answer: the elephant

50. Where do purple frogs live?
Answer: underground

51. Which part of the body can axolotl grow back when damaged?
Answer: Any part of their body

52. what is a baby zebra called?
Answer: foal

53. What is the biggest land animal in the world?
Answer: African elephant

54. What is the biggest snake in the world?
Answer: Green anaconda

55. Can a Hippopotamus run faster than a human?
Answer: Yes

56. The largest land predator in the world?
Answer: Polar bears

57. Ostrich is native to which continent?
Answer: Africa

58. Which bird has the largest eggs in the world?
Answer: ostrich

59. Which bee has the shortest lifespan in a colony?
Answer: worker bee

60. Which is the only continent where you can’t find frogs?
Answer: Antarctica

61. Can frog eat with their eyes open?
Answer: No

62. Can a turtle can sleep underwater?
Answer: Yes

63. Turtles are warm-blooded animals, True or False?
Answer: False, they are cold-blooded

64. Do turtles have teeth?
Answer: No

65. Bigger turtles and smaller turtles that live longer?
Answer: Bigger turtles

66. Can a turtle breathe underwater?
Answer: No, but they can hold their breath

67. Can horses sleep while standing?
Answer: Yes

68. How many bones are in a horse skeleton?
Answer: 205

69. Are baby squirrels born with their eyes open?
Answer: No

70. Are dog nose prints unique?
Answer: Yes

71. Australian Shepherd is an Australian dog breed, True or False?
Answer: False

72. How many muscles do cats have in their ear?
Answer: 32

73. Are cats born blind?
Answer: Yes

74. Are cats born Deaf?
Answer: Yes

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75. How many permanent teeth do any adult cat have?
Answer: 30

76. What is a group of elephants called?
Answer: herd

77. Can elephants eat meat?
Answer: No

78. What is a baby elephant called?
Answer: Calf

79. How many species of pandas are there on earth?
Answer: 2

80. How many fingers do giant pandas have?
Answer: 6

81. Are giant pandas good tree climbers?
Answer: Yes

82. what is a baby bear called?
Answer: Cub

83. A group of bears is called?
Answer: a sleuth or a sloth

84. Are the stripe pattern on every Zebra the same?
Answer: all zebra have a unique stripe pattern.

85. Between smelly feet and clean feet, which attract Mosquitoes the most?
Answer: Smelly feet

86. Can Sloths hold their breath underwater?
Answer: Yes

87. What is a baby fox called?
Answer: pups

88. Can Fox pups see immediately after birth?
Answer: They are blind until nine days after birth.

89. The most common species of fox in the world is?
Answer: red fox

90. Do foxes live on all continents on earth?
Answer: No, live on every continent except Antarctica.

91. Do Kangaroos sweat?
Answer: No

92. Can kangaroos move backward?
Answer: No

93. Do penguins lay eggs?
Answer: Yes

94. Do Penguins have teeth?
Answer: No

95. Can Hippopotamus give birth underwater?
Answer: Yes

96. What is a group of hippopotamus called?
Answer: herd or school

97. Most spiders eat their old web before starting a new one, True or False?
Answer: True

98. Where do rafts and spiders live?
Answer: Water

99. Are Lizards on the continent of Antarctica?
Answer: No

100. What is a baby rabbit called?
Answer: kitten

101. Why do crocodiles open their mouths once in a while?
Answer: to cool their body

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