51 Interesting Andorra Trivia Questions and Answers

Andorra is a landlocked country in Europe that has a land area of 468km² and a population of about 76 thousand.

Are you ready to test how well you know Andorra? or Do you want to have fun learning some interesting and uncommon facts about Andorra? We got you, as these fact-filled trivia questions will expose you to many fascinating facts about Andorra.

Be ready for fun, as we have lined up easy and difficult Andorra Trivia questions that will expose you to the culture, geography, politics, and history of the beautiful country of Andorra, some you will know others you will be happy to find out.

1. What is in the center of the Andorran flag?
a. A crown.
b. Coat of arms.
c. A star.
Answer: Coat of arms.

2. When was the University of Andorra built?
a. 1898.
b. 1988.
c. 1889.
Answer: 1988.


3. What is the national anthem of Andorra?
a. El gran Carlemany.
b. El graCarleman.
c. El graCarlemanyer.
Answer: El graCarlemanyer.

4. The largest river in Andorra is ___.
a. La Valira.
b. Segre.
c. Ariege.
Answer: Segre.

5. The co-prince of Andorra is the president of ____.
a. Italy.
b. France.
c. Spain.
Answer: France.

6. Which of these is the highest mountain in Andorra?
a. Pic de Serrere.
b. Coma Pedrosa.
c. Pic de Font Blanca.
Answer: Coma Pedrosa.

7. What is the official name of Andorra?
a. Republic of Andorra.
b. Andorran Republican.
c. Principality of Andorra.
Answer: Principality of Andorra.

8. How many medals has Andorra won in the Olympics?
a. 4.
b. 2.
c. 0.
Answer: 0.

9. The inscription on the coat of arms means ___.
a. United Virtue for us.
b. United Virtue is stronger.
c. Unite the Virtue for us.
Answer: United Virtue is stronger.

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10. How many countries share borders with Andorra?
a. 4.
b. 3.
c. 2.
Answer: 2.

11. the most practiced traditional dance of Andorra is ___.
a. Contrapàs.
b. Contraps.
c. Saint Anne’s dance.
Answer: Contrapàs.

12. What is the major religion of Andorra?
a. Islam.
b. Catholic.
c. Protestant.
Answer: Catholic.

13. Which is the largest library of Andorra?
a. National Library of Arts, Andorra,
b. National Library of Andorra.
c. National Library of Science, Andorra.
Answer: National Library of Andorra.

14. Andorra is located in the south___ of Europe.
a. Eastern.
b. Western.
c. Central.
Answer: Western.

15. What is the capital of Andorra?
a. Andorra la Vella.
b. El Pas de la Casa.
c. La Massana.
Answer: Andorra la Vella.


16. The tallest building of Andorra is ___.
a. Caldea Tower.
b. Casa de la Vall.
c. Church of Santa Coloma d’Andorra.
Answer: Caldea Tower.

17. When did Andorra first participate in the Olympics?
a. 1967.
b. 1976.
c. 1978.
Answer: 1976.

18. In what year did Andorra gain her independence?
a. 1278.
b. 1287.
c. 1279.
Answer: 1278.

19. Which of these is the most produced food commodity of Andorra?
a. Cereals.
b. Tobacco.
c. Garden vegetables.
Answer: Tobacco.

20. Which of these is the official currency of Andorra?
a. Dollar.
b. Euro.
c. Peso.
Answer: Euro.

21. The major export of Andorra is ___.
a. Car.
b. Integrated circuit.
c. Tobacco.
Answer: Integrated circuit.

22. Andorra is the ___ smallest country by land in the World.
a. 19th.
b. 16th.
c. 10th.
Answer: 16th.

23. The largest lake in Andorra is ____.
a. Estanys de Juclar.
b. Lake Engolasters.
c. Estanys de Creussans.
Answer: Juclar Lake.

24. Which of these is the major export partner of Andorra?
a. Hong Kong.
b. France.
c. Spain.
Answer: Spain.

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25. The English meaning of the capital city of Andorra is ___.
a. The land of Andorra.
b. Andorra the old.
c. Andorra the renewed.
Answer: Andorra the old.

26. Which of these countries never ruled Andorra?
a. Italy.
b. Spain.
c. France.
Answer: Italy.

27. The major import partner of Andorra is ___.
a. Netherland.
b. Germany.
c. Spain.
Answer: Spain.

28. Which is the major import of Andorra?
a. Packaged Medicaments.
b. Cars.
c. Paintings.
Answer: Paintings.

29. What is the dialing code of Andorra?
a. +367.
b. +376.
c. +377.
Answer: +376.

30. What is the official language of Andorra?
a. Spanish.
b. Catalan.
c. French.
Answer: Catalan.

31. Which year did Andorra join the European Union?
a. 1993.
b. 1995.
c. Never.
Answer: Never.

32. What is the GMT difference in Andorra?
a. +3.
b. +2.
c. +1.
Answer: +1.

33. What is the length of Andorra’s coastline?
a. 10km.
b. 0km.
c. 30km.
Answer: 0km.

34. What are states referred to in Andorra?
a. Parishes.
b. State.
c. Counties.
Answer: Parishes.

35. In what year did Andorra join the United Nations?
a. 1990.
b. 1995.
c. 1993.
Answer: 1993.

36. Which is the largest city in Andorra?
a. La Massana.
b. El Tarter.
c. Andorra la Vella.
Answer: Andorra la Vella.

37. When is the National Day of Andorra celebrated?
a. 8th September.
b. 18th September.
c. 28th September.
Answer: 8th September.

38. Andorra is the ___ oldest country in the world.
a. 16th.
b. 14th.
c. 20th.
Answer: 14th.

39. Which of the following is the largest parish in Andorra?
a. Escaldes-Engordany.
b. Andorra la Vella.
c. Canilo.
Answer: Canilo.

40. How many parishes are Andorra divided into?
a. 9.
b. 7.
c. 5.
Answer: 7.

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41. The country of Andorra is located within which of these mountain ranges?
a. Pyrenees.
b. Alps.
c. Jura.
Answer: Pyrenees.

42. Who was the first head of government of Andorra?
a. ÒscarRibasReig.
b. JosepPintat-Solans.
c. Albert Pint.
Answer: ÒscarRibasReig.

43. The largest airport in Andorra is ___.
a. Andorra-La Seud’Urgell Airport.
b. Lleida-Alguaire Airport.
c. Airport CastresMazamet.
Answer: Andorra-La Seud’Urgell Airport.

44. What is the main electricity source of Andorra?
a. Hydropower.
b. Fossil fuels.
c. Nuclear power.
Answer: Fossil fuels.

45. How many colors are on the national flag of Andorra?
a. 4.
b. 5.
c. 3.
Answer: 3.

46. The largest port of Andorra is __.
a. Empuriabrava.
b. Port de Rat.
c. Andorra la Vella Port.
Answer: Andorra la Vella Port.

47. What is the national sport of Andorra?
a. Rugby league.
b. Soccer.
c. Cricket.
Answer: Soccer.

48. Which of these countries shares no borders with Andorra?
a. Italy.
b. France.
c. Spain.
Answer: Italy.

49. Who was the first female president of Andorra?
a. Maria Rosa Ferre.
b. Maria JaumeBartumeu.
c. Maria Marc Molne.
Answer: Maria Rosa Ferre.

50. The largest museum of Andorra is ___.
a. National Carmen Thyssen, Andorra.
b. Museu Postal d’Andorra.
c. National Museum of the Pyrenees.
Answer: National Museum of the Pyrenees.

51. Which colors are on the national flag of Andorra?
a. Black, yellow and red.
b. Green, white and red.
c. Blue, yellow and red.
Answer: Blue, yellow, and red.

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