51 Interesting Denmark Trivia Questions and Answers

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Are you ready to test how well you know Denmark? or Do you want to have fun learning some interesting and uncommon facts about Denmark? We got you, as these fact-filled trivia questions will expose you to many fascinating facts about Denmark.

Be ready for fun, as we have lined up easy and difficult Denmark Trivia questions that will expose you to the culture, geography, politics, and history of the beautiful country of Denmark, some you will know others you will be happy to find out.

1. In what year did Denmark join the European Union?
a. 1937.
b. 1935.
c. 1973.
Answer: 1973.

2. What is the capital of Denmark?
a. Copenhagen.
b. Herning.
c. Esbjerg.
Answer: Copenhagen.


3. Which of the following is the oldest city in Denmark?
a. Den Gamle By.
b. Ribe.
c. Aarhus.
Answer: Ribe.

4. What is the main religion of Denmark?
a. Protestant Christians.
b. Lutheran Christians.
c. Orthodox Christians.
Answer: Lutheran Christians.

5. How many colors are on the flag of Denmark?
a. 4.
b. 3.
c. 2.
Answer: 2.

6. How many countries does Denmark share its land borders with?
a. 3.
b. 2.
c. 1.
Answer: 1.

7. Which of these countries is not among the neighboring countries of Denmark?
a. Norway.
b. Sweden.
c. New Zealand.
Answer: New Zealand.

8. Which of these water bodies shares none of its borders with Denmark?
a. Baltic Sea.
b. North Sea.
c. South Sea.
Answer: South Sea.

9. Who was the first prime minister of Denmark?
a. Adam Wilhelm Moltke.
b. Christian Albercht Bluhme.
c. Nazrendra Modi.
Answer: Adam Wilhelm Moltke.

10. Which colors are on the flag of Denmark?
a. Blue and white.
b. Red and white.
c. Green and white.
Answer: Red and white.

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11. What is the currency of Denmark called?
a. Kroner.
b. Euro.
c. Dollar.
Answer: Kroner.

12. Which country shares a land border with Denmark?
a. Germany.
b. Sweden.
c. Canada.
Answer: Germany.

13. How many islands are in Denmark?
a. 443.
b. 1,419.
c. 600.
Answer: 1,419.

14. What is the approximate length of Denmark’s coastline?
a. 1,700 km.
b. 1,600 km.
c. 1,800 km.
Answer: 1,700 km.

15. What is the flag of Denmark called?
a. Dannebrog.
b. Danborg.
c. Danebog.
Answer: Dannebrog.

16. How many letters does the Danish alphabet have?
a. 30.
b. 28.
c. 29.
Answer: 29.


17. Which of these countries was not colonized by Denmark?
a. Serampore.
b. Greenland.
c. Ireland.
Answer: Ireland.

18. What is the cross on the flag of Denmark called?
a. Nordic Cross.
b. Southern Cross.
c. Northern Cross.
Answer: Nordic Cross.

19. Which of these is the largest island in Denmark?
a. Falster.
b. Zealand.
c. Mors.
Answer: Zealand.

20. According to legend, the flag of Denmark fell from the sky in the year ____.
a. 1210.
b. 1219.
c. 990.
Answer: 1219.

21. When is the National Day of Denmark celebrated?
a. June, 5.
b. June, 15.
c. June, 25.
Answer: June, 5.

22. In which of these castles was the series Money Heist filmed?
a. Frederiksborg Castle.
b. Kronborg Hamlet.
c. Dragsholm.
Answer: Frederiksborg Castle.

23. The largest lake in Denmark is known as ___.
a. Esrum Lake.
b. Arresø Lake.
c. Mossø Lake.
Answer: Arresø Lake.

24. What is the official language of Denmark?
a. English.
b. Danish.
c. Danesh.
Answer: Danish.

25. The largest river in Denmark is ___.
a. Skjern River.
b. Storå Creek.
c. Gudenå.
Answer: Gudenå.

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26. How many countries make up the Danish Realm?
a. 4.
b. 3.
c. 2.
Answer: 3.

27. What is the official name of Denmark?
a. the Republic of Denmark.
b. the State of Denmark.
c. Kingdom of Denmark.
Answer: Kingdom of Denmark.

28. Which of these is the old name of Denmark?
a. Danmårk.
b. Dånmårk.
c. Danmǫrk.
Answer: Danmǫrk.

29. The national flag of Denmark is considered the __oldest in the world.
a. 3rd.
b. 2nd.
c. 1st.
Answer: 1st.

30. How many regions is Denmark divided into?
a. 8.
b. 5.
c. 7.
Answer: 5.

31. Which of these countries is not among the Danish Realm?
a. Faroe Islands.
b. Greenland.
c. Fare Islands.
Answer: Fare Islands.

32. When did Denmark join United Nations?
a. 1955.
b. 1945.
c. 1965.
Answer: 1945.

33. The national anthem of Denmark is known as ___.
a. Der er et yndigt land.
b. Der et yndigt land.
c. Der es er et yndigt land.
Answer: Der er et yndigt land.

34. What is the dialing code of Denmark?
a. +54.
b. +154.
c. +45.
Answer: +45.

35. What is the Greek name of Denmark?
a. Dania.
b. Danie.
c. Denia.
Answer: Dania.

36. When did Denmark approve of gay marriage?
a. 2012.
b. 2021.
c. 2002.
Answer: 2012.

37. The GMT difference between Denmark is ____.
a. -1.
b. +1.
c. +2.
Answer: +1.

38. Which of these is the major electricity source of Denmark?
a. Hydro.
b. Wind.
c. Fossil fuel.
Answer: Wind.

39. What is the major import of Denmark?
a. Petroleum oil.
b. Motor cars.
c. Computers.
Answer: Motor cars.

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40. Which country does Denmark import most of its goods from?
a. Norway.
b. Germany.
c. Netherlands.
Answer: Germany.

41. In Denmark, when one is unmarried and is about 25 years old, ____ is thrown on them.
a. Tomatoes.
b. Cinnamon.
c. Grapes.
Answer: Cinnamon.

42. What is the highest peak in Denmark?
a. Møllehøj.
b. Himmelbjerget.
c. Troldemose Bakke.
Answer: Møllehøj.

43. Where in Europe is Denmark located?
a. Northern Europe.
b. Southern Europe.
c. Central Europe.
Answer: Northern Europe.

44. What is the national game of Denmark?
a. Soccer.
b. Baseball.
c. Basketball.
Answer: Soccer.

45. Which is the largest airport in Denmark?
a. Billund Airport.
b. Copenhagen Kastrup Airport.
c. Aarhus Airport.
Answer: Copenhagen Kastrup Airport.

46. Denmark is known as the ___ country in the world to grant legal recognition to same-sex relationships.
a. 2nd.
b. 11th.
c. 1st.
Answer: 1st.

47. The highest peak of Denmark is ___.
a. Christiansborg Palace.
b. Copenhagen City Hall.
c. Herlev Hospital.
Answer: Herlev Hospital.

48. What is the major port of Denmark called?
a. Port of Copenhagen.
b. Port of Aarhus.
c. Statoil-havnen.
Answer: Port of Aarhus.

49. Which of these is the oldest castle in Denmark?
a. Frederiksborg Castle.
b. Kronborg Hamlet.
c. Dragsholm.
Answer: Dragsholm.

50. When did Denmark legalize gay registered partnerships?
a. 1998.
b. 1989.
c. 2012.
Answer: 1989.

51. Who was the first female prime minister of Denmark?
a. Helle Thorning-Schmidt.
b. Margrethe Frederiksen.
c. Mette Frederiksen.
Answer: Helle Thorning-Schimdt.

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