51 Interesting India Trivia Questions and Answers

Are you an Indian, a tourist, or someone looking to test your knowledge about India or discover more facts about India?

We have lined up some mind-blowing and error-free India questions that will expose you to lots of fascinating knowledge about India.

1. Which region of Asia is India located in?
A. Southern region.
B. Northern region.
C. Eastern region.
Answer: Southern region.

2. What does India mean in English?
A. Clear River.
B. Great River.
C. Joint River.
Answer: Great River.

3. What is the official name of India?
A. People’s Republic of India.
B. Republic of India.
C. The people’s India.
Answer: Republic of India.


4. What is the dominant religion of India called?
A. Buddhism.
B. Christianity.
C. Hinduism.
Answer: Hinduism.

5. Which is the most produced food in India?
A. Pepper.
B. Sugar cane.
C. Wheat.
Answer: sugar cane.

6. One of these is the national bird of India.
A. Indian Peacock.
B. Indian Peafowl.
C. Indian Roller.
Answer: Indian peacock.

7. One of these correctly represents the Indian flag.
A. Golden, white and green.
B. White, golden and green.
C. Green, white and golden.
Answer: golden, white, and green.

8. Which is the national animal of India?
A. Lion.
B. Indian elephant.
C. Bengal Tiger.
Answer: Bengal tiger.

9. One of the following is the national fruit of India.
A. Mango.
B. Jackfruit.
C. Pomegranate.
Answer: mango.

10. Which is the capital of India?
A. Mumbai.
B. New Delhi.
C. Bengaluru.
Answer: New Delhi.

11. Which of the following is the name given to the Great wall of India?
A. Great wall of India.
B. Brahmaputra.
C. Kumbhalgarh.
Answer: Kumbhalgarh.

12. What is the Indian language called?
A. Santhali.
B. Malayalam.
D. Hindi.
Answer: Hindi.

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13. which of the following is the name given to the official Indian traditional dress?
A. Churidaar.
B. Shalwar.
C. Saree.
Answer: saree.

14. One of these is not the national game of India.
A. Hockey.
B. Mud wrestling.
C. Cricket.
Answer: mud wrestling.

15. What is the official Indian currency called?
A. Lakhs.
B. Rupees.
C. Taka.
Answer: Rupees.

16. One of these is the national flower of India.
A. Lotus.
B. Jasminum Sambac.
C. Hibiscus.
Answer: lotus.


17. When is the independence day of India?
A. 10th August.
B. 15th August.
C. 5th August.
Answer: 15th August.

18. One of these is being worshipped throughout India.
A. Tiger.
B. Cow.
C. Peacock.
Answer: cow

19. Which animal is being worshipped during the Nag Panchami.
A. Cows.
B. Tigers.
C. Snakes.
Answer: snakes.

20. How many female prime ministers has India had?
A. None.
B. 1.
C. 2.
Answer: 1.

21. Which is the largest river in India?
A. Ganga River.
B. Brahmaputra River.
C. Krishna River.
Answer: Ganga River.

22. How many states does India have?
A. 24.
B. 28.
C. 26.
Answer: 28.

23. One of these is the largest city in India.
A. Mumbai.
B. Bengaluru.
C. Delhi.
Answer: Bengaluru.

24. Which is the largest sea in India?
A. Bay of Bengal.
B. Red Sea.
C. Arabian Sea.
Answer: Arabian sea.

25. Which of the following is the highest mountain in India?
A. K12 mountain.
B. Jongsong peak mountain.
C. Kangchenjunga mountain.
Answer: Kangchenjunga mountain.

26. Which of these is the highest dam in India?
A. Tehri Dam.
B. Bhagirathi dam.
C. Kallanai Dam.
Answer: Tehri Dam.

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27. One of the following is the tallest statue in India.
A. The Statue of Equality.
B. The Statue of Unity.
C. The Spring Temple Buddha Statue.
Answer: the statue of unity.

28. Mumbai was formerly named_?
A. Bangladesh.
B. Bombay.
C. Narmada.
Answer: Bombay.

29. Which of the following is the first president of India?
A. Manik Saha.
B. Jawaharlal Nehru.
C. Rajendra Prasad.
Answer: Rajendra Prasad.

30. What is the current population of India?
A. 1,417,173,173.
B. 1,417,173,173.
C. 1,417,371,173.
Answer: 1,417,173,173.

31. Which of these is the only ape in India?
A. Orangutans.
B. Bonobos.
C. Hoolock Gibbon.
Answer: hoolock gibbon.

32. What is the Indian national anthem called?
A. Jana maga gana.
B. Maga Jana gana.
C. Jana gana maga.
Answer: Jana gana mana.

33. One of these is the largest bovine in the world found in India.
A. Gaur.
B Bison.
C. Beefalo.
Answer: A.

34. On which day is the Hindi Diwas celebrated?
A. 4th September.
B. 1st September.
C. 14th September.
Answer: 14th September..

35. Which Indian state is referred to as the Indian spice garden?
A. Arunachal Pradesh.
B. Bihar.
C. Kerala.
Answer: D.

36. Which state is regarded as the granary of India?
A. Gujarat.
B. Punjab.
C. Assam.
Answer: Punjab.

37. Which of the following States is known as the tea garden of India?
A. Gujarat.
B. Punjab.
C. Assam.
Answer: Assam.

38. Which of these states is the garden of India?
A. Bangalore.
B. Gujarat.
C. Assam.
Answer: Bangalore.

39. Which material is the Indian flute made of?
A. Plastic.
B. Wood.
C. Glass.
Answer: wood.

40. First Indian leader to have been imprisoned is called?
A. Rajendra Prasad.
B. Jawaharlal Nehru.
C. Chakravarti Vijayaraghavacharia.
Answer: Chakravarti Vijayaraghavacharia.

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41. Which is the biggest company in India?
A. HDFC Bank.
B. State Bank of India.
C. Reliance Industries Limited.
Answer: Reliance Industries Limited.

42. Which of the following is the tallest building in India?
A. World One.
B. Piramal Aranya.
C. Palais Royale.
Answer: Palau’s Royale.

43. What is the longest bridge in India called?
A. Dr. Bhupen Hazarika Bridge.
B. Vikramshila Setu.
C. Dibang River Bridge.
Answer: Dr.BhupenHazarikaBridge.

44. What year did India join the UN?
A. 1954.
B. 1594.
C. 1945.
Answer: 1945.

45. Which city is known as the diamond city of India?
A. Bhubaneswar.
B. Surat.
C. Patna.
Answer: Surat.

46. Which city is referred to as the orange city of India?
A. Patna.
B. Gujarat.
C. Nagpur.
Answer: Nagpur.

47. Which city is referred to as the leather city of India?
A. Punjab.
B. Kanpur Cawnpore.
C. Mumbai.
Answer: Kanpur Cawnpore.

48. Where is the National Stock Exchange of India located?
A. Bangladesh.
B. Mumbai.
C. Assam.
Answer: Mumbai.

49. The population census in India is conducted every__?
A. 10 years.
B. 5 years.
C. 7 years.
Answer: 10 years.

50. The first Secretary of State in India is?
A. Sir Charles Wood.
B. Thomas Jefferson.
C. Lord Stanley.
Answer: Lord Stanley.

51. The 1909 Indian council act is called?
A. Indian National Congress.
B. The Indian Councils Act.
C. The Morley-Minto Reforms.
Answer: TheMorley-MintoReforms.

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