51 Interesting Connecticut Trivia Questions and Answers

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1. what capital of Connecticut
Answer- Hartford


2. What is Connecticut’s state motto?
Answer- Qui transtulit sustinet

3. What is Connecticut’s state flower?
Answer- Mountain-laurel

4. What is Connecticut’s state mineral?
Answer- Almandine Garnet

5. What is the nickname of Hartford?
Answer- Insurance Capital of the World

6. What is the highest mountain in Hartford?
Answer- Mount Frissell

7. What is the Longest River in Connecticut?
Answer- Connecticut River

8. Where is the end of the Connecticut River?
Answer- Long Island Sound

9. Which star on the US flag represents CT?
Answer- none

10. Which governor was re-elected in 2002?
Answer- John G. Rowland

11. Where was the first nuclear submarine launched?
Answer- Groton

12. In 1954, the world’s first atomic-powered submarine was built at Groton. What was its name?
Answer- Nautilus

13. What town is home of ‘The Nut Museum’?
Answer- Old Lyme

14. What is the state animal of Connecticut?
Answer- Sperm Whale

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15. What, is the name of a resident of Connecticut,
Answer- Connecticuter

16. Who were the first people to explore Connecticut?
Answer- Dutch

17. What Ivy League College is in Connecticut?
Answer- Yale

18. What is the official state song?
Answer: “Yankee Doodle”

19. When was the first lollipop machine used?
Answer- 1908

20. What language is the word Connecticut from?
Answer- Mohegan

21. In what town were the first friction matches made?
Answer- Beacon Falls

22. Who is the state heroine of Connecticut?
Answer- Prudence Crandall

23. ___________ is the richest county in Connecticut?
Answer- Fairfield County

24. Where is the only steam-powered cider mill located?
Answer- Mystic
25. What is the state bird of Connecticut?
Answer- Robin

26. What is the background color of Connecticut’s flag?
Answer- Blue

27. What date did Connecticut officially become a state?
Answer- January 9, 1788

28. Where is Connecticut’s geographic center?
Answer- Hartford County

29. What toy was developed by Yale students in 1920?
Answer- Frisbee

30. In what town is the oldest soda bottling plant in New England?
Answer- New Britain

31. What is Connecticut’s highest point?
Answer- Mount Frissell

32. What was discovered by Thomas Osborne in New Haven?
Answer- Vitamin A

33. What is the state ship of Connecticut?
Answer- Submarine

34. The Scoville Memorial Library is the oldest public library in America. Who founded it?
Answer- Richard Smith

35. Why is Connecticut the “Constitution State?”
Answer- They had the first written constitution

36. Who is Connecticut’s state hero?
Answer- Nathan Hale

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37. What city is nicknamed ‘The Rose of New England’?
Answer- Norwich

38. What type of natural disaster destroyed much of the Naugatuck Valley?
Answer- flood

39. The people of New Haven pride themselves on which type of food?
Answer- Pizza

40. How many area codes are there in the state of Connecticut as of 2001?
Answer- 2

41. How many of the 46 U. S. presidents were born in Connecticut?
Answer- 1 ( Georgy Walker Bush)

42. Where was the first steel mill in America located?
Answer- Simsbury

43. How many counties are there in Connecticut?
Answer- 8

44. In what town is Noah Webster’s house?
Answer- West Hartford

45. What does Connecticut not have direct access to?
Answer- The Sea

46. What borders Connecticut on the north?
Answer- Massachusetts.

47. In 1974 what woman was elected as the governor of Connecticut.?
Answer- Ella Grasso.

48. How many tornados does Connecticut average per annum?
Answer- one

49. How many of Connecticut’s citizens were killed in the September 11, 2001, terrorist attack?
Answer- 65

50. In 1875, the world’s first ___________was established in New Haven.
Answer- Telephone exchange

51. Who designed Connecticut’s Flag?
Answer- George Fenwick

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