51 Interesting Gambia Trivia Questions and Answers

Do you think you know everything about the Gambia? Think again, because this Interesting Gambia trivia quiz will expose you to many fascinating things about the Gambia.

It will help you learn some essential things you should know about the Gambia that you probably do not know.  We have lined up some mind-blowing and error-free Gambia Trivia questions that will expose you to the culture, geography, politics, and history of the beautiful country, Gambia.

1. What is the largest museum in the Gambia called?
a. Tanja Village Museum.
b. Slavery Museum.
c. National Museum of the Gambia.
Answer: National Museum of the Gambia.

2. What did the Portuguese name the Gambia?
a. Banjulo.
b. British Gambia.
c. Gambia.
Answer: Banjulo.

3. One of these is the largest island in the Gambia.
a. MacCarthy Island.
b. KuntaKinteh Island.
c. Gambia Island.
Answer: KuntaKinteh Island.


4. Which of these airports are not found in the Gambia?
a. Gambia International Airport.
b. Banjul International Airport.
c. Kunta International Airport.
Answer: Banjul International Airport.

5. Which is the major container port in the Gambia?
a. Port of Serrekunda.
b. Port of Banjul.
c. Port of Bakau.
Answer: Port of Banjul.

6. What is the national game of Gambia?
a. Body wrestling.
b. Soccer.
c. Borey.
Answer: borey.

7. Which is the largest dam in the Gambia?
a. Banjul Dam.
b. Sambangalou Dam.
c. Estuarine Dam.
Answer:Sambangalou Dam.

8. What is the largest city in the Gambia called?
a. Banjul.
b. Serekunda.
c. Farafenni.
Answer: Banjul.

9. ___ is the largest library in the Gambia.
a. Science Library of the Gambia.
b. Arts Library of the Gambia.
c. National Library of the Gambia.
Answer: National Library of the Gambia.

10. When did Gambia change the name given to their divisions to become administrative regions?
a. 2005.
b. 2000.
c. 2007.
Answer: 2007.

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11. What is the capital of Gambia?
a. Serekunda.
b. Banjul.
c. Brikama.
Answer: Banjul.

12. What is the national animal of Gambia called?
a. Zebra.
b. Spotted hyena.
c. Polar bear.
Answer: spotted hyena.

13. __ is the national bird of Gambia.
a. Hamerkop.
b. Golden eagle.
c. Guniea fowl.
Answer: Hamerkop.

14. What is the national anthem of Gambia?
a. The Gambia, Our Homeland.
b. For The Gambia Our Homeland.
c. For Our Homeland, The Gambia.
Answer: For The Gambia Our Homeland.

15. Which of these is the national tree of Gambia?
a. Oak tree.
b. Rosewood.
c. Palm tree.
Answer: palm tree.

16. What is the currency of Gambia called?
a. Dalasi
b. Naira.
c. Krona.
Answer: Dalasi.


17. How many colors are found on the national flag of Gambia?
a. 4.
b. 5.
c. 3.
Answer: 4.

18. What is the national fruit of Gambia called?
a. Kiwi fruit.
b. Pomegranate.
c. Jackfruit.
Answer: jackfruit.

19. ___ is the national language of Gambia.
a. French.
b. English.
c. Gambian.
Answer: English.

20. Which is the national flower of Gambia?
a. White variety orchid.
b. Rose flower.
c. Sunflower.
Answer: white variety orchid.

21. The national food of Gambia is ___.
a. Benachin.
b. Tapalapa.
c. Domoda.
Answer: Domoda.

22. What is the official name of Gambia?
a. The Federal Republic of The Gambia.
b. The Republic of The Gambia.
c. The Gambia Republic.
Answer: The Republic of The Gambia.

23. Which is the most dominant religion in the Gambia?
a. Christianity.
b. Islamic religion.
c. Non-religious.
Answer: Islamic religion.

24. One of the following is the tallest building in the Gambia.
a. UAP Tower.
b. Albert Market.
c. Petroleum House.
Answer: Petroleum House.

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25. Who was the first president of Gambia?
a. DawdaKairabaJawara.
b. Adama Barrow.
c. YahyaJammeh.
Answer: DawdaKairabaJawara.

26. What is the oldest building in the Gambia called?
a. Arch 22.
b. Bathurst well.
c. Stone circles of Senegambia.
Answer: Bathurst well.

27. Which is the oldest city in the Gambia?
a. Serrekunda.
b. Banjul.
c. Brikama.
Answer: Serrekunda.

28. What animal can be found on the Gambian national coat of arms?
a. Lion.
b. Spotted hyena.
c. Zebra.
Answer: lion.

29. What farm tools are on the national coat of arms?
a. Hoe and axe.
b. Hoe and shovel.
c. Axe and shovel.
Answer: hoe and axe.

30. Who was the first female presidential candidate of Gambia?
a. Louise N’Jie.
b. Marie Sock.
c. IsatouTouray.
Answer: IsatouTouray.

31. The incumbent president of Gambia is __.
a. SeyajaSonko.
b. Adama Barrow.
c. BasiruJawara.
Answer: Adama Barrow.

32. Which is the largest river in the Gambia?
a. Sandougou River.
b. Sofianiama River.
c. Gambie River.
Answer: Gambie River.

33. __ is the largest administrative region in the Gambia in terms of area.
a. Bansang.
b. Central River.
c. Western River.
Answer: Central River.

34. In which year did the Gambia gain her independence?
a. 1965.
b. 1960.
c. 1970.
Answer: 1965.

35. When is the national day of Gambia?
a. February 18.
b. February 8.
c. February 28.
Answer: February 18.

36. Which of these is not a region in the Gambia?
a. Lower River.
b. Western River.
c. West Coast.
Answer: Western River.

37. How many countries does Gambia share boundaries with?
a. 4.
b. 1.
c. 2.
Answer: 1.

38. What is the approximate length of Gambia’s coastline?
a. 740km.
b. 100km.
c. 80km.
Answer: 80km.

39. In which part of Africa is the Gambia located?
a. West.
b. East.
c. Central.
Answer: west.

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40. The most produced food commodity in the Gambia is __.
a. Rice.
b. Cassava.
c. Maize.
Answer: rice.

41. Which is the most imported good of Gambia?
a. Refined petroleum.
b. Light and pure woven cotton.
c. Passenger and cargo ships.
Answer: light and pure woven cotton.

42. Which of these is not among the borders of Gambia?
a. the Atlantic Ocean.
b. Senegal.
c. Nigeria.
Answer: Nigeria.

43. What is the most consumed food in the Gambia?
d. Catfish stew.
e. Okra soup.
f. White rice.
Answer: white rice.

44. Which of the following is the highest mountain in the Gambia?
a. SareDoulde Hill.
b. Mamayungebi Hill.
c. SareFirasu Hill.
Answer: Mamayungebi Hill.

45. In what year did the Gambia join the United Nations?
a. 1960.
b. 1945.
c. 1965.
Answer: 1965.

46. One of these describes the economy of Gambia.
a. High.
b. Low.
c. Average.
Answer: low.

47. From which county did the Gambia gain her independence?
a. Portugal.
b. France.
c. Britain.
Answer: Britain.

48. What is the traditional dress of Gambia called?
a. Grandmuba.
b. Boubou.
c. Dashiki.
Answer: grandmuba.

49. One of these is the most practiced traditional dance of Gambia.
a. Mbalax
b. Sabar.
c. Sukuma.
Answer: Mbalax.

50. The oldest university in the Gambia is known as__.
a. Islamic Online University.
b. the University of The Gambia.
Answer: University of The Gambia.

51. Which of these countries is among the borders of Gambia?
a. Senegal.
b. Guinea-Bissau,
c. Nigeria.
Answer: Senegal.

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