102 Interesting Geography Trivia Questions and Answers

Are you ready to test how well you know Geography? or Do you want to have fun learning some interesting and uncommon facts about the world?

We got you, as these fact-filled trivia questions will expose you to many fascinating facts about Countries, lands, oceans, and other natural resources on earth.

The questions are mixtures of easy and hard geography, some will push you into making more research about the world we live in.

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1. Which ocean is the saltiest?
Answer- The Atlantic Ocean

2. what is the biggest volcano in the world
Answer- Mauna Loa

3. What is the name of the largest waterfall in the world?
Answer- Victoria falls

Victoria Falls

4. What separates Africa from Eurasia?
Answer- The Suez Canal in Egypt.

5. What is the deepest part of the world’s oceans?
Answer- the Challenger Deep

6. Which European country is called the ‘Land of Lakes’ because several lakes are formed due to melting ice sheets?
Answer- Finland

7. Which continent contains the most freshwater?
Answer- Antarctica

8. Name the deepest river in the United States.
Answer- the Hudson River

9. Which African country shares a land border with most countries?
Answer- Tanzania – 8

10. How many countries do the Sahara desert cover?
Answer- 10

11. The historic city of Timbuktu is located in which West African country?
Answer- Mail

12. Which country is home to Mount Everest?
Answer- Nepal

13. What is the world’s largest shipping port?
Answer- Shanghai, China


14. What letter do cars from Germany have on them when traveling abroad to show what country they come from?
Answer- letter D(Deutschland).

15. Which state in Australia is an Island?
Answer- Tasmania

16. Mount Killimajo is located on which continent?
Answer- the African continent

17. Which Italian city is known as the ‘City of Canals’?
Answer- Venice

18. How many countries does the United Kingdom have?
Answer- 4 collation state

19. What does ‘USSR’ stand for?
Answer- Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

20. What is the city of Siagon known as today?
Answer- Ho Chi Minh City

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21. Which American City is home to “The Golden Gate Bridge”?
Answer- San Francisco, California

The Golden Gate Bridge

22. Which two continents does Russia belong to?
Answer- Europe and Asia

23. Where is the Tonle Sap lake located?
Answer- Northeast of Cambodia

24. What is the largest steel arch bridge in the world?
Answer- Hell Gate Bridge

25. In which country are the holy cities of Mecca and Medina located?
Answer- Saudi Arabia

26. Which European peninsula got its name from the Turkish word for “Mountain”?
Answer- Balkan.

27. In what country would you find the Taj Mahal?
Answer- India

28. The body of the Egyptian Sphinx was based on which animal?
Answer- Lion

29. Which European City is known as the ‘city of 100 spires’?
Answer- Prague

30. In which country is the Eyjafjallajökull volcano located?
Answer- Iceland

31. Which desert covers much of Northern Africa?
Answer- Sahara

32. Is Kosovo officially recognized as a country?
Answer- NO ( it’s not recognized by the UN)

33. What is the country with the largest number of islands?
Answer- Sweden

34. What is the coldest inhabited place on Earth?
Answer- Siberia, Russia

35. What is the longest country on earth?
Answer- Chile

36. How many countries does Oceania have?
Answer- 14

37. What is the most populous country in Europe?
Answer- Russia

38. Madagascar is surrounded by which ocean?
Answer- Indian Ocean

39. In what part of the US do people drive on the left side?
Answer- Virgin Islands

40. Where is the biggest pyramid in the world?
Answer- Cholula, Mexico

The Great Pyramid of Cholula

41. What is the world’s highest cliff?
Answer- Half Dome, Yosemite National Park, USA

42. What country is home to the tallest tree in the world?
Answer- Redwood National Park, USA

43. Where is the widest river on the planet?
Answer- Rio de la Plata, Argentina

44. The Amazon Forest lies on the territory of how many countries?
Answer- 8

45. What is the most popular animal used on flags?
Answer- Lion

46. What is the region of the world where people smoke the most?
Answer- South-East Asia

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47. What is the most dangerous waterway in the world?
Answer- The Great Blue Hole, Belize

48. What is the soil on the moon called?
Answer- Regolith

49. Gravity is a cause of ocean currents. True or false?
Answer- True

50. What is the largest country in the world with no river?
Answer- Saudi Arabia

51. On which island is the Statue of Liberty located?
Answer- Liberty Island

52. What country has the most natural lakes?
Answer- Canada

53. Where is the world’s largest desert located?
Answer- Antarctica

54. How many U.S states does the Mississippi River run through?
Answer- 32

55. How many islands does Hawaii have?
Answer- 137

56. The U.S state with the longest coastline is………?
Answer- Alaska

57. Liverpool City in England lies by the side of which river?
Answer-River Mersey

58. In which American state is the Devil’s Tower located?
Answer- Wyoming

59. What is the world’s shortest river?
Answer- Roe River

60. What is the lowest point in the US?
Answer- Death Valley

Death Valley

61. How many US states share a border with Canada?
Answer- 13

62. Which world-famous explorer first used the term ‘Dark Continent?
Answer- Henry Morton Stanley

63. What is the largest sea in the world?
Answer- Philippine Sea

64. What planet is closest to Earth?
Answer- Mercury

65. Where can the “Spanish Steps” be found?
Answer- Rome, Italy

66. What Cape sits at the tip of Africa?
Answer- Cape of Good Hope

67. What U.S state is Mount Rushmore located in?
Answer- South Dakota

68. Which is the only country that borders the United Kingdom?
Answer- Ireland

69. Which river flows through Rome, Italy?
Answer- the Tiber

70. What percentage of the Earth’s surface is covered by the ocean?
Answer- 71%

71. Which country has the most islands?
Answer- Sweden

72. The Andes Mountains serve as a natural land border to which country?
Answer- Argentina

73. What is the most visited Pacific Island?
Answer- Fiji

74. Which continent is Cambodia located in?
Answer- Asia

75. What is the name of the coldest sea on Earth?
Answer- Arctic

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76. Where is the driest place on Earth?
Answer- The Atacama Desert in Northern Chile

77. Seychelles is located in which ocean?
Answer- Indian Ocean

78. Vatican City is enclaved within what city?
Answer- Rome

79. What county is Buckingham Palace in?
Answer- Westminster

80. Where is Eiffel Tower located?
Answer- Paris


81. How many time zones are there in the US?
Answer- 6

82. What countries are highest above sea level?
Answer- China and Nepal

83. Which country are Victoria waterfalls located in?
Answer- Zambia

84. Which continents does the Strait of Gibraltar separate?
Answer- Europe and Africa

85. What Asian country has the lowest birth rate?
Answer- Japan

86. What is the largest desert in Australia?
Answer- The Great Victoria Desert.

87. What country is home to the smallest desert in the world?
Answer- Yukon, Canada.

88. How many time zones does Africa have?
Answer- 6

89. Where is the largest volcano underwater?
Answer- Tamu Massif

90. What city is technically sinking every year?
Answer- Mexico City

91. How many countries are there in North America?
Answer- 23

92. What is the number of Great lakes?
Answer- 5

93. Which African country has the largest population?
Answer- Nigeria

94. Where is the Great Barrier Reef located?
Answer- In the Coral Sea.

95. What is the largest country in Europe?
Answer- Russia

96. What is the only country to contain all five English vowels?
Answer- Mozambique.

97. What is the poorest Pacific Island?
Answer- Kiribati.

98. How many states are there in the United state?
Answer- 50

99. What is the capital of Antarctica?
Answer- None

100. What is the oldest town in the U.K?
Answer- Colchester

101. What is the highest peak in Africa?
Answer– Mount Kilimanjaro

102. In which country can you find the “Finger of God” rock?

Answer- Brazil

Finger of God Rock

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