51 Interesting Colorado Trivia Questions and Answers

Are you ready to test how well you know Colorado? or Do you want to have fun learning some interesting and uncommon facts about Colorado? We got you, as these fact-filled trivia questions will expose you to many fascinating facts about Colorado.

Be ready for fun, as we have lined up easy and difficult Colorado Trivia questions that will expose you to the culture, geography, politics, and history of the beautiful state of Colorado, some you will know others you will be happy to find out.

1. What is the highest mountain in Colorado?
Answer- Mt. Elbert

2. The name of Mesa County is from the Spanish word “mesa”, which means:
Answer- Table

3. What Western Colorado town is famous for its peaches?
Answer- Palisade


4. What park is in between the Colorado state capital building and the city and county building of Denver?
Answer- Civic Center Park

5. Colorado boasts the world’s highest _________.
Answer- suspension bridge

6. In what year did Colorado become a state?
Answer- 1876

7. Eighty percent of Colorado’s water comes from what source?
Answer- snow

8. What river runs through the town known as ‘The Choice City’?
Answer- Cache La Poudre

9. What are the names of the two largest rivers in Mesa County?
Answer- colorado and Gunnison

10. What is the state animal?
Answer- Bighorn Sheep

11. What is the name of Colorado State University’s mascot?
Answer- Cam

12. What city is home to the United States Air Force Academy?
Answer- Colorado Springs

13. What annual sporting event takes place in Grand Junction?
Answer- Junior College World Series

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14. Which of the following is not a suburb of Denver?
Answer- Delta

15. From what language did Colorado get its name?
Answer- Spanish

16. What is the tallest building in Denver?
Answer- Republic Plaza


17. While in town, you discover that the headwaters of one of Colorado’s major rivers are found in South Park. What river is this?
Answer- South Platte River

18. How many US states are smaller than Mesa County?
Answer- 2

19. What is the state insect?
Answer- Colorado hairstreak butterfly

20. In the construction of what sporting venue in 1995 did the lower part of downtown Denver experience a resurgence in development and economic boom?
Answer- Coors Field

21. Alongside US 115 south of Colorado Springs, you can see the world’s largest ________.
Answer- Hercules Beetle

22. What is the state bird?
Answer- Lark Bunting

23. What is Colorado’s state nickname?
Answer- Centennial State

24. What famous hill in Denver was a central meeting place for the KKK?
Answer- Ruby Hill

25. What is the state fish?
Answer- Greenback Cutthroat Trout

26. The highest point in the American Interstate Highway System happens to be in Colorado. Where is it?
Answer- Eisenhower Tunnel

27. Which famous beverage is manufactured in a factory in Boulder’s northeastern suburbs?
Answer- Celestial Seasonings Tea

28. What Colorado city was known as ‘the richest square mile on Earth?
Answer- Central City

29. What Colorado city is the highest in the United States?
Answer- Leadville

30. Name the state that borders Colorado on its northern border.
Answer- Wyoming

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31. What is the state gemstone?
Answer- Aquamarine

32. What famous peak can be seen to the south of Denver on a clear day?
Answers- Pike’s peak

33. When did gambling become legal in certain areas of Colorado?
Answer- 1991

34. Where can you find The Garden of the Gods?
Answer- Colorado Springs

35. What famous canyon is located near Montrose Colorado?
Answer- Black Canyon

36. Pikes Peak is named after Zebulon Pike. Who was Zebulon Pike?
Answer- U.S General

37. Where is Buffalo Bill’s grave?
Answer- Lookout Mountain

38. The four corner states include New Mexico, Utah, Arizona and _________
Answer- Colorado

39. What type of candy originated in Golden, Colorado?
Answer- Jolly Ranchers

40. What would you call a person from Colorado?
Answer- Coloradan

41. Which famous Colorado people lived in the Manitou Cliff Dwellings?
Answer- Anasazi

42. Which state borders Colorado on the south?
Answer- New Mexico

43. What order is Colorado in state size (starting with the largest)?
Answer- 8

44. What is the closest state capital to the Colorado border?
Answer- Cheyenne

45. What state borders Colorado on the west?
Answer- Utah

46. Who is known for singing the song “Rocky Mountain High”?
Answer- John Denver

47. What is the name of the NFL team of Colorado?
Answer- Denver Broncos

48. What book written by James A. Michener takes place in Colorado?
Answer- Centennial

49. At what time of year is Loveland’s post office especially busy?
Answer- Valentine’s Day

50. Where can you find Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument?
Answer- Florissant

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51. What is the name of the Colorado flag?
Answer- Colorado’s flag

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