15 Mind-Blowing Stories of the Animal Kingdom that Will Shock you

7. The wood frogs are able to freeze themselves for seven months.

Meet the wood frogs, the ultimate chillaxers of the animal kingdom! These little hoppers have a superpower that would make even the coolest cucumbers turn green with envy: they can freeze themselves for a mind-boggling seven months. It’s like they’re auditioning for the role of an ice cube in the next Frozen movie!

Frozen wood frogs. Photo: thelaurelofasheville.com

While most creatures would shiver at the thought of being frozen, wood frogs are all about embracing the cold. When winter rolls in, they enter a state called cryogenic hibernation. Their heartbeats slow to a near-stop, and they essentially turn into icy frog-sicles.

Now, imagine attending a wood frog winter party. These frogs would be the stars, frozen solid in their cool poses, like mid-leap or a perfectly executed yoga position. They’re the true masters of the “chill and be still.”

But what’s even more mind-blowing is that when spring finally decides to grace the world with its warmth, these frogs miraculously thaw out and hop back to life. It’s like they’ve been playing an epic game of freeze tag and finally got thawed by a generous sun.


So, the next time you’re feeling like you can’t handle a little chill, just remember the wood frogs – the real winter warriors who take “chillin’ out” to a whole new level. Stay frosty, you frosty frogs!


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