101 Top Fascinating Archaeological Facts And Discoveries

Human fossilized footprints at the White Sands national park in New Mexico. Photograph: AP

Top Fascinating Archaeological Facts And Discoveries

Discovering and studying our ancestor’s activities and lifestyles is one of the most fulfilling stories for any curious person like me. Do you know that the oldest human footprints known to man that ever touched American soil were discovered by archaeologists?   I have carefully collected and put together these interesting and simple archaeological facts and discoveries both past and present. So relax as you about the explore some fascinating discovering that might surprise you.

Archaeological Discoveries In 2021

1. In the year 2021, Archaeologists discovered a ceremonial chariot that was used by the Romans.

2. A 4,400-year-old staff that has a serpent shape which was used in the stone age was discovered in 2021.

3. The oldest human footprints known to man that ever touched American soil were discovered by archaeologists. Read more here.


4. In Tibet, the oldest form of immobile art that has ever been recorded was discovered.

5. The oldest known map of Europe which was made on a stone slab that dates back to 1150 – 2600 BC was discovered.

6. In Oslo’s medieval Park, a figure which was crowned, that was holding a falcon was discovered by archaeologists.

7. The Norse settlers who were in America were discovered to have been there as early as 1021 AD.

8. The earliest 3d cartographic map of Europe was discovered in 2021.

9. An uncommon mosaic that depicted Homer’s Iliad scenes was discovered while excavating a Roman villa.

Archaeological Discoveries In 2020

10. The myth that it was only males that hunted while women cooked was proved wrong when a 9000-year-old female hunter was discovered in Peru.

11. The tomb of Romulus was discovered by archaeologists in the Roman forum building in Feb 2020.

12. In Saqqara, Egypt, more than 100 mummies were discovered by archaeologists.

13. In Russia, a circular figure that was made up of about 65 mammoths was unearthed.

14. A geoglyph of a cat which was about 120 feet in length was discovered by archaeologists in Peru.

15. A canal and rock panels were discovered in January 2020 in Mosul, Iraq.

16. In the Amazon rainforest, more than a thousand images that were drawn during the ice ages have been discovered.

Best Archaeological Finds

17. The Dead Sea Scrolls that were found about 2km away from the Dead sea were a collection of manuscripts that were found in 11 caves.


18. The largest hoard of Anglo-Saxon gold that was discovered by archaeologists was the Staffordshire Hoard.

19. A fossil that shows the existence of humans 1.9 million years ago was discovered in the Olduvai cave, Tanzania.

20. One of the most famous archaeological findings is that of Pompeii, a Roman city that helped to give more insight into almost everything we know about the Romans.

21. The Rosetta Stone which was found in 196 BC is one of the famous archaeological discoveries.

22. The Terracotta Army, the armies of the first emperor that China had, was a popular discovery made by archaeologists.

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23. Easter Island, a Chilean Polynesian island in the Pacific Ocean had about 887 statues discovered in it.

24. Richard III, who was the last Plantagenet king of England’s remains was discovered.

25. The tomb of the Great Tutankhamun was discovered in 1922 by George Herbert and Howard Carter.

26. A Spanish cave that was discovered in 1880 contained a prehistoric art of human hands and mammals.

Unexpected Archaeology

27. 1n 1947, it was three Bedouin shepherd boys that discovered the Dead Sea Scrolls.

28. The Graves of medieval Slavic chiefs were not discovered by archaeologists, but by a badger.

29. The world’s oldest analog computer was discovered by a group of sponge divers.

30. The stone spheres of Costa Rica were discovered unexpectedly by banana plantation workers.

31. The popular Rosetta Stone was discovered by a group of French soldiers.

32. The Terracotta Army of the first emperor of China was discovered by farmers who were digging a well.

33. Lascaux cave painting was found by three french students who later reported it to their prehistory teacher.

34. A collection of Elizabethan and Jacobean pieces of jewelry were found by a demolition crew.

35. In 1653, a French laborer known as Adrien Quinnquin discovered the Childeric’s treasure.

Scariest Archaeological Findings

36. In a mass grave, the skull of the vampire of Venice was found with a brick in between its mouth.

37. In New York, a set of tall men who were under 45 was found with their heads decapitated.

38. Four female skeletons were found in Russia by archaeologists that proves to an extent that Amazons were real-life fighters.

39. In the university of Durham, two mass graves were found that contained about 1650 skeletons.

40. A deep pit was found by archaeologists that contained infants, children, and adults skeletons.

41. A 1600-year-old Roman woman was found by Spanish archaeologists with four malformed teeth found in her pelvis.

42. Pieces of jewelry and human remains were found inside a 3500-year-old tomb.

Top Archaeological Findings Of Indus Valley Civilization

43. Bow drills that were dated back to the 4th and 5th centuries were discovered in Mehrgarh.

44. The oldest shipyard in the world was found in Lothal, in the Indus Valley Civilization.

45. It was in the Indus Valley Civilization archaeological site that the early origin of stepwell was discovered.

46. In the ruins of this civilization, one of the earliest public baths was discovered.

47. It has been discovered that cockfighting was the popular pastime of the Indus Valley Civilization.

48. Some of the earliest grid-planned cities originated from the Indus Valley Civilization.

49. It has been discovered that the button used for ornamental purposes was made from a seashell.

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Top Archaeological Findings Of Sodom And Gomorrah

50. A skeleton that was said to be killed by the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah was found.

51. An early bronze age cemetery and also an enclosed closure was found in Feifa in 1973.

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52. Sodom has been discovered to have been occupied for about 1000 years before its destruction.

53. Archaeologists have presumed that it is logical that Sodom was near Gomorrah.

54. The ruins of a church have been discovered near the cave where Lot and his daughters stayed.

55. A city gate has been discovered in Babedhdhra that was said to be where the angels met Lot.

Top Archaeological Findings In Egypt

56. In November 2019, the discovery of an animal cache was announced by the Egyptian minister of tourism.

57. In the Al-Asasif region of Egypt, 30 coffins for both children, women, and men were discovered.

58. An embalming workshop with burial chambers that dated back to 664 to 404 BC was found.

59. The cemetery where they buried the supervisor of the royal palace in the 5th dynasty was discovered.

60. 83 Tombs were uncovered in February 2020 by the Egyptian archaeological mission.

61. About 40 mummies were discovered in Egypt in good condition during an excavation.

62. A large number of coffins was found in a deep well in the surroundings of Saqqara.

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Top Archaeological Findings In India

63. So many Dinosaur eggs have been found in one of the archaeological sites in India called Ravioli.

64. It has been discovered in Lothal, India, that urban planning was there ahead of time.

65. Suketi in India is a fossil park that has many life-size FPR of many prehistoric animals.

66. Kalibanga in India is one of the places in the world where prehistoric artifacts are discovered.

67. It has been discovered that the oldest stone structure in India is the Sanchi Stupa that was created in 3 BC.

68. Konark temple is located in India and was discovered by archaeologists and is considered as one of the most beautiful temples in India.

69. There’s an archaeological site in India that is spread over 250 acres which is part of the Harappan sites.

70. In 1995, a wandering professor discovered Pushpagiri in India.

Top Archaeological Findings In Israel

71. The priestly blessing amulet was found in Israel at the hill above Gehenna Valley.

72. The Bar Kochba letters and the Dead Sea Scrolls were found in the Judean desert.

73. The Venus figurine, which is about 250,000 years old, was discovered in the Golan Heights in Israel.

74. In the city of David’s excavation, Bullard and seals from the first temple period were found.

75. The Tel Dan Stele which dated back to the 9th century was discovered in the Tel Dan national park.

76. A Chalcolithic collection that is 6,500 years old was found in the Matmon cave in Israel.

77. In Tel Shalem Galilee, the statue of Hadrian which dated back to the 2nd century was found.

Top Archaeological Findings In The Philippines

78. The “Callao man” was discovered in the Philippines, was afoot bone that measured about 2.4 inches.

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79. Discovered by Alfred Evangelist and F. Landa Jocan, the death mask of Oton is a cultural treasure in the Philippines.

80. The Laguna copper plate inscription was accidentally discovered in the Philippines in 1986.

81. The Manunggul jar is a stunning artifact that was found in the Manunggul cave, Palawan.

82. The yawning jarlet discovered in the Philippines is the earliest known pot in the country.

Top Archaeological Findings In Rome

83. Circus Maximus, an archaeological site that was discovered in Rome, is a racecourse that was used by the ancient Romans.

84. Trajan’s markets are found in Rome and discoveries have consistently been made there.

85. Caracalla baths that have been found by archaeologists are the remnants of a huge construction made in the 3rd century.

86. This discovery is dated back to 1 AD and it’s called the Domus Aurea, a lavishly decorated place.

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Top Archaeological Findings In South Asia

87. Many artifacts from the Yuan Dynasty period that dates back to the 14th and 20th centuries have been discovered in Singapore at Fort Canning, the oldest archaeological site in the country.

88. Over 120 figures that are engraved on a rock wall that is called the Angono petroglyphs have been found by archaeologists in the Philippines.

89. The largest Terracotta pot under the Tran dynasty to be recorded has been discovered in Vietnam.

90. Archaeological excavations have been carried out at a church in a South Asian country to reveal artifacts that date back to the 13th and 20th centuries.

91. San Diego astrolabe is a Spanish galleon that was discovered in 1992 in the Philippines.

92. Butuan, the mother boat, is the biggest balangay that was discovered in the Philippines in 2012.

Latest Biblical Archaeological Findings

93. An archaeologist from Israel discovered a Canaanite worship place that dates back to the 12th century.

94. There was a fortified building that dated back to King David’s rule that was found in Golan heights.

95. Remnants of the palace of king Manasseh, who did wicked things in the eyes of God, were discovered.

96. In Banias, Northern Israel, an altar that dates back to the 4th century has been dugout.

97. After an organic substance was tested, it was discovered that it was Marijuana that was in the place of worship and it dates back to the 8th century.

98. Archaeologists that are of Kurdish and Italian origin discovered a 15-foot carving of an Assyrian king, possibly Sargon II, that can be traced to the Bible.

Top Archaeological Findings In the Red Sea

99. Archaeologists discovered the shipwreck around Sandana Island.

100. In a harbor named El Qosier, hard Clay pots and cups that date back to the 17th and 18th centuries have been discovered.

101. A medieval keg amphora concrete has been found in the seabed of Hurghada.


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