38 Fun Facts About Mermaids You May Not Know


Do you know that a mermaid’s tail’s color is highly dependent on its mood? Mermaids are mysterious creatures and are not only beautiful but extremely dangerous and have always captured the imagination of man. In this article, we will be exploring some deep and intriguing facts about the mermaids:

1. The word “Mermaid” simply means “Woman of the Sea”.

2. In medieval times, Mermaids were often used to symbolize “Sin” and “Seduction” by the church.


3. Unlike now, mermaids’ existence was never questioned in ancient times because they are usually seen as other aquatic creatures.

4. According to various beliefs, mermaids are often considered as bad omens for sailors with many believing their voyage is headed dot trouble once they see them.

5. Mermaids are believed to be custodians of supernatural powers such as immortality, telepathy, hypnosis, and the ability to see the future.

6. Interestingly, there are four types of mermaids in which are Traditional mermaids, Shape-Shifting mermaids, Selkies, and the Merfolk.

7. Unlike the traditional mermaids that are stationed in the sea, the Merfolk mermaids can live on both lands and in the sea.

8. It might sound strange but it is believed that a kiss from a Mermaid will the recipient the ability to breathe underwater.

9. A mermaid’s tail’s color is highly dependent on its mood.

10. Mermaids are believed to be more confident than mermen.

11. The Merfolk mermaids grow up to be extremely beautiful than an average human being and are also voluptuous in nature.

12. Kappa Mermaids have a thing for children as they toy with them before eating them.

13. According to Chinese mythological tales mermaids are believed to be skilled, versatile and their tears can become pearls. They also share prominence with the Nereids and the Harpies.

14. Contrary to many beliefs, not all mermaids can sing beautifully except the merfolk’s who can sing and also have the power of persuasion to lure men.

15. The first known mermaid is known as Goddess Atargatis and it dates back to over 1000 BC in Assyria.

16. In ancient times, mermaids were often seen as bringers of life and fertility.


17. Interestingly, the full moon can give extra or more powers to mermaids.

18. Mermaids are usually considered vegetarians because they don’t like meats as they prefer foods that contain more fruits and vegetables.

19. According to some schools of thought, it is believed that humans evolved from Mermaids.

20. Aquamarine is made of mermaid tears. It is often referred to as the gemstone of the sea.

21. Sailors once mistook manatees(Sea Cows) for mermaids during the night.

22. A Rusalka is a mythical Slavic water nymph resembling a beautiful young woman similar to a Greek Siren. They emerge from the water during the spring and dance during the moonlight as crops are being watered earning them a benevolent reputation in the sea. Although, Rusalka’s are also known for luring men and ladies pregnant out of wedlock to their deaths.

23. Once a Selkie skin is trapped or lost on land, they are trapped into human forms forever.

24. The Marrow mermaids are allegedly promiscuous with men on land due to the fear of mermen who are believed to be frightening.

25. The Finfolk originates from the Orkney and shetland islands in Scotland. They are dark and gloomy sorcerers and are shape shifters with excellent boating skills. Unlike the Selkie folks, they can shape-shift at any given time and spend their winter at a mysterious and majestic place in the sea called Finfolkaheen while they spend their summer on a magical land called Hildaland.

26. Due to their affinity for the precious metal, escaping from a finfolk is as easy as throwing a coin at them.

27. The history of Mamiwata can be traced as far back as 4,000 years in some parts of Africa. They are often considered as a major source of wealth and fertility amongst her people and also providing worshippers with spiritual and material healing. One of their dark sides is luring unsuspecting men for their own sexual pleasures.

28. The most commonly used weapon of the merfolk are tridents made of corals, sharp shells, shark teeth, and octopus-ink darts.

29. Mermaids are usually naked but they always adorn themselves with fashion accessories such as pearls necklaces, crowns, bracelets, hand mirrors, combs, and sometimes musical instruments.

30. Mermaids are often used in many corporate logos and official seals.

31. Sirens and mermaids are usually well represented in the media, arts, and likewise in books and movies.

32. The most famous mermaid ever caught was the Fiji mermaid and was put on display by P.T Barnum. Having fooled a lot of people with his mermaid, he drew up to crowds within 400,000 people per year between 1842-1846. Reports later showed that the mermaid was a combination of a Salmon and an Orangutan.

33. The Marrow mermaids often wear a cap to aid their transition from land to the sea but once the Cap is stolen the marrow mermaids are forced to stay on land.

34. In 2009, modern mermaids were sighted on the coasts of Israel by entertaining onlookers and doing some tricks for them before jumping into the water and disappeared.

35. In Japan, there is a temple called Fukuoka called Rio Guji, inside this temple they are remains of a supposed mermaid that washed ashore in 1222.

36. Interestingly, there are also mermaid shrines in Fujinomiya near the temple of Mount Fuji. The Temple is a 10 dual Keo shot and there is a mermaid dummy that is rumored to be over 1,400 years old.

37. Mermaids in Japanese folklore are called Nino and were slightly different from the ones in the Western Folklore given their pointy teeth, claws, and horns.

38. Mermaids are believed to possess some extraordinary powers such as listed below:

Hydrokinesis: ability to control water with mind and expand it into any shape.
Aerokinesis: the ability to control wind
Hydro-thermokinesis: the ability to boil or evaporate water
Hydro-cryokinesis: the ability to freeze water.
Pyrokinesis: ability to start a fire and summon lightning
Cryokinesis: ability to create and control ice
Pyrokinesis: ability to turn water into a gel-like substance
Combined atmokinesis: possessing all seven powers


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