51 Interesting Germany Trivia Questions and Answers

Looking for a fun way to learn interesting things about Germany? We got your back. We have lined up some mind-blowing and error-free German questions that will expose you to lots of fascinating knowledge about Germany.

These Germany trivia questions will certainly come in handy when you are bored or want to surprise your family and friends with your knowledge about Germany. You can also play this with your friends, family, or co-workers. Try the questions and click on “Show Answer” to see the correct answers to the questions you’ve answered.

1. In what part of Europe is Germany located?
A. Northern Europe.
B. Eastern Europe.
C. Southern Europe.
D. Central Europe.

Answer: Central Europe

2. What is the official national animal of Germany?
A. Dragon.
B. Panda.
C. Eagle.
D. Unicorn.


Answer: Eagle.

3. What is the national sport of Germany?
A. Baseball.
B. Handball.
C. Soccer.
D. Basketball.

Answer: Soccer

4. What is the color of the flag of Germany?
A. Red, yellow and black.
B. Black, red and golden.
C. Golden, black and red.
D. Red, black and golden.

Answer: Black, red and golden.

5. What is the capital of Germany?
A. Berlin.
B. Cologne.
C. Hamburg.
D. Munich.

Answer: Berlin

6. What is the currency of Germany?
A. Pound sterling.
B. Euro.
C. Bitcoin.
D. Deutsche mark.

Answer: Euro

7. Who was the first chancellor of Germany?
A. Olaf Scholz.
B. William II.
C. Wilhelm of Prussia.
D. Frederick William.

Answer: Wilhelm of Prussia.

8. Which of these is the largest airport in Germany?
A. Berlin airport.
B. Munich airport.
C. Hamburg airport.
D. Frankfurt airport.
Answer: Frankfurt airport.

9. Which is the highest mountain in Germany?
A. Biberkopf mountain.
B. Watzmann mountain.
C. Hochwanne mountain.
D. Zugspitze mountain.


Answer: Zugspitze mountain.

10. Which of the following is the largest seaport in Germany?
A. Port of Hamburg.
B. Port of Duisburg.
C. Port of Rostock.
D. Port of Emden.

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Answer: Port of Hamburg.

11. Which of the following cities hosts Oktoberfest in Germany?
A. Bonn.
B. Berlin.
C. Munich.
D. Ulm.

Answer: Munich

12. The reunification of Eastern and Western Germany happened in what year?
A. 1099.
B. 1909.
C. 1999.
D. 1990.

Answer: 1990.

13. The first female to have ruled Germany is___?
A. Angela Merkel.
B. Helmut Kohl.
C. Otto von Bismarck.
D. Willy Brandt.

Answer: Angela Merkel.

14. Which of the following is the national fruit of Germany?
A. Apricot.
B. Banana.
C. Olive.
D. Apple.

Answer: D.

15. Lebkuchen is eaten at what time of the year in Germany?
A. New year.
B. Christmas.
C. Easter.
D. Thanksgiving.

Answer: Christmas

16. The traditional German egg noodles is called?
A. Spaetzle.
B. Spritzle.
C. Spetsla.
D. Spaghetti.

Answer: Spaetzle.

17. Which of the following is the name given to the German potato dumplings?
A. Gnocchi.
B. kartoffelknöde.
C. Knödel.
D. Käsespätzle.

Answer: kartoffelknöde.

18. The German Hasenpfeffer is made with which type of meat?
A. Horse.
B. Cow.
C. Goat.
D. Rabbit.

Answer: Rabbit.

19. The Apfelkuchen is made with which fruit?
A. Apricot.
B. Pineapple.
C. Apple.
D. Strawberry.

Answer: Apple.

20. Which of these is the most famous spa town in Germany?
A. Baden-baden.
B. Bad-ems.
C. Wiesbaden.
D. Aachen.

Answer: Baden-Baden.

21. Which of the following is the oldest town in Germany?
A. Bamberg.
B. Lübeck.
C. Trier.
D. Quedlinburg.

Answer: Trier.

22. Which of these is the oldest castle in Germany?
A. Windsor castle.
B. Meersburg castle.
C. Neuschwanstein Castle.
D. Marksburg Castle.

Answer: Meersburg castle.

23. What does Germany mean in German?
A. Duitsland.
B. Ditelind.
C. Deutschland.
D. Subíland.
Answer: Deutschland.

24. Where is the oldest building in Germany situated?
A. Bamberg.
B. Lübeck.
C. Trier.
D. Quedlinburg.
Answer: Trier.

25. Which one of these is not one of the major cities in Germany?
A. Berlin.
B. Hamburg.
C. Bremen.
D. Saxony.

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Answer: Saxony.

26. The wall that separated Germany is called?
A. Bonn wall.
B. Bremen wall.
C. Berlin wall.
D. Munich wall.

Answer: Berlin wall.

27. In which year did Germany host the FIFA world cup?
A. 2006.
B. 2016.
C. 2010.
D. 2001.

Answer: 2006.

28. Which was the capital of Western Germany?
A. Frankfurt.
B. Munich.
C. Bonn.
D. Berlin.

Answer: Bonn.

29. Germany has how many federal States?
A. 18.
B. 16.
C. 20.
D. 14.
Answer: 16.

30. What is the full name of Germany?
A.  Federal Republic of Germany.
B.  People’s Republic of Germany.
C. Germany.
D.  Republic of Germany.

Answer: Federal Republic of Germany.

31. One of these is the consequence of having a dog in Germany.
A. You must bathe it daily.
B. You must take it for a walk at least thrice daily.
C. You must pay taxes for the dog.
D. You must have a bed for the dog.

Answer: You must pay taxes for the dog.

32. Which of the following is the tallest structure in Germany?
A. Funkturm Berlin.
B. Commerzbank tower.
C. Brandenburg gate.
D. Berliner Fernsehturm.

Answer: Berliner Fernsehturm.

33. Which of these is of German origin?
A. Mirage.
B. Encore.
C. Noodle.
D. Jeans.

Answer: Noodle.

34. Which of the following is not one of the German traditional dresses?
A. Dirndl.
B. Chilton.
C. Lederhosen.
D. Tracht.

Answer: Chilton.

35. Which of the following is the longest river in Germany?
A. Danube River.
B. Rhine River.
C. Elbe River.
D. Main River.

Answer: Rhine River.

36. One of these African countries was never colonized by the Germans.
A. Rwanda.
B. Cameroon.
C. Ethiopia.
D. Congo.

Answer: Ethiopia.

37. What is the English meaning of the German word Volkswagen?
A. Car for me.
B. Car for the rich.
C. Car for the elite group.
D. The people’s car.

Answer: The people’s car.

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38. Which of these cities has never served as the capital of Germany?
A. Flensburg.
B. Berlin.
C. Bonn.
D. Munich.

Answer: Munich.

39. Which city is the principal coronation site of the German medieval kings?
A. Berlin.
B. Aachen.
C. Munich.
D. Bonn.

Answer: Aachen.

40. Which is the largest state in Germany?
A. Bavaria.
B. Bremen.
C. Hesse.
D. Saxony.

Answer: Bavaria.

41. What is the most consumed food commodity in Germany?
A. Rice.
B. Corn.
C. Bread.
D. Egg.

Answer: Bread.

42. Which is the largest city in Germany?
A. Berlin.
B. Leipzig.
C. Dortmund.
D. Erfurt.

Answer: Berlin.

44. When was the Berlin wall built?
A. 1960.
B. 1690.
C. 1961.
D. 1691.

Answer: 1961.

45. Which doesn’t share a boundary with Germany?
A. France.
B. Italy.
C. Belgium.
D. Luxembourg.

Answer: Italy.

46. What is the largest lake in Germany called?
A. Lake Müritz.
B. Lake Untersee.
C. Lake Schwerin.
D. Lake Constance.

Answer: Lake Constance.

47. What is the German’s national anthem called?
A. Deutschlandlied.
B. Detchandlid.
C. Deutsches.
D. Deists.

Answer: Deutschlandlied.

48. Which is the largest dam in Germany?
A. Urft dam.
B. Sorpe dam.
C. Rappbode Dam.
D. Eldersee Talsperre.

Answer: Rappbode Dam.

49. What was the general population of Germany as of 2021?
A. 83.78 million.
B. 83.90 million.
C. 83.09 million.
D. 83.87 million.

Answer: 83.90 million.

50. Which of the following is considered food in Germany?
A. Wine.
B. Juice.
C. Beer.
D. Fruit drink.

Answer: Beer.

51. Which is considered legal in Germany?
A. Attempting to escape jail.
B. Stealing.
C. Attempting to break into someone’s home.
D. Breaking public property.

Answer: Attempting to escape jail.

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