51 Interesting Greece Trivia Questions and Answers


Are you ready to test how well you know Greece? or Do you want to have fun learning some interesting and uncommon facts about Greece? We got you, as these fact-filled trivia questions will expose you to many fascinating facts about Greece.

Be ready for fun, as we have lined up easy and difficult Greece Trivia questions that will expose you to the culture, geography, politics, and history of the beautiful country of Greece, some you will know others you will be happy to find out.

1. When is the National Day of Greece?
a. March 25.
b. March 2.
c. March 5.
Answer: 25.

2. How many letters are in the Greek language?
a. 32.
b. 24.
c. 26.
Answer: 24.


3. Who was the last king of Greece?
a. Constantine III.
b. Constantine IV.
c. Constantine II.
Answer: Constantine II.

4. What is the official name of Greece?
a. Republic of Greece.
b. Hellenic Republic.
c. Hellenistic Republic of Greece.
Answer: Hellenic Republic.

5. What is the capital of Greece?
a. Nafplio.
b. Athens.
c. Patras.
Answer: Athens.

6. Which is the largest island of Greece?
a. Rhodes Island.
b. Euboea Island.
c. Crete Island.
Answer: Crete Island.

7. Which of the following is the highest mountain in Greece?
a. Tymfi Mountain.
b. Olympus Mountain.
c. Smolikas Mountain.
Answer: Olympus Mountain.

8. What is the first letter of the Greek alphabet?
a. Delta.
b. Beta.
c. Alpha.
Answer: Alpha.

9. Who is the city of Athens named after?
a. God Athen.
b. Goddess Athena.
c. Goddess Athens.
Answer: Goddess Athena.

10. Which currency was used in Greece before the euro?
a. Dollar.
b. Euro.
c. Drachma.
Answer: Drachma.

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11. Which of these Greek gods is the god of water?
a. Zeus.
b. Hades.
c. Poseidon.
Answer: Poseidon.

12. How many Olympians are in the Greek myth?
a. 14.
b. 10.
c. 12.
Answer: 12.

13. The largest river in Greece is ___.
a. Struma River.
b. Hallacmon River.
c. Maritsa River.
Answer: Maritsa River.

14. __ is the largest lake in Greece.
a. Great Prespa Lake.
b. Small Prespa Lake.
c. Lake Trichonida.
d. Answer: Lake Trichonida.

15. Which of these currencies was never used in Greece?
a. Phoenix.
b. Drachma.
c. Dollar.
Answer: Dollar.

16. What is the full name of Alexander the great?
a. Alexander III of Macedon.
b. Alexander II of Macedon.
c. Alexander I of Macedon.
Answer: Alexander III of Macedon.


17. Who was the original sun god of Greece?
a. Helios.
b. Zeus.
c. Apollo.
Answer: Helios.

18. On which part did Greece fight in World War II?
a. Axis.
b. Allies.
c. They didn’t fight.
Answer: Axis.

19. The birthplace of the ancient Olympic games in Greece.
a. True.
b. False.
c. None of the above.
Answer: True.

20. How many colors are on the national flag of Greece?
a. 3.
b. 2.
c. 4.
Answer: 2.

21. Which peninsula does Greece belong to?
a. Scandinavian.
b. Deccan.
c. Balkan.
Answer: Balkan.

22. When did the Greece war of independence end?
a. 1832.
b. 1829,
c. 1830.
Answer: 1832.

23. How long did the Greece war of independence last?
a. 9 years.
b. 10 years.
c. 7 years.
Answer: 10 years.

24. When does ancient Greece refer to?
a. 700-400 B.C.
b. 700-450 B.C.
c. 700-480 B.C.
Answer: 700-480 B.C.

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25. Which colors are on the national flag of Greece?
a. Red and white.
b. Blue and white.
c. Green and white.
Answer: Blue and white.

26. Who is the Greek god of love?
a. Eros.
b. Zeus.
c. Cupid.
Answer: Cupid.

27. Who is considered the king of all gods in Greek mythology?
a. Poseidon.
b. Zeus.
c. Hades.
Answer: Zeus.

28. Front doors in Greece are mostly painted blue to ___.
a. Keep death away.
b. Keep evil spirits away.
c. Coincidence.
Answer: Keep evil spirits away.

29. What religion is mostly practiced in Greece?
a. Orthodox.
b. Catholics.
c. Protestant.
Answer: Orthodox.

30. How many seas border Greece?
a. 4.
b. 3.
c. 2.
Answer: 3.

31. What is the official language of Greece?
a. English.
b. Greek.
c. Macedonian.
Answer: Greek.

32. When did Greece join the European Union?
a. 1981.
b. 1965.
c. 1945.
Answer: 1981.

33. What is the currency of Greece?
a. Drachma.
b. Euro.
c. Dollar.
Answer: Euro.

34. When did Greece join the United Nations?
a. 1957.
b. 1945.
c. 1992.
Answer: 1945.

35. Which is not among the seas bordering Greece?
a. Marmara Sea.
b. Aegean Sea.
c. Ionian Sea.
Answer: Marmara Sea.

36. How many UNESCO World Heritage Sites are there in Greece?
a. 20.
b. 18.
c. 16.
Answer: 18.

37. What is the last letter of the Greek alphabet?
a. Beta.
b. Omega.
c. Zeta.
Answer: Omega.

38. Who was the author of the Odyssey?
a. Homer.
b. Odyssey.
c. Athena.
Answer: Homer.

39. The goddess of beauty and love according to Greek mythology is ___.
a. Athena.
b. Aphrodite.
c. Artemis.
Answer: Aphrodite.

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40. How many countries does Greece share its borders with?
a. 9.
b. 8.
c. 10.
Answer: 8.

41. Which was the former name of Greece?
a. Hellas.
b. Hellis.
c. Helltic.
Answer: Hellas.

42. When did Greece adopt the euro as its currency?
a. 2000.
b. 2003.
c. 2001.
Answer: 2001.

43. Which time zone is used in Greece?
a. EET.
b. CET.
c. UTC.
Answer: EET.

44. What is the time zone in Greece?
a. UTC +2.
b. UTC +4.
c. UTC +0.
Answer: UTC +2.

45. Which of these countries does not share a land border with Greece?
a. Egypt.
b. Albania.
c. Turkey.
Answer: Egypt.

46. What is the dialing code of Greece?
a. +300.
b. +30.
c. +003.
Answer: +30.

47. Which of these countries was never colonized by Greece?
a. Sicily.
b. Turkey.
c. Bulgaria.
Answer: Bulgaria.

48. What is the approximate length of Greece’s coastline?
a. 14,000 km.
b. 13,000 km.
c. 15,000 km.
Answer: 14,000 km.

49. ___ is the highest building in Greece?
a. Apollo Tower.
b. Athens Tower.
c. Piraeus Tower.
Answer: Athens Tower.

50. Which of these countries does not share maritime borders with Greece?
a. Cyprus.
b. Bulgaria.
c. Italy.
Answer: Bulgaria.

51. In which part of Europe is Greece located?
a. South-eastern.
b. South-western.
c. South-Central.
Answer: South-eastern.

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