51 Interesting Djibouti Trivia Questions and Answers

Are you ready to test how well you know Djibouti? or Do you want to have fun learning some interesting and uncommon facts about Djibouti? We got you, as these fact-filled trivia questions will expose you to many fascinating facts about Djibouti.

Be ready for fun, as we have lined up easy and difficult Djibouti Trivia questions that will expose you to the culture, geography, politics, and history of the beautiful country of Djibouti, some you will know others you will be happy to find out.

1. What is the official currency of Djibouti?
a. Franc.
b. Naira.
c. Krona.
Answer: Franc.

2. Where in Africa is Djibouti located?
a. Western Africa.
b. Eastern Africa.
c. Central Africa.
Answer: Eastern Africa.

3. Which of these is the lowest point of Africa located in Djibouti?
a. Lake Assal.
b. Atlantic Ocean.
c. Lake Victoria.
Answer: Lake Assal.


4. What is the official name of Djibouti?
a. Kingdom of Djibouti.
b. Republic of Djibouti.
c. Federal Republic of Djibouti.
Answer: Republic of Djibouti.

5. When did Djibouti gain her independence?
a. 1977.
b. 1979.
c. 1979.
Answer: 1977.

6. What is the economic status of Djibouti?
a. Low.
b. Middle.
c. Very low.
Answer: Very low.

7. Which climate is widely experienced in Djibouti?
a. Arid tropical.
b. Temperate.
c. Savannah.
Answer: Arid tropical.

8. Djibouti is the ___ hottest country in Africa?
a. 2nd.
b. 1st.
c. 3rd.
Answer: 3rd.

9. It has snowed in Djibouti.
a. False.
b. True.
c. I don’t know.
Answer: False.

10. How many countries does Djibouti share its borders with?
a. 5.
b. 4.
c. 3.
Answer: 3.

11. When is the National Day of Djibouti celebrated?
a. June, 7th.
b. June, 17th.
c. June, 27th.
Answer: June, 27.

12. Which of these is the highest peak of Djibouti?
a. Mousa Ali.
b. Gufa Volcano.
c. Dubbi Volcano.
Answer: Mousa Ali.

13. The most active volcano of Djibouti is ___.
a. Ardoukoba Volcano.
b. Gufa Volcano.
c. Dubbi Volcano.
Answer: Ardoukoba Volcano.

14. Which of these deserts is located in Djibouti?
a. Grand Bara Desert.
b. Sahara Desert.
c. Namib Desert.
Answer: Grand Bara Desert.

15. Which of these countries does not share borders with Djibouti?
a. Eritrea.
b. Ethiopia.
c. Cameroun.
Answer: Cameroun.

16. The largest island in Djibouti is ___.
a. SiyyanHimar.
b. GuinniKoma.
c. Moucha Island.
Answer: Mucha Island.


17. What does the star on the flag of Djibouti represent?
a. Strength.
b. Unity.
c. Peace.
Answer: Unity.

18. Which of these gulfs shares borders with Djibouti?
a. Gulf of Aden.
b. Gulf of Tadjoura.
c. Gulf of Persian.
Answer: Gulf of Aden.

19. One of these is the largest lake in Djibouti.
a. Lake Assal.
b. Lake Abhe.
c. Lake Victoria.
Answer: Lake Abhe.

20. What is the capital of Djibouti?
a. Djibouti.
b. Assamo.
c. Daimoli.
Answer: Djibouti.

21. Which of these water bodies does Djibouti border with?
a. North Sea.
b. Red Sea.
c. Atlantic Ocean.
Answer: Red Sea.

22. The longest river in Djibouti is ___.
a. Alailou River.
b. Obock River.
c. ZwelenthiniKunkwenzu.
Answer: ZwelenthiniKunkwenzu.

23. Which of these countries did Djibouti gain her independence from?
a. United Kingdom.
b. France.
c. United Arab Emirates.
Answer: France.

24. When did Djibouti join United Nations?
a. 1978.
b. 1977.
c. 1979.
Answer: 1977.

25. How many colors are on the flag of Djibouti?
a. 5.
b. 4.
c. 3.
Answer: 4.

26. The coastline of Djibouti is approximately ____.
a. 200 km.
b. 230 km.
c. 210 km.
Answer: 230 km.

27. Which of these is not found on the coat of arms of Djibouti?
a. Matchet.
b. Star.
c. Cornflower.
Answer: Cornflower.

28. What was Djibouti known as?
a. Somaliland.
b. French Djibouti.
c. Djibotuinian.
Answer: Somaliland.

29. One of these is the largest container port of Djibouti.
a. Port of Doraleh.
b. Port of Djibouti.
c. Port of Damerjog.
Answer: Port of Doraleh.

30. How many stars are on the flag of Djibouti?
a. 0.
b. 1.
c. 2.
Answer: 1.

31. The dial code of Djibouti is ____.
a. +253.
b. +235.
c. +325.
Answer: +253.

32. The major export of Djibouti is ___.
a. Sheep and goats.
b. Palm oil.
c. Chlorides.
Answer: Chlorides.

33. Which of these is the largest airport in Djibouti?
a. Djibouti-Ambouli International Airport.
b. Djibouti-Golden International Airport.
c. Djibouti-Obock International Airport.
Answer: Djibouti-Ambouli International Airport.

34. What is the GMT difference in Djibouti?
a. +3.
b. -3.
c. -5.
Answer: +3.

35. The flag of Djibouti has ___ colors as its background.
a. White, blue and black.
b. White, blue and red.
c. White, blue and green.
Answer: White, blue, and green.

36. Which of these is the major export partner of Djibouti?
a. India.
b. Saudi Arabia.
c. Ethiopia.
Answer: Ethiopia.

37. How many regions is Djibouti divided into?
a. 6.
b. 8.
c. 10.
Answer: 6.

38. Which of these is not among the most occurring natural disasters of Djibouti?
a. Flood.
b. Drought.
c. Hurricane.
Answer: Hurricane.

39. Which is the national sport of Djibouti?
a. Soccer.
b. Basketball.
c. Cricket.
Answer: Soccer.

40. The star on the flag of Djibouti is ___ in color.
a. Red.
b. White.
c. Blue.
Answer: Red.

41. What is the major import of Djibouti?
a. Palm oil.
b. Refined petroleum.
c. Chemical fertilizers.
Answer: Refined petroleum.

42. The major import partner of Djibouti is ___.
a. United Arab Emirates.
b. China.
c. Morocco.
Answer: China.

43. What is the major electricity source of Djibouti?
a. Wind.
b. Fossil fuel.
c. Thermal plant.
Answer: thermal plant.

44. The main religion of Djibouti is ___.
a. Christian.
b. Islam.
c. Atheist.
Answer: Islam.

45. Who was the first president of Djibouti?
a. Hassan GouledAptidon.
b. Abdoulkader Kamil Mohamed.
c. Ismail Omar Guelleh.
Answer: Hassan GouledAptidon.

46. What is the tallest building of Djibouti known as?
a. Djibouti Towers.
b. Iconic Tower.
c. Willis Tower.
Answer: Djibouti Towers.

47. Which of these countries is the main import partner of Djibouti?
a. Brazil.
b. Qatar.
c. France.
Answer: France.

48. Which is the largest library in Djibouti?
a. National Library of Djibouti.
b. National Library of Arts, Djibouti.
c. National Library of Science, Djibouti.
Answer: National Library of Djibouti.

49. From which country does Djibouti get its hydroelectricity form?
a. Eritrea.
b. Ethiopia.
c. Somalia.
Answer: Ethiopia.

50. How many official languages are spoken in Djibouti?
a. 3.
b. 2.
c. 1.
Answer: 2.

51. Which of these is not among the official languages of Djibouti?
a. Somali.
b. French.
c. Arabic.
Answer: Somali.

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