51 Interesting Honduras Trivia Questions and Answers

Do you think you know everything about Honduras? Think again, because this Interesting Honduras trivia quiz will expose you to many fascinating things about Honduras.

It will help you learn some essential things you should know about Honduras that you probably do not know.  We have lined up some mind-blowing and error-free Honduras Trivia questions that will expose you to the culture, geography, politics, and history of the beautiful country, Honduras.

1. Honduras gained her independence in ___.
A. 1812.
B. 1821.
C. 1820.
Answer: 1821.

2. __ is the highest mountain in Honduras.
A. Cerro Las Minas.
B. Cerro El Pital.
C. Mogotón.
Answer: Cerro Las Minas.

3. One of the following is the largest library in Honduras.
A. UNAH Library.
B. Riecken Community Libraries.
C. Juan Ramón Molina National Library.
Answer: Juan Ramón Molina National Library.


4. When is the national day of Honduras?
A. 5th September.
B. 15th September.
C. 25th September.
Answer: 15th September.

5. Which is the national dish of Honduras?
A. Pla tipio
B. Platoee tipicco.
C. Plato típico.
Answer: plato típico.

6. When did Honduras join United Nations?
A. 1945.
B. 1954.
C. 1950.
Answer; 1945.

7. One of these is the largest dam in Honduras.
A. Comayagua Dam.
B. Gualcarque Dam.
C. El Cajón Dam.
Answer: El Cajón Dam.

8. How many departments are in Honduras?
A. 20.
B. 18.
C. 16.
Answer: 18.

9. How many stars are on the national flag of Honduras?
A. 6.
B. 5.
C. 7.
Answer: 5.

10. What is the official name of Honduras?
A. Republic of Honduras.
B. Federal Honduras.
C. Federal Republic of Honduras.
Answer: Republic of Honduras.

11. One of the following is the largest lake in Honduras.
A. Laguna Chiligatoro.
B.Laguna Madre Vieja.
C. Lake Yojoa.
Answer: Lake Yojoa.

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12. How many borders does Honduras have?
A. 6.
B. 5.
C. 4.
Answer: 5.

13. The national animal of Honduras is ___?
A. Yucatan white-tailed deer.
B. Ctenosaura melanosterna.
C. Plectrohyla chrysopleura.
Answer; Yucatan white-tailed deer.

14. What is the currency of Honduras called?
A. Lempira.
B. Dollar.
C. Quetzal.
Answer: Lempira.

15. Which of these is the largest river in Honduras?
A. Aguán River.
B. Chamelecón River.
C. Patuca River.
Answer: Patuca River.

16. Which of these is not among the borders of Honduras?
A. Nicaragua.
B. Spain.
C. El Salvador.
Answer: Spain.


17. Which of the following correctly represents the Honduran national flag?
A. White and turquoise.
B. Turquoise, white, and navy blue.
C. Turquoise, white and turquoise.
Answer: turquoise, white and turquoise.

18. ___ was the name of Honduras before her independence.
A. Spanish Honduras.
B. British Honduras.
C. French Honduras.
Answer: Spanish Honduras.

19. ___ is the largest airport in Honduras.
A. Goloson International Airport.
B. Juan Manuel Galvez International Airport.
C. Ramón Villeda Morales International Airport.
Answer: Ramón Villeda Morales International Airport.

20. How many coastlines does Honduras have?
A. 0.
B. 2.
C. 1.
Answer: 2.

21. Which is the smallest city in Honduras?
A. Danil.
B. Yoro.
C. Juticalpa.
Answer: Yoro.

22. Spanish was formerly under the rule of __?
A. Spain.
B. Britain.
C. France.
Answer: Spain.

23. The largest container port in Honduras is___?
A. Port of San Lorenzo.
B. Port of Tela.
C. Port of Puerto Cortes.
Answer: Port of Puerto Cortes.

24. In what part of North America is Honduras located?
A. Northern.
B. Central.
C. Southern.
Answer: Central.

25. Which is the oldest building in Honduras?
A. Fortress of Santa Bárbara.
B. Fort San.
C. Fort Omoa.
Answer: Fortress of Santa Bárbara.

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26. What is the official language of Honduras?
A. Spanish.
B. British English.
C. French.
Answer: Spanish.

27. Who is the president of Honduras?
A. Manuel Zelaya.
B. Juan Orlando Hernández.
C. Xiomara Castro.
Answer: Xiomara Castro.

28. What is the tallest building in Honduras?
A. Nuevos Horizontes Business Center.
B. Torres Igvanas Tara Eco City.
C. Sky Residence Club.
Answer: Torres Igvanas Tara Eco City.

29. Which two water bodies are among the borders of Honduras?
A. Caribbean sea and Atlantic Ocean.
B. Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean.
C. Caribbean sea and Pacific Ocean.
Answer: Caribbean sea and Pacific Ocean.

30. __ is the most practiced religion in Honduras.
A. Christianity.
B. Muslim.
C. Non-religious.
Answer: Christianity.

A. Kamala Harris.
B. Kam Harris.

32. What is the capital of Honduras?
A. Choloma.
B. Tegucigalpa.
C. Comayagua.
Answer: Tegucigalpa.

33. Which of these is the climate weather in Honduras?
A. Cold and wet.
B. Dry and cold.
C. Tropical.
Answer: tropical.

34. Which is the most populated department in Honduras?
A. Atlántida.
B. Choluteca.
C. Comayagua.
Answer: Atlántida.

35. Which is the national game of Honduras?
A. Golf.
B. Basketball.
C. Soccer.
Answer: soccer.

36. Which of these has never been the capital of Honduras?
A. Tegucigalpa.
B. Gracias.
C. Comayagua.
Answer: Gracias.

37. Which is the smallest department of Honduras?
A. Choluteca.
B. Bay Island.
C. Olancho.
Answer: Bay Island.

38. Which is the largest city in Honduras?
A. Puerto Lempira.
B. Choluteca.
C. Tela.
Answer: Puerto Lempira.

39.what is the national anthem of Honduras called?
A. Tu band un n lampo de cielo.
B. Tu bandeja es las de lampo.
C. Tu bandera es un lampo de cielo.
Answer: Tu bandera es un lampo de cielo.

40. What is the major farm product of Honduras?
A. Palm oil.
B. Sugarcane.
C. Milk.
Answer: sugarcane.

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41. When did the Honduran football war start?
A. 14th July 1969.
B. 24th July 1969.
C. 4th July 1969.
Answer: 14th July 1969.

42. The most populated city in Honduras is ___?
A. Tegucigalpa.
B. San Pedro Sula.
C. Puerto Lempira.
Answer: Tegucigalpa.

43. Which is the national tree of Honduras?
A. Rosewood.
B. Spanish cedar.
C. Pinus oocarpa.
Answer: Pinus oocarpa.

44. Which is the primary import commodity in Honduras?
A. Insulated wire.
B. Refined petroleum.
C. Packaged Medicaments.
Answer: refined petroleum.

45. Which countries were involved in the Honduran football war?
A. Guatemala and Honduras.
B. Nicaraguaand Honduras.
C. El Salvador and Honduras.
Answer: El Salvador and Honduras.

46. ___ is the largest island in Honduras.
A. Roatán.
B. Utila.
C. Guanaja.
Answer: Roatán.

47. What is the national flower of Honduras called?
A. Cojones De Toro.
B. Cacao Pod Cauliflorous.
C. Orchid Rhyncholaelia Digbyana.
Answer: orchid Rhyncholaelia digbyana.

48. Which is the most exported commodity from Honduras?
A. Tea.
B. Coffee.
C. Barley.
Answer: coffee.

49. When did the Honduran football war end?
A. 8th July 1969.
B. 18th July 1969.
C. 28th July 1969.
Answer: 18th July 1969.

50. One of these options is the largest museum in Honduras.
A. Honduran Aviation Museum.
B. Museum for National Identity.
C. Flamingo Cultural Center.
Answer: Honduran Aviation Museum.

51. ___ is the national bird of Honduras?
A. Threskiornithidae.
B. Honduran emerald.
C. Scarlet Macaw.
Answer: Scarlet Macaw.

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