30 Declassified Military Secret Around the World

Declassified Military Secret

Do you know that a top-secret project was aimed at developing drugs and other practices for mind control of interrogated subjects? Most Government and military secrets can vary from terrifying to exciting and also bizarre. However, in the article below, we will be exploring some covert and unusual declassified military secrets;

1. In an unsuccessful effort by the FBI to prove that Martin Luther King Jr. had ties with a communist organization, the attorney general Robert Kennedy in 1963 granted an inquest by the FBI to secretly record and tap into Mr. King and his associate’s mobile phones, placing hidden cameras in their homes, hotels, and offices. For over 50 years the surveillance tapes were reportedly sealed via a 1977 court order.

2. During world war II and the cold war, both the United States and the Soviet Union recruited Ex-Nazi scientists in an attempt to have a deeper knowledge about the Nazi’s power and technology. The operation was termed the “Operation PaperClip”.

3. Area 51 is the home of mystery and birthplace for conspiracies and it’s also considered as a test site for experimental military technology by the US military.


4. Project MK Ultra was often tied to a secret project and documents used by the government during World War II. The project was top secret and it was aimed at developing drugs and other practices for mind control of interrogated subjects. It was deemed to be clearly illegal as documents point towards animal mind control and hallucinogens.

5. During the Cold war, the US was seriously worried about many countries falling into communism. Despite having limited resources, Fidel Castro led Cuba into a communist revolution. However, unknown to him, declassified documents reveal that the CIA had put out a hit on Castro’s head by mobsters in a bid to install a more friendly leader on the nearby island should the dictator be killed.

6. Prior to nowadays where technology has made life much easier, the CIA always had something up their sleeves back in the day with the agency has figured out a way to open sealed envelopes without trace according to declassified documents.

7. In a desperate attempt to have an advantage over the Soviets union in any way possible, the US built a state-of-the-art, underground, nuclear-powered research facility known as Camp Century in the remote areas of Greenland. Unknown to the media, the aim of the US government was to build 2,500 miles of tunnels underneath the ice sheet known as “Project Iceworm” that would be responsible for transferring nuclear missiles back and forth, in an attempt to kill off any attempts by the soviets union to destroy them. Although the project was later abandoned, declassified documents reveal that scientist is worried about the high presence of radioactive materials returning back to the surface with Greenland’s ice melting due to climate change.

8. The CIA’s corona project was aimed at using satellites to take pictures of the middle east and China between 1959 and 1972. Although, declassified documents show that the images taken are of great importance to the archaeologist studying the region.

9. Arguably one of the darkest moments in the history of the US military. The My Lai Massacre occurred in a small hamlet in Vietnam where hundreds of civilians were killed (mostly women, children, and old men). The cruelty included sexual assault and eventual destruction of the village. Astonishingly, it took more than a year before the news of the massacre broke out via Cleveland’s Plain Dealer newspaper.

10. According to a declassified report in 1970, the US military launched a test rocket from Utah bound for New Mexico, the rocket mistakenly landed in the Mapimi desert in Mexico by accident. Unfortunately, the missile contained cobalt 57, a radioactive isotope that turns ordinary explosives into “salted bombs” which led to a lot of destruction and cleanup.

11. In 1967, the Soviet Union offered tours of its Lunik and Sputnik models, both are equally invaluable to the soviet space program. Unknown to the Soviets, the US operatives stole the Lunik to garner information on its inner workings and returned it before they could notice.

12. Between 1946 and 1958, the US military tested a staggering 23 nuclear explosive devices in a small island system of Bikini Atoll. Although the inhabitants of the island were relocated to another place, the nuclear test wasn’t declassified until 2016.

13. In 1983, declassified documents revealed that the US government tested the idea of using cats as spies, implanting recording devices in their bodies and letting them loose near the Kremlin or Soviet embassy in an attempt to spy on them. It was a multimillion-dollar program that was eventually shut down after the CIA realize it couldn’t meet the eavesdropping needs of the CIA.

14. According to a declassified document it was divulged that the US Navy was looking for the 1960s ships USS Scorpion and the USS Thresher and their nuclear payloads rather than The RMS Titanic ship.

15. Contrary to the reported 200 to 300 recorded during the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre’s death by the Chinese government, declassified documents from Great Britain show revealed that over 10,000 civilians were killed in the massacre.

16. Despite his constant anti-American rhetoric, declassified reports revealed that Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini was closer to the American government than most people thought as he was in frequent talks with the Kennedy and Carter administration in a bid to make his takeover of Iran easier.


17. Like the saying goes not all heroes wear capes, in 1983 a Soviet Union leader named Stanislav Petrov avoided a possible third world war by refusing to fire a nuclear missile back at the United States after it had falsely being reported that the Americans had launched five missiles at his country. His clear-headed judgment was brought to the limelight in the declassified record released in 1998.

18. In 1996, the Dunblane Massacre was a tragic school incident that occurred in Scotland in which 16 children were killed and one primary school teacher. Declassified documents show that the shooter had a history of been reprimanded for inappropriate behavior around children, though criminal charges were never levied against him.

19. Due to fears of Soviet paratroopers invading Alaska, United States trained some citizens to serve as spies amongst the Soviets so they can keep the government abreast of their movement. Project Washtub was active between 1951 to 1959 of which some of the spies pretended to be Fishermen and trappers.

20. Avro Canada vz9 avrocar was a military combination between the United States and Canada during the cold war which entails building a fighting aircraft whose design looks like a flying saucer. Although, it didn’t work out as expected due to stability performances with take-off and landing.

21. The 1961 Goldsboro B-52 crash entails a bomber jet containing two finished nuclear bombs that crashed over North Carolina on the 24th of January that year and actually dropped the bomb to the ground in the process. Although a parachute did deploy over the bomb, the other fell to the ground. Thankfully, the pin had been removed from the first bomb while the impact from the crash only damaged the second bomb preventing total destruction from the country.

22. An estimated 300,000 children were reportedly stolen by hospital staff, nuns, and priests over the course of five decades with many been told their children had died after birth. Declassified documents revealed that Spain’s Generalissimo Francis Franco’s regime, as well as the Catholic church, are believed to have sold these children to other parents across the globe.

23. The Dark Alliance investigative article was published in 1996 by journalist Gary Webb, a reporter from the San Jose Mercury news. The article drew attention to the influx of cracked cocaine into the Los Angeles area specifically with its connection to contra rebel groups in Nicaragua. In his words, Webb accused the CIA of supporting the contra rebel side leading to major scrutiny and investigation by the government. Although, they were huge doubts about and criticism levied at Webb’s work with many suggesting inaccuracies and insubordination. Having resigned from his post at the San Jose Mercury News, he became a freelance writer and later died in 2004 after reportedly committing suicide.

24. The death of America’s most wanted terrorist Osama Bin Laden was a classified operation known as “Operation Spear”. In this operation, NAVY seals and CIA agents tracked Bin Laden to Pakistan whereupon he was killed and buried at Sea. The only downside of Operation Spear is the absence of physical or DNA evidence of his killing as well as the report of him being unarmed when he was captured.

25. Edward Snowden, a former NSA contractor who rocked the world in 2013 with thousands of top secrets files and documents from the United States, Canada, and Australia, and the United Kingdom. These leaks drew a lot of attention and scrutiny with many criticizing the government for lack of individual right to privacy. In other to avoid been captured by the US government after been charged with theft and espionage, Snowden took temporary asylum in Russia in 2014.

26. A Japanese research group is known as Unit 731 committed unthinkable human atrocities during World War II experimenting with some physical and mental torture of over 3,000 people with the majority of them being Chinese. Declassified documents from the Chinese and Japanese governments revealed that the United States despite the brutality involved in this operation shockingly exchanged immunity for data in the year following the end of the war.

27. Declassified reports suggest that AIDS was engineered by the government and the CIA to reduce certain populations such as gay men and African Americans.

28. Declassified report believes that the US government had a hunch about the 9/11 attacks but chose to turn a blind eye to it in other to have a motive to initiate a war in the middle east.

29. Operation mockingbird is probably one of the most controversial secret actions undertaken by the CIA, its core mission was and is the influence and control of the US and International mainstream media. It all started by recruiting top-class journalists into a propaganda network. The Central Intelligence Agency also funded magazines, cultural organizations, and foreign media in an attempt to influence political campaigns outside the United States and sway public opinions on certain topics. Although, in 1976, George HW Bush discontinued the project when he became the director of the CIA.

30. Seattle-based attorney, Andrew Basiago claims he was part of a time-traveling test under the name of Project Pegasus. The aim of the project was to study the possibility and effects of time travel on little children because they were more adaptable to traveling through space and time. However, the technology was made possible by the last studies of the late Nikola Tesla. Although, project Pegasus looks very much impossible but never say never.

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