51 Interesting Hungary Trivia Questions and Answers

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Do you think you know everything about Hungary? Think again, because this Interesting Haiti trivia quiz will expose you to many fascinating things about Hungary.

It will help you learn some essential things you should know about Hungary that you probably do not know.  We have lined up some mind-blowing and error-free Hungary Trivia questions that will expose you to the culture, geography, politics, and history of the beautiful country, Hungary.

1. ___ is the largest city in Hungary?
A. Székesfehérvár.
B. Budapest.
C. Nyíregyháza.
Answer: Budapest.

2. What is the national game of Hungary?
A. Field hockey.
B. Soccer.
C. Water Polo.
Answer: Water Polo.


3. In what year was Hungary founded?
A. 1000AD.
B. 999BC.
C. 1869.
Answer: 1000AD.

4. Which of these is the largest island in Hungary?
A. Margaret Island.
B. Csepel Island.
C. Lupa Island.
Answer: Csepel Island.

5. __ is the highest mountain in Hungary?
A. Mount Kékes.
B. Mount Csóványos.
C. Mount Galya-tető.
Answer: Mount Kékes.

6. Which is the national flower of Hungary?
A. Lily.
B. Rose.
C. Tulip.
Answer: tulip.

7. When is Hungarian Republic Day celebrated?
A. 23rd October.
B. 3rd October.
C. 13th October.
Answer: 23rd October.

8. What is the largest museum in Hungary called?
A. Hungarian Natural History Museum.
B. Museum of Hungarian Agriculture.
C. Hungarian National Museum.
Answer: Museum of Hungarian Agriculture.

9. Hungary is divided into __ counties.
A. 19.
B. 18.
C. 8.
Answer; 19.

10. ___ is the national tree of Hungary.
A. Oak.
B. Bamboo.
C. Acacia.
Answer: acacia.

11. When did Hungary join United Nations?
A. 1595.
B. 1559.
C. 1955.
Answer: 1955.

12. Which of the following is the largest library in Hungary?
A. Bibliotheca Corviniana.
B. National Széchényi Library.
C. Szabó Ervin Library.
Answer: National Széchényi Library.

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13. How many country boundaries does Hungary have?
A. 7.
B. 6.
C. 8.
Answer: 7.

14. Which is the national fruit of Hungary?
A. Mango.
B. Pawpaw.
C. Orange.
Answer: orange.

15. In what year did Hungary join European Union?
A. 2003.
B. 2004.
C. 2002.
Answer: 2004.

16. One of these is the largest dam in Hungary.
A. Gabčíkovo–Nagymaros Dam.
B. Tisza Dam.
C. Tiszalök Dam.
Answer: Tisza Dam.


17. In what part of Europe is Hungary situated?
A. Central.
B. Northern.
C. Eastern.
Answer: Central.

18. What is Hungary’s national anthem called?
A. Himuz.
B. Hinuxz.
C. Himnusz.
Answer: Himnusz.

19. What is the official name of Hungary?
A. Hungary.
B. Hungary Republic.
C. Republic of Hungary.
Answer: Hungary.

20. The largest lake in Hungary is ____?
A. Lake Hévíz.
B. Lake Balaton.
C. Lake Neusiedl.
Answer: Lake Balaton.

21. Which of the following is not among the borders of Hungary?
A. Germany.
B. Austria.
C. Slovenia.
Answer: Germany.

22. Which is the national food of Hungary?
A. Szalámi.
B. Kolbász.
C. Gulyás.
Answer: Gulyás.

23. What is the Hungarian currency called?
A. Euro.
B. Forint.
C. Dollar.
Answer: forint.

24. Which of the following is the largest river in Hungary?
A. Barcău River.
B. Danube River.
C. Körös River.
Answer: Danube River.

25. Does Hungary have any coastline?
A. No.
B. Yes.
Answer: No.

26. What is the national bird of Hungary called?
A. Peregrine falcon.
B. Saker falcon.
C. Turul.
Answer: Turul.

27. Hungary can also be called ___?
A. Magyarország.
B. Magarszág.
C. Magyarországer.
Answer: Magyarország.

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28. Which is the largest airport in Hungary?
A. Debrecen International Airport.
B. Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport.
C. Sármellék International Airport.
Answer: Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport.

29. The tallest building in Hungary is ___?
A. MOL Campus.
B. Schonherz Kollegium.
C. Semmelweiss Medical University.
Answer: MOL Campus.

30. What is the color of the Hungarian flag?
A. Green, red and white.
B. Green, white and red.
C. Red, white and green.
Answer: red, white, and green.

31. In what year did the revolution against the Soviet Union happen?
A. 1965.
B. 1695.
C. 1956.
Answer: 1956.

32. Which of the following is the largest container port in Hungary?
A. Port of Nyergesújfalu.
B. Port of Csepel.
C. Győr-Gönyű Port.
Answer: Port of Csepel.

33. What is the capital of Hungary?
A. Budapest.
B. Győr.
C. Debrecen.
Answer: Budapest.

34. Which is the smallest city in Hungary?
A. Tihany.
B. Dunakeszi.
C. Pálháza.
Answer: Pálháza.

35. What is the traditional Hungarian dress called?
A. Kusk.
B. Kuzsók.
C. Kuzsókök.
Answer: kuzsók.

36. Who is the incumbent president of Hungary in 2022?
A. Viktor Mihály Orbán.
B. Katalin Novák.
C. Al Jeerza.
Answer: Katalin Novák.

37. Which of these cities has never served as the capital of Hungary?
A. Győr.
B. Buda.
C. Pest.
Answer: Győr.

38. Which is the oldest city in Hungary?
A. Keszthely.
B. Székesfehérvár.
C. Szombathely.
Answer: Szombathely.

39. What is the Hungarian national dance performed by couples called?
A. Czárdas.
B. Verbunk.
C. Karikázó.
Answer: Czárdas.

40. Who was the first democratically elected president of Hungary?
A. Viktor Mihály Orbán.
B. Arpad Goncz.
C. Alexander Garbai.
Answer: Arpad Goncz.

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41. Which of these is the most produced food commodity in Hungary?
A. Corn.
B. Potato.
C. Sugar beet.
Answer: Corn.

42. ____ is the oldest building in Hungary?
A. Buda Castle.
B. Castle of Esztergom.
C. Vörös Sün Ház.
Answer: Vörös Sün Ház.

43. The official language of Hungary is____?
A. English.
B. German.
C. Hungarian.
Answer: Hungarian.

44. Who is the first female president of Hungary?
A. Alexander Garbai.
B. Katalin Novák.
C. Al Jeezel.
Answer: Katalin Novák.

45. ___ is the most exported goods of Hungary?
A. Electrical machinery.
B. Irons.
C. Vehicles.
Answer: electrical machinery.

46. The oldest castle in Hungary is ___?
A. Vajdahunyad Castle.
B. Castle of Esztergom.
C. Buda Castle.
Answer: Buda Castle.

47. Which is the most dominant religion in Hungary?
A. Calvinist.
B. Roman Catholic.
C. Lutheran.
Answer: Roman Catholic.

48. Who is the incumbent prime minister of Hungary?
A. Alexander Garbai.
B. Viktor Mihály Orbán.
C. Al Jeezel.
Answer: Viktor Mihály Orbán.

49. ___ is the major import of Hungary?
A. Machinery and equipment.
B. Fuels.
C. Electricity.
Answer: machinery and equipment.

50. Which is the smallest region in Hungary?
A. Northern Great Plain.
B. Northern Hungary.
C. Southern Transdanubia.
Answer: Northern Great Plain.

51. One of the following is the most consumed food in Hungary.
A. Dobos Torta.
B. Töltött káposzta.
C. Goulash.
Answer: Goulash.

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