51 Interesting Ecuador Trivia Questions and Answers

Are you ready to test how well you know Ecuador? or Do you want to have fun learning some interesting and uncommon facts about Ecuador? We got you, as these fact-filled trivia questions will expose you to many fascinating facts about Ecuador.

Be ready for fun, as we have lined up easy and difficult Ecuador Trivia questions that will expose you to the culture, geography, politics, and history of the beautiful country of Ecuador, some you will know others you will be happy to find out.

1. Where in South America is Ecuador located?
a. Western.
b. Southern.
c. Northern.
Answer: Western.

1. Mountain folks of Ecuador are called ___.
a. Quechua.
b. Kechua.
c. Cuacha.
Answer: Quechua.


2. Which of these is the most spoken language in Ecuador?
a. English.
b. Spanish.
c. Quichua.
Answer: Quichua.

3. What does the name of the country ‘Ecuador’ mean in English?
a. Tortoise.
b. Equator.
c. Equals.
Answer: Equator.

4. What is the official name of Ecuador?
a. Kingdom of Ecuador.
b. Republic of Ecuador.
c. Commonwealth of Ecuador.
Answer: Republic of Ecuador.

5. Ecuador, despite its large size is divided into ____regions.
a. 4.
b. 3.
c. 5.
Answer: 4.

6. Ecuador was formerly a/an ___ empire.
a. Spanish.
b. Inca.
c. Quichan.
Answer: Inca.

7. The equator runs through Ecuador.
a. True.
b. False.
c. Partially.
Answer: True.

8. Which of these is not considered impolite and rude in Ecuador?
a. Pursing of lips.
b. Fidgeting with hands or feet.
c. Yawning in public.
Answer: Pursing of lips.

9. The dominating ethnic group of Ecuador is ____.
a. Caucasian.
b. Mestizo.
c. African.
Answer: Mestizo.

10. Which is not among the regions of Ecuador?
a. Pacific Coast.
b. Amazon.
c. Ural.
Answer: Ural.

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11. Who was the first female president of Ecuador?
a. Moreno Garcḗs.
b. Rosalía Arteaga.
c. Hipatia Bustamante.
Answer: Rosalía Arteaga.

12. What is the currency of Ecuador called?
a. US Dollar.
b. Ecuadorian sucres.
c. Colombian dollars.
Answer: US Dollar.

13. Which of these countries does not share borders with Ecuador?
a. Peru.
b. Brazil.
c. Colombia.
Answer: Brazil.

14. What is the capital of Ecuador?
a. Quito.
b. Guayaquil.
c. Loja.
Answer: Quito.

15. Which of these water bodies does not border with Ecuador?
a. Gulf of Guayaquil.
b. Pacific Ocean.
c. Gulf of Galapagos.
Answer: Gulf of Galapagos.


16. When did Ecuador claim the Galapagos Islands?
a. 1823.
b. 1832.
c. 1842.
Answer: 1832.

17. Which of these is the largest island in Ecuador?
a. Isabela Island.
b. Santa Cruz Island.
c. Baltra Island.
Answer: Isabela Island.

18. How many UNESCO World Heritage Sites are in Ecuador?
a. 8.
b. 5.
c. 3.
Answer: 5.

19. What are the states of Ecuador called?
a. States.
b. Provinces.
c. Regions.
Answer: Provinces.

20. When is the independence day of Ecuador celebrated?
a. August 10.
b. July 10.
c. September 10.
Answer: August 10.

21. When is the main school break in Ecuador?
a. July-August.
b. August-September.
c. July-September.
Answer: July-September.

22. Which is the national anthem of Ecuador?
a. Salve, O Patricia.
b. Salve, O Patria.
c. Save, O Patria.
Answer: Salve, O Patria.

23. The Galapagos Islands are major ___ in number.
a. 8.
b. 13.
c. 25.
Answer: 13.

24. Which of these is the most active volcano in Ecuador and also the highest active volcano in the world?
a. Cotopaxi Volcano.
b. Tungurahua Volcano.
c. Reventador Volcano.
Answer: Cotopaxi Volcano.

25. The Galapagos Islands are named after the shells of giant tortoises that were found on the islands. The word Galapagos comes from the Spanish word meaning ___.
a. Giant tortoises.
b. Shells.
c. Saddles.
Answer: saddles.

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26. Which of these cities does the equator pass through?
a. Kuching.
b. Jayapura.
c. Quito.
Answer: Quito.

27. The town of Papallacta is famous for ___.
a. Giant tortoise shells.
b. Natural Hot Springs.
c. Most active volcano in Ecuador.
Answer: Natural Hot Springs.

28. How many time zones are used in Ecuador?
a. 3.
b. 2.
c. 1.
Answer: 2.

29. How many states are Ecuador divided into?
a. 25.
b. 24.
c. 23.
Answer: 24.

30. Which of these is the main port of Ecuador?
a. Port of Guayaquil.
b. Port of Salinas.
c. Port of Posorja.
Answer: Port of Guayaquil.

31. When was the Battle of Pichincha?
a. 21st May, 1822.
b. 24th May, 1832.
c. 24th May, 1822.
Answer: 24th May, 1822.

32. Who discovered the Galapagos Islands?
a. Fray Tomás de Berlanga.
b. Charles Darwin.
c. Colombus Christopher.
Answer: Fray Tomás de Berlanga.

33. Who was the first constitutional president of Ecuador?
a. Guillermo Lesso.
b. Juan Josḗ Flores.
c. Rafael Correa.
Answer: Juan Josḗ Flores.

34. In which water body are the Galapagos Islands located?
a. Pacific Ocean.
b. Atlantic Ocean.
c. Guayas River.
Answer: Pacific Ocean.

35. Which of these is the highest mountain in Ecuador?
a. Cayambe.
b. Cotopaxi.
c. Chimborazo.
Answer: Chimborazo.

36. Which of these countries did Ecuador have border disputes and battles with?
a. Peru.
b. Costa Rica.
c. Colombia.
Answer: Peru.

37. When did Ecuador gain independence?
a. 1822.
b. 1842.
c. 1832.
Answer: 1822.

38. What is the national symbol of Ecuador?
a. Andean Condor.
b. Chuquiraga.
c. Quina.
Answer: Andean Condor.

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39. When is the famous Ecuadorian Battle of Pichincha celebrated?
a. May 14.
b. May 24.
c. March 14.
Answer: May 24.

40. Ecuador is the major world export of ___.
a. Banana.
b. Orange.
c. Saddle.
Answer: Banana.

41. Which country did Ecuador gain its independence from?
a. Chile.
b. Spain.
c. Inca.
Answer: Spain.

42. Ecuador is the ___ capital of the World.
a. Orchid.
b. Banana.
c. Saddle.
Answer: Orchid.

43. Which of these is the GMT difference in Ecuador?
a. +5.
b. -5.
c. -3.
Answer: -5.

44. Which mountain range is located in Ecuador?
a. Andes Mountains.
b. Sierra Nevada.
c. Ural Mountains.
Answer: Andes Mountains.

45. Which of these Ecuadorian people could not resist both the Spanish and Incan Rule?
a. Amazonian.
b. Andean.
c. Cayapas.
Answer: Andean.

46. Which of these Ecuadorian cities is the 2nd highest city in the world?
a. Tulcan.
b. Guaranda.
c. Quito.
Answer: Quito.

47. What is the 15th birthday of girls in Ecuador called?
a. Quinceaneras.
b. Quinceanas.
c. Quinceranerase.
Answer: Quinceaneras.

48. Which of these is the largest river in Ecuador?
a. Rio Paslaza.
b. Rio Curaray.
c. Rio Napo.
Answer: Rio Napo.

49. Which is the major religion of Ecuador?
a. Roman Catholic.
b. Orthodox Christian.
c. Lutheran Christian.
Answer: Roman Catholic.

50. What is the official language of Ecuador?
a. Quichua.
b. English.
c. Spanish.
Answer: Spanish.

51. Which of these is not among the nicknames for Ecuador?
a. Equator.
b. La Tri.
c. La Tricolour.
Answer: Equator.

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