130 Fun and Romantic Adventure Bucket List for Lovely Couples


Fun and romantic activities are great for couples to build their love life. Spending time together with someone you love doing something fun is great knowing your partner more.

1 Jog under the rain together

2 Get matching tattoos with your partner

3 Play an instrument with your partner

4 Go on a picnic in a park

5 Have a midnight picnic


6 Watch the sunset

7 Dance till dawn

8 Rent a paddleboat around a lake

9 Ride in a hot air balloon

10 Double date

11 Have a tech-free date together

12 Take a dance class together

13 Take a cooking class together

14 Go apple picking together

15 Visit each other’s hometowns

16 Tour your hometown

17 Spend time in the library together

18 Watch movie at the cinema together


19 Write each other a love letter

20 Play  sexy game of twister

21 Make a fort together

22 Create a couples scrapbook together

23 Go to a fondue restaurant

24 Sip wine in front of the fire together

25 Walkthrough a botanical garden

26 Go skinny dipping together

27 Go hiking together

28 Plan treasure hunt for your partner

29 Plan a trip to somewhere non of you have ever been to

30 Take a love language test, the test can be taken on the internet

31 Bake together

32 Visit a spa together

33 Throw a casino night

34 Go tubing together

35 Go kayaking together

36 Go canoeing together

37 Meet each other’s families

38 DIY something for your home

39 Visit a museum together

40 Go on a horseback ride together

41 Build a campfire together

42 Go bowling together

43 Watch the sunrise

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44 Visit a local chocolate shop

45 Volunteer together

46 Practice yoga together

47 Try drawing and coloring together

48 Take a day trip

49 Go duck feeding together

50 Go bird seeing together

51 Go to the theatre together

52 Take a virtual painting class together

53 Plan a stay-in-bed-all-day weekend

54 Go on a ferry ride together

55 Go grocery shopping together

56 Finger paint together

57 Kiss under the stars

58 Make cupcakes together

59 Go Swimming with whale sharks or dolphin

60 Watch old home movies together

61 Play hide ‘n seek

62 Wear unusual outfits together and go out

63 Take a brewery tour together

64 Play a board game together

65 Recreate your first date

66 Take a bubble bath

67 Look through old photos together

68 Paint each others’ faces

69 Make out in a car

70 Read to each other

71 Hand-feed each other

72 Go antique hunting together

73 Plan a small fundraiser together

74 Make a relationship playlist

75 Make cocktails together

76 Have a romantic photo session together

77 Give each other a massage

78 Pillow fight each other

79 Visit the zoo

80 Visit Aquarium

81 Prepare an unusual meal together

82 Ride around town on a motorcycle together

83 Look at cartoons together

84 Write love poems for each other

85 Conduct a “year in review.”

86 Make a craft together

87 Visit an amusement park together

88 Go to a wine tasting together

89 Play Twister together

90 See a comedy show together

91 Go fishing together

92 Play mini golf together

93 Go skydiving together

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94 Wander a new neighborhood

95 Build and fly a kite together

96 Kiss on top of a Ferris wheel

97 Go back to where you first met

98 Go rock-climbing

99 Make a funny video on your smartphones

100 Take a food tour

101 Go camping with your partner

102 Go to a water park

103 Go letterboxing with your partner

104 Relax together in a hot tub

105 Visit a local farmer’s market together

106 Play trivia at a bar

107 Go geocaching together

108 Cover the bed in rose petals

109 Trace your family trees

110 Do karaoke together

111 Make popcorn together

112 Attend a film premiere

113 Play pool together

114 Make your own pizza together

115 Fight water gun battle with each other

116 Take a cruise

117 Volunteer to walk dogs together

118 Make ice cream at home together

119 Learn a new language with your partner

120 Go on a dollar menu date

121 Visit open houses together

122 Write our love story for each other

123 Sit together and people watch

124 Cultivate a garden

125 Go on a fancy car on drive together

126 Visit a dog park together

127 Play Mad Libs together

128 Go-Kart together

129 Play darts together

130 Carve your surname into the trunk of a tree

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