51 Interesting Haiti Trivia Questions and Answers

Do you think you know everything about Haiti? Think again, because this Interesting Haiti trivia quiz will expose you to many fascinating things about Haiti.

It will help you learn some essential things you should know about Haiti that you probably do not know.  We have lined up some mind-blowing and error-free Haiti Trivia questions that will expose you to the culture, geography, politics, and history of the beautiful country, Haiti.

1. Which of these is the most spoken language in Haiti?
A. French.
B. Spanish.
C. Haitian Creole.
Answer: Haitian Creole.

2. ___ is the main farm produce of Haiti.
A. Sugarcane.
B. Mango.
C. Cassava.
Answer: sugarcane.

3. Which is the largest library in Haiti?
A. The Library Club of Haiti.
B. National Library of Haiti.
C. Bibliothèque Haïtienne des Spiritains.
Answer: National Library of Haiti.


4. One of these is the most dominant religion in Haiti.
A. Pentecostal.
B. Baptist.
C. Roman Catholic.
Answer: Roman Catholic.

5. Which is the largest lake in Haiti?
A. Lake Azuei.
B. Lake Enriquillo.
C. Lake Miragoâne.
Answer: Lake Enriquillo.

6. Which of the following cities has never served as the capital of Haiti?
A. Delmas.
B. Port-au-Prince.
C. Cap-Haïtien.
Answer: Delmas.

7. Which is the national fruit of Haiti?
A. Mamoncillo.
B. Cashew.
C. Francine mango.
Answer: Francine mango.

8. Which of these countries never colonized Haiti?
A. Spain.
B. France.
C. U.K.
Answer: U.K.

9. Which is the largest dam in Haiti?
A. Nurek Dam.
B. Péligre Dam.
C. Peige Dam.
Answer: Péligre Dam.

10. Which of these is the capital of Haiti?
A. Port-au-Prince.
B. Cap-Haïtien.
C. Delmas.
Answer: Port-au-Prince.

11. What is the national tree of Haiti?
A. Bamboo.
B. Boabab.
C. Royal palm.
Answer: royal palm.

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12. Which of the following is the traditional dance of Haitians?
A. Kompa.
B. Yanav.
C. Yanvalou.
Answer: Yanvalou.

13. __ is the longest river in Haiti?
A. Rio Ozama River.
B. Artibonite River.
C. Rio Tuna River.
Answer: Artibonite River.

14. One of the following is the tallest building in Haiti.
A. Digicel Building.
B. Hexagone Building.
C. Marriott Port-au-Prince Hotel.
Answer: Digicel Building.

15. What is the national flower of Haiti?
A. Lotus.
B. Cauliflower.
C. Hibiscus.
Answer: hibiscus.

16. What is the traditional dress of Haiti called?
A. Quade.
B. Qadrle.
C. Quadrille.
Answer: quadrille.


17. One of these is the largest airport in Haiti.
A. Cap-Haïtien International Airport.
B. Port-au-Prince International Airport.
C. Toussaint Louverture International Airport.
Answer: Port-au-Prince International Airport.

18. What is the length of the coastline of Haiti?
A. 1,771km.
B. 1,700km.
C. 1,707km.
Answer: 1,771km.

19. What does the inscription on the Haiti coat of arms mean?
A. Unity with force.
B. Unity and strength.
C. Union makes strength.
Answer: Union makes strength.

20. What was Haiti called?
A. Land of mountains.
B. Saint-Domingue.
C. Colony of Saint-Domingue.
Answer: Colony of Saint-Domingue.

21. What is the largest container port of Haiti called?
A. Port Lafito.
B. APN Port.
C. Terminal Varreux.
Answer: APN Port.

22. How many borders does Haiti have?
A. 3.
B. 4.
C. 2.
Answer: 3.

23. What are the national colors of Haiti?
A. Blue and white.
B. Red and green.
C. Blue and red.
Answer: blue and red.

24. In what year did the first coup d’etat occur in Haiti?
A. 1919.
B. 1990.
C. 1991.
Answer: 1991.

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25. Who is the present prime minister of Haiti?
A. Jovenel Moïse.
B. Ariel Henry.
C. Jean-Michel Lapin.
Answer: Ariel Henry.

26. How many departments are in Haiti?
A. 10.
B. 11.
C. 9.
Answer: 10.

27. __ is the smallest department in Haiti.
A. Ouest.
B. Nippes.
C. Nord-Est.
Answer: Nord-Est.

28. What is the currency of Haiti called?
A. Dollar.
B. Naira.
C. Gourde.
Answer: Gourde.

29. Who was the first prime minister of Haiti?
A. Jean-Michel Lapin.
B. Jean-Bertrand Aristide.
C. Jovenel Moïse.
Answer: Jean-Bertrand Aristide.

30. When is the national day of Haiti?
A. 1st January.
B. 21st January.
C. 31st January.
Answer: 1st January.

31. Which is the smallest city in Haiti?
A. Tabarre.
B. Delmas.
C. Saintard.
Answer: Saintard.

32. What is the official name of Haiti?
A. Federal Republic of Haiti
B. Federalist Haiti.
C. Republic of Haiti.
Answer: Republic of Haiti.

33. ___ is the national sport of Haiti?
A. Cricket.
B. Football.
C. Basketball.
Answer: football.

34. In which year did Haiti gain its independence?
A. 1804.
B. 1840.
C. 1800.
Answer: 1804.

35. Which is the oldest city in Haiti?
A. Pétion-Ville.
B. Milot.
C. Fort-Liberté.
Answer: Fort-Liberté.

36. When did Haiti join United Nations?
A. 1954.
B. 1940.
C. 1945.
Answer: 1945.

37. The national animal of Haiti is ___?
A. Hummingbird.
B. Hispaniolan Trogan.
C. Orioles.
Answer: Hispaniolan Trogan.

38. Which is the largest department of Haiti?
A. Artibonite.
B. Nippes.
C. Ouest.
Answer: Artibonite.

39. Which is the oldest castle in Haiti?
A. Citadelle Jean.
B. Citadelle Jovenel.
C. Citadelle Laferrière.
Answer: Citadelle Laferrière.

40. __ is the highest mountain in Haiti?
A. Pic Makaya.
B. Morne Jean.
C. Pic la Selle.
Answer: Pic la Selle.

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41. How many colors are found on the Haiti national flag?
A. 7.
B. 6.
C. 5.
Answer: 6.

42. One of the following is the largest city in Haiti.
A. Lascahobas.
B. Saint-Marc.
C. Jean-Rabel.
Answer: Lascahobas.

43. Which of these is not among the boundaries of Haiti?
A. Caribbean sea.
B. Atlantic Ocean.
C. Pacific Ocean.
Answer: Pacific Ocean.

44. Which of these is the main import in Haiti?
A. Palm oil.
B. Refined petroleum.
C. Rice.
Answer: rice.

45. One of these options is the national food of Haiti.
A. Red snapper.
B. Soupe joumou.
C. Spiny lobster.
Answer: Soupe joumou.

46. ___ is the largest island in Haiti.
A. Hispaniola.
B. Ile a Vache.
C. Ilet a Brouee.
Answer: Hispaniola.

47. In what year did the largest earthquake in Haiti occur?
A. 2021.
B. 2007.
C. 2010.
Answer: 2010.

48. ___ is the major export of Haiti.
A. Crochet clothing.
B. Cosmetics.
C. Fish.
Answer: crochet clothing.

49. What is the national anthem of Haiti called?
A. Le Dessalinienne.
B. La Dessalinienne.
C. La Deslindar.
Answer: La Dessalinienne.

50. What is the biggest museum in Haiti called?
A. National Museum of Haiti.
B. Village Artistique de Noailles.
C. El-Saieh Gallery.
Answer: National Museum of Haiti.

51. Haiti is surrounded by which water body?
A. Atlantic Ocean.
B. Pacific Ocean.
C. Caribbean sea.
Answer: Caribbean sea.

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