50 Fun Easter Trivia Questions and Answers

Easter Trivia Questions and Answers

Easter is one of the holidays Christians look forward to. It is a time to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. How much of the holiday do you know? We have carefully complied interesting Easter Trivia Questions to help you meditate on the death and resurrection of Christ and to help you enjoy the season of Easter.

1. What dates does Easter fall between?

March 22 and April 25

2. Which holiday sells the most candies after Easter?


3. Where is the most famous Easter parade held yearly?

New York


4. What color were the first Easter eggs dyed?


5. What did the church prohibit eating in the 13th century?


6. What city was the largest Easter egg made in?

Tosca, Italy

7. What was the weight of the largest Easter egg?

15,873 pounds, 4.48 ounces

8. The Act of 1928 in Britain attempted to establish what?

Annual Easter date

9. Dancing between Easter eggs on the floor is called what in England?


10. The illegal egg-shaped candy in the United States was?

Kinder Surprise

11. What is the end of Lent called in Eastern Christianity?

Lazarus Saturday

12. In Australia, during what season is Easter?


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13. What did Jesus eat with his apostles at the Last Supper in the Bible?

Bread and wine

14. What holiday is usually celebrated just before Lent?

Mardi Gras

15. Which state in the US held the largest hunt for Easter eggs?


16. Which jeweler decorated Easter eggs for royalty?

Peter Karl Faberge


17. Which animal delivers eggs to kids in Switzerland?


18. How many days were between Jesus’ death and resurrection according to the bible?


19. What do you do all the Sunday before Easter?

Palm Sunday

20. The 40-day period just before Easter is called what?


21. What did dying Easter eggs first represent?

Jesus’ blood

22. How many US states consider Good Friday as a holiday?


23. Easter symbols including rabbits originate from what festival?


24. What do you buy for Easter that brings good luck?


25. Easter Parade was written by who?

Irving Berlin

26. What garment did Easter Parade popularize?

Easter bonnets

27. Which country started the tradition of egg dyeing?


28. Which US President first introduced the Easter bunny to the White House?

Richard Nixon

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29. The Simmel cake has how many marzipan balls?


30. The marzipan balls on Simmel cake represent what?

The apostles

31. The Easter bunny first appeared in which US state?


32. The animal considered Easter symbol is what?


33. Name the Peanuts Easter special

Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown

34. The day of the Holy Week that is set aside to honor the Last Supper is?

Holy Thursday

35. Name the two games that are usually played with Easter eggs?

Easter egg rolls and Easter egg hunts

36. Who first entered Jesus’ tomb, according to the Bible?


37. The usual way of painting Easter eggs in Ukraine is called?


38. The most popular color jellybean is?


39. Another name for Easter Sunday is?

Resurrection Day

40. The Jewish holiday that was celebrated during the death and resurrection of Jesus according to the Bible is?

The Passover

41. What did Judas trade Jesus for?

30 pieces of silver

42. Which prisoner was released instead of Jesus in the Bible?


43. How many minutes does it take to make one marshmallow Peep?

Six minutes

44. Which celebrity became a chocolate bunny in 2015?

Benedict Cumberbatch

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45. On average, how much does each household spend on Easter each year?


46. The Easter bunny tradition originated from which country?


47. The Easter Egg Roll was first introduced in the White House in what year?


48. Who was President during this time?

Rutherford B. Hayes

49. What determines the Easter date?

The Moon

50. Prior to 1953, how long does it take to make one marshmallow Peep?

27 hours

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