4 Tricky Detective Riddles for Adult Deep Thinkers – Part 2

Tricky Detective Riddles

Solving riddles is not only a Fun-filled Exercise, it is also a great activity that will keep your brain active and healthy.  Put on your thinking cap and jump in to start solving crimes, remember to always pay attention to little details because it will certainly be helpful.

1. The sound of a heavy gunshot startled a neighborhood at exactly 8:00 pm. 15 minutes later, the police arrived and found a man lying dead in his own garage. Nobody in that neighborhood seemed to know what was going on. And the surveillance camera didn’t have any record of someone entering or leaving the house of the deceased. The police started knocking on doors of buildings around that neighborhood, but after visiting three neighbors, they knew who the killer was. Here’s the police question and their responses.
The Police: Your neighbor Mr. Nathan was shot dead this evening in his house. Do you have any information that can help us find the killer?
Neighbour A; Mr. Nathan was a really good guy. I’m sorry, the last time I saw him was yesterday, I don’t really have any clue about his death.
Neighbour B: Nathan was such a nice person to have been murdered in his own garage, I wish they were something I could do to help you find the killer.
Neighbour C: The news came as a great shock to us as a family, he was fond of my little boy, if I hear anything, I will give you a call.
Which of the neighbors murdered Mr. Nathan?

Neighbour B. The detective did not disclose the exact location where he was killed.

2. A college has suffered a homicide for more than 3 months, every week, a female dead body will be found in the school environment. The police have had to investigate this case, but were unable to discover the killer. Yet the killing did not stop.

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Karen, the daughter of the Mayor had recently lost a friend, since the demise of her friend she had felt lonely because the friend was the only person who comforts her anytime she goes through an asthma exacerbation. When her friend was declared dead, she called her father, and immediately, the father informed law enforcement. In no time, a detective was assigned to investigate the case.


The Detective did his findings, and all the clues led him to the home of one of the school’s brilliant, innocent-looking lecturers who had recently gotten married. The couple appeared truly innocent, and after a series of interrogations, the detective could not pin them down with any evidence.

He arrested them anyway and detained them for some days to see if the killing will continue. If that happens, it will automatically mean they have the wrong suspects. Two days later, the detective got a call that Karen had been murdered. The news made the detective surer that he had the true killers, Why?

Karen was an Asthmatic patient. She wasn’t murdered, she suffocated and died naturally because she couldn’t reach her inhaler, leaving the suspect guilty.

3. Two girls were declared missing and were reportedly said to have entered the woods close to a small town in Los Angeles. Student security was sent to find out what happened to these students, but on accessing the woods for clues, he dabbled into the hands of the same kidnappers and was abducted as well. His phone was tripped off, nobody was able to reach his line, just like those other girls.

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A special detective was brought into this case and was mobilized to investigate the situation. On day five of his investigation, the detective went straight to that location unarmed but was kidnapped as well. 20 minutes after his kidnapping, a convoy of police vans drove straight to the exact camp of those kidnappers, engaged in a gunfight with them, wounded a few, arrested most of them, and freed all the hostages. How did these cops discover their hiding place?

His tracker traced him straight to the location of the kidnappers and the LAPD was contacted at once.

4. A lady called 911 and reported that she had just been kidnapped by her ex-convict husband. Some units moved straight to her house and found their 2-year-old daughter alone in the house, and heavily injured.

After about 30m minutes, the lady called 911 the second time, crying and saying she was afraid he could kill her. The police tried to pacify her and urged her to release a clue of their location to help them find her. On replaying the conversation, the detectiveS heard a funny noise in the background, it sounded like the noise a moving train makes. They had to immediately detect that they were very close to a railway.

They had to run a quick search to identify the nearest railway in that area. They got to that railway area, found their car parked right in front of a psychiatric clinic, they entered the clinic and found the lady with her hands and shirt stained with blood, and her ex-convict husband standing right next to her, holding a paper belonging to the wife –it was full of drug prescriptions. The detective eventually arrested the woman and freed her ex-convict husband. Why would he do that?

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The lady had a psychiatric history -she missed her prescription, started acting weird, and had used a knife to injure their daughter, the husband did not kidnap her, he was only trying to help her, which is why he drove her straight back to the Psychiatric clinic.

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