45 Interesting Facts about Leonardo Da Vinci

Most people know Leonardo Da Vinci for his popular artwork, Mona Lisa. You’ll probably also know him as someone with a very high IQ.

But do you know that Leonardo Da Vinci wrote backward, and only a mirror could be used to read his words?

In this article, you will uncover some interesting things about Leonardo Da Vinci that might surprise most people. 

1. Leonardo Da Vinci created illustrations of yet-to-be-invented objects.

2. Leonardo Da Vinci received no formal education.


3. The last supper painting was done by Leonardo Da Vinci.

4. Leonardo Da Vinci equally made use of both his right and left hands.

5. Da Vinci was raised as an illegitimate kid because his parents never wed.

6. One of Leonardo Da Vinci’s most well-known pieces of painting is the Mona Lisa.

7. Leonardo Da Vinci was the first person to research how birds are able to fly.

8. Vinci displayed a profound musical sense. He created his own unique instrument, a viola da gamba, organ, and harpsichord hybrid.

9. Leonardo Da Vinci was a vegan.

10. Leonardo Da Vinci loves to study human anatomy.

11. Leonardo Da Vinci’s notebook was purchased by Bill Gates for $30.8 million.

12. Leonardo and Michelangelo were competitors in the arts.

13. “I have offended God and mankind,” were Leonardo Da Vinci’s final words. My work fell short of the standards I set for it.

14. Leonardo Da Vinci wrote backward, and only a mirror could be used to read his words.

15. Leonardo Da Vinci’s surname implied that he was from Vinci.

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16. Leonardo Da Vinci lived in the Renaissance.

17. The Mona Lisa artwork was never completed by Leonardo Da Vinci.

18. He was a humorous person who produced countless jokes.

19. The Vitruvian Man is a Leonardo da Vinci creation that explains how people and geometry interact.

20. He noted in his journals that he found male-female sexual activity repulsive.

21. Leonardo da Vinci bought caged animals that are for sale just to set them free.

22. The first person to describe the origins of the blue sky was Leonardo da Vinci.

23. The Mona Lisa painting is 83% happy, 9% disgusted, 6% fearful, and 2% angry.

24. He created a red chalk self-portrait of himself.

25. Leonardo da Vinci came close to being put to death.

26. Leonardo Da Vinci’s paintings forced his tutor to “retire.”

27. The father of Leonardo da Vinci had 4 marriages.

28. Leonardo da Vinci passed away from a stroke.

29. Leonardo Da Vinci had numerous siblings. (12 brothers and sisters)

30. Leonardo Da Vinci’s first known solo work is a pen-and-ink drawing.

31. He never had a good relationship with the papacy.

32. Leonardo Da Vinci was buried in a church that was later demolished.

33. In 2017, one of Leonardo’s works of art sold for more than USD 450 million. (Salvator Mundi)

34. The ring and hair that were discovered in what is thought to be Leonardo’s grave were on display in the Leonardo Museum in Vinci for the 500th anniversary of his passing.

35. Leonardo da Vinci developed a concept for a dam from the sea to Florence while he was working on maps for Cesare Borgia.

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36. Leonardo da Vinci did not drink milk in his life.

37. Leonardo never got married and never had a partner for a romantic relationship.

38. A war destroyed what was said to be Leonardo Da Vinci’s most excellent work ever.

39. Leonardo Da Vinci also worked as a military engineer and architect

40. Leonardo Da Vinci created a flying ship, an armored automobile, a scythed chariot, a pile driver, a rotating crane, and a pulley.

41. Leonardo Da Vinci enjoyed dissecting corpses to learn

42. Sodomy was leveled against him.

43. The final few years of Leonardo Da Vinci’s life were spent in France.

44. Leonardo Da Vinci was a cat lover.

45. Leonardo Da Vinci’s IQ is estimated to be around 180 to 220.

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