26 Interesting and Tricky Riddles with Answers

Interesting and Tricky Riddles with Answers

1. If a rooster laid a brown and white egg. What kind of chicks would hatch?

Rooster doesn’t lay eggs.

2. The Best way to make seven even.

Remove the letter “s”.

3. I am shaped like a ball, but become useful after being broken. What am I?

An Egg.


4. What seven-letter words are spelled the same way backward and forwards?


5.  A banker’s brother died, but the man who died had no brother. How is that possible?

The banker was his sister.

6.  I have weight, but you can’t see me. I unite with fire to make sure you eat hot food. What am I?


7. I conduct electricity but I am not a wire, you can see through, you use me both in the toilet and in the dining. What am I?


8. I work every day with three hands and yet never move an inch? What am I?

A Clock.

9. I have lakes with no water, mountains with no store, and cities with no buildings. What am I?

A Map.

10. I become shorter when wearing my yellow cap but remain the same when not wearing it. What am I?


11. I am shaped like an egg, I work 90 minutes going around under Hyman’s control but I only got to rest for 15 minutes during my work. What am I?

A Ball.

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12. I am weightless, when I’m inside water, I never get wet. What am I?


13. What falls but does not break and what breaks but does not fall?

Night and Day.

14. I’m a key that can never open a door and yet I have a space. What am I?


15.  I am a word, no matter how many times you try to spell more correctly, I will always be wrong, what word am I?


16. I start and end with “e”, yet many countries reside in me. What am I?


17. You can’t see or touch me, but you plan for me every day. What am I?



18. I never speak unless spoken to, many had heard me but non have ever seen me. What am I?


19 . If you enter me, you can never exit me, unless I take you to your destination. What am I?


20.  It is worth more than a billion times a diamond. You only have one and when taken it cannot be replaced.

Your Life.

21.  I am another version of you that is weightless,  It can be larger than you or smaller than you. What am I?

Your Shadow.

22.  Because of me families are made, you can’t see or touch me but couples feel me. What is it?


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23.  A man who was outside in the rain without an umbrella or hat didn’t get a single hair on his head wet. Why?

He was bald.

24.  I come once a week and work only 24 hours a week.

Each Day of the Week.

25. I have six faces with many eyes and yet cannot see a single thing. What am I?


26.  I am a monk that doesn’t worship among humans. What am I?


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