51 Interesting China Trivia Questions and Answers

Are you looking to test your knowledge about China or discover more facts about China?

We have lined up some mind-blowing and error-free China Trivia questions that will expose you to lots of fascinating knowledge about China, like culture, geography, politics, history, and more. Play this Fun China Trivia Quiz, to uncover some important facts that most people don’t know, and surely you will be proud of yourself.

1. Which country invented the toilet roll?
a. Japan.
b. Brazil.
c. China.
Answer: China.

2. What does red signify in China?
a. Love.
b. Bleeding.
c. Happiness.
Answer: happiness.

3. Which part of Asia is China situated in?
a. North Asia.
b. East Asia.
c. South Asia.
Answer: East Asia.


4. What is the capital of China?
a. Wyoming.
b. Shanghai.
c. Beijing.
Answer: Beijing.

5. China’s flag has_?
a. One big Star and four small stars.
b. Two big stars and four small stars.
c. No big Star and four small stars.
Answer: OnebigStarandfoursmallstars.

6. What does China mean in Chinese?
a. Highest empire.
b. Right empire.
c. Middle empire.
Answer: middle empire.

7. What is the official name of China?
a. Republic of China.
b. People’s Republic of China.
c. China Republic.
Answer: People’sRepublic of China.

8. Which place does China regard as a renegade province?
a. Fujian.
c. Henan.
Answer: Taiwán.

9. Which country was arrogated by China in 1950.
a. Sichuan.
b. Shanxi.
c. Tibet.
Answer: Tibet.

10. In what year was Hong Kong regained by China?
a. 1977.
b. 1975.
c. 1973.
Answer: 1977.

11. In how many years was the Great Wall of China built?
a. Over 2,300 years.
b. Over 2,000 years.
c. Over 230 years.
Answer: over 2,300 years.

12. Which gift is given to children during the Chinese New Year?
a. Wrapped gifts.
b. Fortune cookies.
c. Money in a red envelope.
Answer: money in a red envelope.

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13. Which number is regarded as unlucky in China?
a. 4.
b. 6.
c. 8.
Answer: 4.

14. Which of these is the mythical symbol of the Chinese emperor’s power?
a. Phoenix.
b. Unicorn.
c. Dragon.
Answer: dragon.

15. What is the dominant religion of the Chinese?
a. Traditional religion.
b. Christianity.
c. Buddhism.
Answer: Buddhism.

16. What is the Chinese language called?
a. Chinese.
b. Mandarin Chinese.
c. Pinyin Chinese.
Answer: Mandarin Chinese.


17. Which of these is not one of the Chinese Zodiac animals?
a. Lion.
b. Horse.
c. Rat.
Answer: lion.

18. What is the official name of the Chinese currency?
a. Yen.
b. Renminbi.
c. Yuan.
Answer: renminbi.

19. What is the largest ethnic group in China?
a. Uyghur.
c. Han.
Answer: Han.

20. Which of the following is the most common Chinese family name?
a. Yang.
b. Wang.
c. Liu.
Answer: Wang.

21. What does Tiananmen mean in Chinese?
a. Gate of heavenly peace.
b. Gate of the Heavens.
c. Heavenly peace.
Answer: Gateofheavenlypeace.

22. In what year was Macau regained by China?
a. 1998.
b. 1997.
c. 1999.
Answer: 1999.

23. Which of these is the national bird of China?
a. The Mandarin duck.
b. The cotton pygmy goose.
c. The red-crowned crane.
Answer: The red-crowned crane.

24. Which of the following is the national game of China?
a. Lawn tennis.
b. Table tennis.
c. Basketball.
Answer: table tennis.

25. Which of the following is the national flower of China?
a. Cherry blossom.
b. Peony flower.
c. Plum blossom.
Answer: plum blossom.

26. Hong Kong was originally governed by which country?
a. the UK.
b. India.
c. Russia.
Answer: UK.

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27. Which of these was not invented in China?
a. Fountain pen.
b. Compass.
c. Paper.
Answer: fountain pen.

28. Which is the most produced food commodity in China?
a. Corn
b. Rice.
c. Vegetables.
Answer: corn.

29. Which of the following is China’s national animal?
a. Dragon.
b. Panda.
c. The Chinese dragon.
Answer: panda.

30. Which of these is the largest city in China?
a. Nanning.
b. Beijing.
c. Shanghai.
Answer: Shanghai.

31. Which is the Chinese National day?
a. 31st October.
b. 3rd October.
c. 1st October.
Answer: 1st October.

32. Which of these is the national fruit of China?
a. Fuzzy kiwi fruit.
b. Longan.
c. Banana.
Answer: Fuzzy kiwi fruit.

33. Which is the oldest University in China that is still in use?
a. Zhejiang University.
b. Peking University.
c. Tianjin University.
Answer: TianjinUniversity.

34. Which of the following is the largest dam found in China?
a. The Baihetan dam.
b. The Three Gorges dam.
c. The Upper Baoquan dam.
Answer: Three the gorges dam.

35. Which of these is the national tree of China?
a. Greeting pine.
b. Gingko.
c. Dawn Redwood.
Answer: Gingko.

36. Which is the largest tunnel in China?
a. Taihu tunnel.
b. Dabashan tunnel.
c. Xishan tunnel.
Answer: Taihu tunnel.

37. Which of the following are the national colors of China?
a. Red and white.
b. Red and green.
c. Red and yellow.
Answer: red and yellow.

38. What is the national stone of China called?
a. Benitoite.
b. Diamond.
c. Jade.
Answer: Jade.

39. What is the longest river in China called?
a. Yangtze river.
b. Yellow river.
c. Amur river.
Answer: Yangtze River.

40. In what year did China join the UN?
a. 1946.
b. 1945.
c. 1594.
Answer: 1945.

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41. What is the most domesticated animal in China?
a. Cat.
b. Horse.
c. Dog.
Answer: dog.

42. Which of the following is the most popular fast food in China?
a. McDonald’s.
b. Burger King.
c. Kentucky Fried Chicken.
Answer: KentuckyFriedChicken.

43. The word Beijing means ____?
a. Northern Capital.
b. Western Capital.
c. Eastern Capital.
Answer: Northern Capital.

44. On which rivers were China founded?
a. Yellow and Amur rivers.
b. Yangtze and Huaihe rivers.
c.Yellow and Yangtze rivers.
Answer: Yellow and Yangtze rivers.

45. March of the Volunteers is China’s ___
a. Motto
b. Logo.
c. Anthem.
Answer: anthem.

46. Which part of China can be seen from space?
a. The Gorges dam.
b. Tiananmen gateway.
c. Great wall of China.
Answer: Great wall of China.

47. All of the following are the elements of the Chinese Zodiac except one.
a. Wood.
b. Fire.
c. water
Answer: water

48. Where did civilization develop first in China?
a. Yellow river valley.
b. Yangtze river valley.
c. Along the Northern China plains.
Answer: Yellow river valley.

49. In China, the lunar year 2022 is the year of ___?
a. Horse.
b. Tiger.
c. Cat.
Answer: tiger.

50. The last day of the Lunar New Year in China is the festival of_?
a. Bulbs.
b. Virgins.
c. Lanterns.
Answer: lanterns.

51. Which city in China is the world’s busiest container port located?
a. Hong Kong.
b. Taiwan.
c. Shanghai.
Answer: Shanghai.

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