51 Interesting Alaska Trivia Questions and Answers

Are you ready to test how well you know Alaska? or Do you want to have fun learning some interesting and uncommon facts about Alaska? We got you, as these fact-filled trivia questions will expose you to many fascinating facts about Alaska.

Be ready for fun, as we have lined up easy and difficult Alaska Trivia questions that will expose you to the culture, geography, politics, and history of the beautiful state of Alaska, some you will know others you will be happy to find out.

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1. Which is the largest city in Alaska?
Answer- Anchorage


2. Which is the largest U.S. state?
Answer- Alaska

3. Which period was the name ‘Alaska’ introduced?
Answer- In the Russian colonial period.

4. When did Good Friday Earthquake occur in Alaska?
Answer- On March 27, 1964

5. Based on income, what is the rank of Alaska in the U.S?
Answer- 8th

6. Which is the most spoken language in Alaska?
Answer- English (86.3)

7. What does the word ‘Alyeska’ mean from which the name Alaska came?
Answer- The Green Land

8. When was the flag of Alaska designed?
Answer. 1926

9. Which is the state bird of Alaska?
Answer- The Willow Ptarmigan

10. What is the state sport?
Answer- Dog Mushing

11. How many federally registered tribes are there in Alaska?
Answer- 224

12. How far is Alaska from Russia?
Answer- 50 miles

13. Which city in the state has the shortest and longest amount of daylight?
Answer- Barrow

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14. How many of the highest peaks in the U.S. are in Alaska?
Answer- Seventeen


15. What is Alaska’s largest lake?
Answer- Lake Iliamna

16. On which three different seas do Alaska have coastlines?
Answer- Pacific Ocean, Arctic Ocean, and the Bering Sea.

17. What percent of the state contains water?
Answer- 14.2 %

18. What are the two largest forests in Alaska?
Answer- The Tongass and Chugach

19. What was the highest temperature recorded in Alaska?
Answer- 100 degrees

20. Which country sold Alaska to the U.S.?
Answer- Russian

21. What is the nickname of Alaska?
Answer- Last Frontier

22. Which day do Alaskans celebrate Alaska Day?
Answer- October 18

23. What is the state motto?
Answer- North to the Future

24. When did the Outsiders first discover Alaska?
Answer- In 1741

25. What was the amount the U.S. offered to Russia for Alaska?
Answer- $7,200,000 or 2 cents per acre

26. When Alaska officially became the 49th U.S state?
Answer- On January 3, 1959

27. What is the state’s main source of revenue?
Answer- The oil and natural gas industry.

28. Which is the state’s largest private industry employer?
Answer- The fishing and seafood industry.

29. Which is the official state tree?
Answer- The Sitka Spruce

30. After how many years do Alaskans elect the Governor of the state?
Answer- 4years

31. Who was the first governor of Alaska?
Answer- William A. Egan

32. When was the Alaska Highway built?
Answer- During the World War 2

33. What is the geographic name of the group of islands, inlets, and fjords that make up Southeast Alaska?
Answer- Alexander Archipelago

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34. In fall and winter, Alaska hosts the world’s largest group of __________.
Answer- Bald eagles

35. Which Danish explorer discovered Alaska in 1741?
Answer- Vitus Jonassen Bering

36. Between what two peninsulas do the Aleutian Islands lie?
Answer- the Alaska Peninsula and the Kamchatka Peninsula

37. Who was Fairbanks founded by?
Answer- E.T. Barnette

38. What is the name of the mountain range which serves as the backbone of the Refuge?
Answer- Brooks Range

39. what is the largest ethnic group in Nome, Alaska?
Answer- Native Americans

40. Which famous explorer is credited with being the first to use the name Kodiak for the island?
Answer- James Cook

41. Which of these isn’t a predominant fish in Alaska?
Answer- pompano

42. In Alaska the length of daylight is ___________?
Answer- more in the summer

43. What is Alaska’s largest city in population?
Answer- Anchorage

44. The word ‘Alaska’ comes from an Aleut language word. Which of the four words below is the closest interpretation to the original indigenous meaning?
Answer- Mainland

45. What is Alaska’s state mineral?
Answer- Gold

46. Name the town in Southeast Alaska that is referred to as “Little Norway”.
Answer- Petersburg

47. How does Alaska compare in size to the state of Texas?
Answer- More than twice as large

48. During the 2008 US presidential election campaign, Sarah Palin was famously quoted as saying that one could see Russia from Alaska. Well, she was right. What is the one place in Alaska where you can see Russia?
Answer- Little Diomede Island

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49. What did people call the purchase of Alaska in 1867?
Answer- Seward’s Folly

50. In 1998 which Alaskan High school won the 4A state championship for football?
Answer- Service

51. On how many oceans does Alaska have a coastline?
Answer- Two

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