31 Strange Jobs Around the World You Have Never Heard of

Weird Jobs Around the World

Do you know that Interestingly, people earn a living by judging the odors of different kinds of people? If you think you have seen it all when it comes to the world of jobs then think again because the next set of weird jobs in the article below will not only wow you but send shockwaves down your spine. Relax because this is going to be one of the most interesting articles you will read this month or even this year.

1.  Imagine being paid to sleep, won’t that be one of the coolest things ever? Well, there’s a Hotel in Finland that employs individuals to work as a “Professional Sleeper” in other to sleep in different suites across their hotels in other to give remarks about how satisfying or not their bed was.

2. This is not a fictional movie or whatnot but people actually earn a living by watching paint dry. Dr. Thomas Curwen has watched paint dry in his job for Dulux for the last four years, but, although people laugh and joke, he claims his job is far from boring. Read more here.

3. Though it might sound a bit strange there are Professional mourners out there whose job is to weep and cry throughout the funeral.


4. Sounds strange but a Dog food Taster’s job does exist as their role is to taste new dog food products, including bones, tinned meat, and biscuits.

5. How would you like to hear that you can be paid for watching TV all day? Well, the popular streaming service Netflix employed someone to always watch and review all their content before being made available for download to the public.

6. Interestingly, people earn a living by judging the odors of different kinds of people. Their job description entails smelling volunteers’ breath, feet, and armpits.

7. In Japan, some sets of people are called Professional Pushers. This set of people are not lauded enough as they help many citizens to avoid lateness to work by pushing them into the train.

8. Worried about your friends or relatives not turning up for your wedding? Well, worry less as you can hire people to turn up for your big day without stress. It is often considered a part-time job in Japan.

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9. Not the most fancied kind of job but people get paid for identifying the gender of a baby chicken and they are called Chicken Sexers.

10. Are you lonely or bored at home and your loved one is far away? Worry less as you can hire a Professional Cuddler to keep your company when bored. It’s mostly common in Japan.

11. Not the toughest of jobs but babysitting an Ostrich isn’t only crazy but funny. Their job description involves keeping an eye on the baby ostriches and preventing them from pecking each other.

12. Parking your car in Costa Rica without looking over your shoulders is quite possible because of individuals known as Cuidacarro. Their job is to help you watch over your car when you are not around to prevent a case of theft.

13. Imagine getting paid for assessing how comfortable furniture is, isn’t that awesome? well, that’s what the life of a Furniture tester looks like if you care to take up the job one day.

14. Do you know you can rob a bank without facing any jail term only if you do it in a Legal way. Legal Bank Robbers are often employed to reveal the shortcomings of the Bank’s security system or architecture.

15. Pandas are lovely creatures and are quite friendly in nature but do you know Caretakers are been employed for Pandas in china? Well, all you need to do to apply is have a basic knowledge about Pandas, good writing and photography skills to post about their experiences and you must be able to reside in China. An average Panda Nanny earns about $32,500.

16. Waiting in line for others is actually a means of employment in Poland. The queues in Polish hospitals are quite huge such that people wait for long hours, so some individuals offer to take your position in the queue for you and call you right before it’s your turn and you pay them for their services in exchange.

17. It would amaze you to know that Google usually hires people called Google Map Trekkers to walk in places across the globe that cars find it difficult to access just to aid better navigation on the Google Maps.

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18. Looking for a way to travel through the world and get paid? Well, being a Global Mobility Specialist isn’t bad after all with your job roles requiring you to move around with employees who are been transferred from one location to the other. Other requirements include helping employees apply for visas and locating new apartments.

19. Are you an adventurist and you are passionate about Healthcare services, you can apply for the post of a Professional Healthcare Traveler of which you get to travel around the world and must be ready to adapt quickly to a new environment within a short period of time. Although, being equipped with the right technical know-how is equally important as personnel may be posted to different hospitals within short notice.

20. Predicting the weather during the winter season is more of a herculean task but with the Avalanche Forecaster’s they make it easy for the public by predicting how the weather will fare over a particular period of time. Although, it involves a lot of statistics to promote avalanche awareness, documentation about previous events, and a certificate from top organizations like the Canadian Avalanche Association.

21. Have you ever heard about the job of a Professional Organizer? Yes, it’s real as they earn roughly about $250 per hour. Their main job is to help people or celebrities to declutter and organize their clothes, shoes, and bags in an orderly manner.

22. It isn’t the most common job in the world but at times you had wish you paid more attention in Geography classes with Cartographers designing maps and creating a visual representation of that data by earning about $100,000 yearly. To boost your chances of working as a Cartographer, a degree in Geomatics, Surveying or Geography will suffice.

23. Working as a diver isn’t for everyone but have you heard about the job of a Professional Pearl Diver whose job is to skim the ocean for unique pearl shells and get paid around $1,200 per day.

24. With the story of Mermaids always fascinating and always dividing opinions, you can work as a Professional Mermaid by entertaining people at parties and teaching people how to swim like mermaids. The average salary of a professional Mermaid is $300 per hour and you can only imagine how much they earn in a month.

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25. The Job of an Ethical Hacker is quite fascinating as they work majorly for the Government or private companies to help them with security breaches and also test browsers and software in an attempt to look for loopholes in the products and make them better.

26. Sounds weird but if you are the type that is passionate about hunting, becoming a Urine Farm Collector could be of interest to you as you need to collect urine samples of Deer by bottling and preserving them in a container jar till its sold. An average Urine Farm Collectors earns about $90,000 per Deer.

27. Not the easiest of jobs but Bounty Hunters that pursue criminal fugitives earn up to a staggering $1,000,000 per year. However, one of the major prerequisites of being a bounty hunter is to have a Special License.

28. Have you ever asked yourself who is behind the unique drawings you see in books and articles? Well, that’s where the job of a Special Illustrator comes in. Although the income varies depending on the project and the client, they can earn up to a million dollars yearly.

29. Buying a Ferrari is cool but getting an instructor to teach you how to drive is equally important as you must get an ex-Nascar driver to tutor you or a driving enthusiast and they could charge up to $9,000 per driving lesson.

30. Mixing business with pleasure isn’t all that nice but not to Sex Toy reviewers as they earn roughly $53,000 per year and only need to work a few hours per week due to the nature of flexibility that comes with their job.

31. How would you like to travel across the world and get paid for testing Vegan Food by helping the company to look for new products and flavors. Key qualifications entail being a Chef or proof of being in the food business for over three years.

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