51 Interesting Egypt Trivia Questions and Answers

Do you think you know everything about Egypt? Think again, because this Interesting Egypt trivia quiz will expose you to many fascinating things about Egypt.

It will help you learn some essential things you should know about Egypt that you probably do not know.  We have lined up some mind-blowing and error-free Egypt Trivia questions that will expose you to the culture, geography, politics, and history of the beautiful country, Egypt.

1. Which King unified upper and lower Egypt?
a. Menes.
b. Djoser.
c. Menkaure.
Answer: Menes.

2. What is the capital of Egypt?
a. Cairo.
b. Aswan.
c. Suez.
Answer: Cairo.

3. Which of the following is the largest river in Egypt?
a. Blue Nile River.
b. White Nile River.
c. Nile River.
Answer: Nile River.


4. How many UNESCO Heritage Sites are in Egypt?
a. 9.
b. 7.
c. 5.
Answer: 7.

5. Where are the Pyramids of Egypt found?
a. Cairo.
b. Tanta.
c. Alexandria.
Answer: Cairo.

6. Egypt is a transcontinental country that lies majorly in Africa while the remaining part lies in ___.
a. North America.
b. Europe.
c. Asia.
Answer: Asia.

7. Which of these cities has never served as the capital of Egypt?
a. Thebes.
b. Itjtawy.
c. Makeni.
Answer: Makeni.

8. Which of these deserts is not seen in Egypt?
a. Sahara Desert.
b. Libyan Desert.
c. Chalbi Desert.
Answer: Chalbi Desert.

9. What is another name for Egypt?
a. Gift of the Nile.
b. Bank of the Nile.
c. Foot of the Nile.
Answer: Gift of the Nile.

10. Which of these Egyptian cities is known as the Bride of the Mediterranean?
a. Alexandria.
b. Naples.
c. Ismailia.
Answer: Alexandria.

11. Who is the Egyptian God of underwater?
a. Osiris.
b. Tefnut,
c. Atum.
Answer: Osiris.

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12. Which of the following is the largest pyramid in Egypt?
a. Pyramid of Khufu.
b. Pyramid of Menkaure.
c. Pyramid of Khafre.
Answer: Pyramid of Khufu.

13. Which of these was used to cure bad teeth in ancient Egypt?
a. Paste from a dead mouse.
b. Removing the teeth.
c. Mixture of honey and barley.
Answer: Paste from a dead mouse.

14. How many colors are on the flag of Egypt?
a. 5.
b. 4.
c. 3.
Answer: 4.

15. Which writing was used in Ancient Egypt?
a. Hieroglyphs.
b. Hieroglphisis.
c. Hieroglyphsis.
Answer: Hieroglyphs.

16. What does the word pharaoh mean?
a. Egyptian King.
b. Great House.
c. Great King.
Answer: Great House.


17. Which is the most practiced religion in Egypt?
a. Muslim.
b. Christianity.
c. Buddhism.
Answer: Christianity.

18. Which organ did the Ancient Egyptians believe to be weighed after death?
a. Liver.
b. Brain.
c. Heart.
Answer: Heart.

19. Which colors are on the flag of Egypt?
a. White, red, black, and gold.
b. Yellow, red, black, and silver.
c. White, red, blue, and gold.
Answer: White, red, black, and gold.

20. The first pyramid that was built in Egypt is known as ___.
a. Pyramid of Djoser.
b. Pyramid of Khafre.
c. Pyramid of Menkaure.
Answer: Pyramid of Djoser.

21. How many seasons are experienced in Egypt?
a. 4.
b. 3.
c. 2.
Answer: 2.

22. Which of these Egyptian goddesses liked to drink blood?
a. Sekhmet.
b. Heka.
c. Ammit.
Answer: Ammit.

23. How many mummies were found in the Great Pyramids of Giza?
a. 10.
b. 8.
c. 6.
Answer: 8.

24. What do Egyptians call Egypt?
a. Misr.
b. El Egypte.
c. Al Egypte.
Answer: Misr.

25. Which of these is the oldest monument in Egypt?
a. The Great Pyramids.
b. The Sphinx.
c. Luxor Temple.
Answer: The Sphinx.

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26. When did Egypt gain its independence?
a. 1935.
b. 1953.
c. Was never colonized.
Answer: 1953.

27. Which of these empires did Egypt never belong to?
a. Ottoman.
b. British.
c. Spanish.
Answer: Spanish.

28. Which of these is the currency of Egypt?
a. Egyptian dollar.
b. Egyptian pound.
c. Egyptian euro.
Answer: Egyptian pound.

29. How many countries shares borders with Egypt?
a. 5.
b. 4.
c. 3.
Answer: 3.

30. The Great pyramids of Giza are ___ in number.
a. 4.
b. 3.
c. 2.
Answer: 3.

31. Who is the Egyptian god of the sun?
a. Ra.
b. Hathor.
c. Par.
Answer: Ra.

32. The jars used during the mummification process are called ___.
a. Canopic jar.
b. Embalmment jar.
c. Mummy jar.
Answer: Canopic jar.

33. Which of these animals is not considered sacred by the ancient Egyptians?
a. Cheetah.
b. Lion.
c. Eagle.
Answer: Eagle.

34. About how many pyramids can be found in Egypt?
a. 120.
b. 130.
c. 110.
Answer: 120.

35. Which of these countries does not share a border with Egypt?
a. Israel.
b. Libya.
c. Cyprus.
Answer: Cyprus.

36. How many water bodies does Egypt share its coastlines with?
a. 4.
b. 2.
c. 3.
Answer: 3.

37. During the ancient Egyptian period, which genders wear makeup?
a. Males.
b. Females.
c. Both.
Answer: Both.

38. Which of these female pharaohs wore fake beards?
a. Hatshepsut.
b. Nefertiti.
c. Twosret.
Answer: Hatshepsut.

39. Which calendar was invented by the ancient Egyptians?
a. A Solar Calendar.
b. A Lunar Calendar.
c. A Chinese Calendar.
Answer: A Solar Calendar.

40. Who was the first female pharaoh of Egypt?
a. Sobekneferu.
b. Hatshepsut.
c. Amenemhat.
Answer: Hatshepsut.

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41. Which part of the pharaohs is supposed to remain unseen?
a. Hair.
b. Legs.
c. Hands.
Answer: Hair.

42. How many female pharaohs ruled Egypt?
a. 10.
b. 12.
c. 9.
Answer: 12.

43. Which of these water bodies shares no coastline border with Egypt?
a. Red Sea.
b. Mediterranean Sea.
c. North Sea.
Answer: North Sea.

44. Which of these female pharaohs is the longest-lasting female pharaoh of Egypt?
a. Amenemhat.
b. Hatshepsut.
c. Sobekneferu.
Answer: Hatshepsut.

45. What is the major reason for building the Egyptian pyramids?
a. As a burial house.
b. As a palace.
c. For sight-seeing.
Answer: As a burial house.

46. What is the approximate length of Egypt’s coastline?
a. 3,000 km.
b. 2,900 km.
c. 2,800 km.
Answer: 2,900 km.

47. What is the official language of Egypt?
a. Egyptian.
b. Arabic.
c. Egyptian.
Answer: Arabic.

48. What is the official name of Egypt?
a. Arab Republic of Egypt.
b. French Republic of Egypt.
c. Democratic Republic of Egypt.
Answer: Arab Republic of Egypt.

49. When was Egypt annexed?
a. 30 AD.
b. 30 BCE.
c. 50 BCE.
Answer: 30 BCE.

50. Which of these is the funerary figurine placed in tombs to serve as servants for the deceased in their afterlife?
a. Hair of their current slaves.
b. Bone of animals.
c. Shabti dolls.
Answer: Shabti dolls.

51. Who was recognized as the first female pharaoh of Egypt?
a. Sobekneferu.
b. Hatshepsut.
c. Amenemhat.
Answer: Sobekneferu.

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