51 Interesting Belgium Trivia Questions and Answers

Are you ready to test how well you know Belgium? or Do you want to have fun learning some interesting and uncommon facts about Belgium? We got you, as these fact-filled trivia questions will expose you to many fascinating facts about Belgium.

Be ready for fun, as we have lined up easy and difficult Belgium Trivia questions that will expose you to the culture, geography, politics, and history of the beautiful state of Belgium, some you will know others you will be happy to find out.

1. What is the largest river in Belgium?
a. Oise River.
b. Semois River.
c. Meuse River.
Answer: Meuse River.

2. Belgium is located in ___ part of Europe.
a. Eastern.
b. Western.
c. Central.
Answer: western.

3. Which of the following is the national animal of Belgium?
a. Flemish lion.
b. Turul.
c. Common nightingale.
Answer: common nightingale.


4. The tallest building in Belgium is known as ____.
a. Rogier Tower.
b. South Tower.
c. Finance Tower.
Answer: South Tower.

5. In what year did Belgium gain her independence?
a. 1803.
b. 1830.
c. 1380.
Answer: 1830.

6. ___ is the most produced food commodity in Belgium.
a. Barley.
b. Rice.
c. Sugar cane.
Answer: barley.

7. Which of the following is the national fruit of Belgium?
a. Strawberry.
b. Pomegranate.
c. Apple.
Answer: apple.

8. The largest airport in Belgium is ___.
a. Antwerp International Airport.
b. Brussels Airport.
c. Ostend Airport.
Answer: Brussels Airport.

9. One of these is the oldest university in Belgium.
a. Katholieke Universiteit Leuven.
b. University of Antwerp.
c. Ghent University.
d. Answer: Katholieke Universiteit Leuven.

10. Belgium’s national bird is ___.
a. Bermuda petrel.
b. Keel-billed toucan.
c. Common kestrel.
Answer: common kestrel.

11. Which is the highest mountain in Belgium?
a. Walloon Brabant.
b. Signal de Botrange.
c. Reesberg mountain.
Answer: Signal de Botrange.

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12. What is the largest lake in Belgium called?
a. Lac d’Eupen.
b. Lake Virelles.
c. Eau d’Heure lakes.
Answer: Eau d’Heure lakes.

13. What is the capital of Belgium?
a. Ghent.
b. Brussels.
c. Leuven.
Answer: Brussels.

14. The national tree of Belgium is ___.
a. Sessile oak.
b. Teak.
c. Taxus baccata.
Answer: taxus baccata.

15. What is the most exported good in Belgium?
a. Cars.
b. Diamonds.
c. Vaccines.
Answer: cars.

16. Which of these is not among the borders of Belgium?
a. Germany.
b. Norway.
c. Netherlands.
Answer: Norway.


17. Who was the first prime minister of Belgium?
a. Étienne de Gerlache.
b. Charles Michel.
c. Herman Van Rompuy.
Answer: Étienne de Gerlache.

18. When is the national day of Belgium?
a. July 1.
b. July 11.
c. July 21.
Answer: July 21.

19. Who is the present president of Belgium?
a. Georges Gilkinet.
b. Petra De Sutter.
c. Alexander De Croo.
Answer: Alexander De Croo.

20. Belgium was formerly called ____.
a. Southern Netherlands.
b. Northern Netherlands.
c. Central Netherlands.
Answer: Southern Netherlands.

21. ___ is the largest container port of Belgium.
a. Port of Brussels.
b. Port of Antwerp-Bruges.
c. Port of Leuven.
Answer: Port of Antwerp-Bruges.

22. Who was the first female president of Belgium?
a. Sophia Williams.
b. Sophie Wilmés.
c. Sophie Williams.
Answer: Sophie Wilmés.

23. The oldest building in Belgium is ____.
a. Het Steen.
b. Basilica of the Holy Blood.
c. Town Hall.
Answer: Het Steen.

24. Which is the national food of Belgium?
a. Moules-frites.
b. Belgian fries.
c. Flemish stew.
Answer: Belgian fries.

25. One of these is the most imported commodity in Belgium.
a. Vehicles.
b. Organic chemicals.
c. Mineral fuels.
Answer: mineral fuels.

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26. What is the oldest city in Belgium?
a. Bruges.
b. Brussels.
c. Tongeren.
Answer: Tongeren.

27. How many country borders does Belgium have?
a. 5.
b. 4.
c. 6.
Answer: 4.

28. Which of these is the largest island in Belgium?
a. Saint-Géry Island.
b. Armenia Island.
c. Azebaijan Island.
Answer: Saint-Géry Island.

29. Which is not among the official languages of Belgium?
a. German.
b. Dutch.
c. English.
Answer: English.

30. The national anthem of Belgium is called ___.
a. La Brabançone.
b. Le Brabacone.
c. La Brabacne.
Answer: La Brabançone.

31. How many provinces are in Belgium?
a. 3.
b. 10.
c. 5.
Answer: 10.

32. When did Belgium join the United Nations?
a. 1965.
b. 1945.
c. 1895.
Answer: 1945.

33. Which is the largest library in Belgium?
a. Royal Library of Belgium.
b. National Library of Belgium.
c. Heritage Library Hendrik Conscience.
Answer: Royal Library of Belgium.

34. In what year did Belgium join the European Union?
a. 1945.
b. 1895.
c. 1958.
Answer: 1958.

35. What is the official name of Belgium?
a. Kingdom of Belgium.
b. Republic of Belgium.
c. Belgium Federation.
Answer: Kingdom of Belgium.

36. What is the currency of Belgium called?
a. Dollar.
b. Euro.
c. Belgium dollar.
Answer: Euro.

37. Which of these is the most popular sport in Belgium?
a. Tennis.
b. Chess.
c. Soccer.
Answer: Soccer.

38. ___ is the most consumed food in Belgium.
a. Belgian fries.
b. Burger.
c. Potato stew.
Answer: Belgian fries.

39. Which of these countries never colonized Belgium?
a. Britain.
b. France.
c. Spanish.
Answer: Britain.

40. The largest dam in Belgium is ___.
a. Weser Dam.
b. Gileppe Dam.
c. Jalhay Dam.
Answer: Gileppe Dam.

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41. How many official languages are spoken in Belgium?
a. 1.
b. 2.
c. 3
Answer: 3.

42. Which of these correctly represents the national flag of Belgium?
a. Vertical strips of black, yellow, and red.
b. Vertical strips of red, yellow, and black.
c. Vertical strips of yellow, black, and red.
Answer: Vertical strips of black, yellow, and red.

43. Which of the following is the most practiced religion in Belgium?
a. Muslim.
b. Roman Catholic.
c. Non-religious.
Answer: Roman Catholic.

44. ___ is the largest museum in Belgium.
a. Euro Space Center.
b. Museum by the Stream.
c. Magritte Museum.
Answer: Magritte museum.

45. One of the following is the traditional dress of Belgium.
a. Huntress gown.
b. Hunt gown.
c. Gilles gown.
Answer: Huntress gown.

46. The traditional dance of Belgium is all of these except ___.
a. Polka.
b. Waltz.
c. Salsa.
Answer: Salsa.

47. Which is the most populated region in Belgium?
a. Brussels.
b. Flemish region.
c. Walloon region.
Answer: Flemish region.

48. The smallest city in Belgium is ___.
a. Durbuy.
b. Hotton.
c. Topiart.
Answer: Durbuy.

49. What is the approximate length of Belgium’s coastline?
a. 60km.
b. 68km.
c. 65km.
Answer: 68km.

50. The oldest castle in Belgium is ___.
a. Gravensteen Castle.
b. Chimay Castle.
c. Walzin Castle.
Answer: Gravensteen Castle.

51. Which of the following is the largest region of Belgium in terms of area?
a. Flemish Region.
b. Brussels.
c. Walloon Region.
Answer: Walloon Region.

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