24 Interesting Facts about Ancient Civilization

Interesting Facts about Ancient Civilization

Prior to modern civilization some good or bad history shaped our future consciously or in ways we never expected. In this article below, we will be sharing some mind-blowing and interesting facts about ancient civilizations.

1. Despite being buried for over two millennia, the ancient sword of Goujian is almost preserved and it is renowned for its unusual sharpness and resistance to wear out.

2. Interestingly, the ancient Egyptians invented toothpaste as far back as 5000BC.

3. Although Sati has been banned all over India but its history remains tainted. In ancient India, it involves a widow being burned alive to death on her late husband’s funeral Pyre in the late 320 AD to 1829.


4. In ancient Rome, the people usually spread their own excretes in their gardens in other to serve as fertilizers to their plants.

5. The Silphium plant was often used as a natural Contraceptive for ancient Roman women. Herb was used till the point of extinction.

6. Should a bride fail to get pregnant on her wedding night in Mesopotamia, the marriage can be considered invalidated and can be sent back to her family.

7. Due to their unusual obsession with corns, ancient Mayans often force their children’s heads to look like that of corn.

8. Surprisingly, the Mayans first consumed chocolate as far back as 600 BC.

9. Although it was discovered in 1992, the Longyou Caves in China still remain a mystery and dates back as far as 200 BC.

10. Plastic surgery looks very common nowadays but it has been in existence in India since 600 BC.

11. The world’s oldest temple is called the Gobekli Temple in Turkey and it’s over 11,500 years old.

12. You might find little or nothing about druids because they banned everyone from writing about their knowledge down.

13. While people keep cats or dog ad pets, ancient Egyptians usually kept Baboons as Pets.

14. An estimated 400,000 people died during the construction of the Great Wall of China in the third century.

15. Astonishingly, women in ancient Egypt often use a paste made from crocodile dung as contraceptives.

16. In ancient Egypt, both men and women of social status were lawfully treated as equals.


17. Dwarfs were seen as spiritual gifts from gods in ancient Egypt as they were usually treated with the utmost respect and also held some official positions.

18. Peanuts have surprisingly been in existence since 3000 years ago and are largely accredited to the ancient Aztecs and Incas civilization.

19. Interestingly, the ancient Mayans used to play a ballgame called Ollamaliztli in which the losing team will be used as a sacrifice.

20. Despite discovering the number “0” in mathematics, the Olmec were a nasty group found in the tropical region of ancient Mexico are known for favoring human sacrifice and bloodletting.

21. About 3500 BC, Tau Seti in northern Sudan was the first Nubian kingdom and the first significant African state on the continent.

22. Karma is accredited as one of the largest archaeological sites in ancient Nubia as far back as 2500 BC.

23. Ancient Kush is one of the most legendary African civilizations as they went on to defend their borders from Assyria, Persia, and Rome.

24. Prior to 3200BC, Not a single person could be identified by their name until Kushim became the first. He’s neither a king nor a warrior of some sort but he was an accountant from Mesopotamia.

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