51 Interesting Japan Trivia questions and answers

Are you Japanese, a tourist, or someone looking to test your knowledge about Japan or discover more facts about Japan?

We have lined up some mind-blowing and error-free Japan questions that will expose you to lots of fascinating knowledge about Japan.

1. Which of the following is the capital of Japan?
A. Osaka.
B. Tokyo.
C. Koto.
Answer: Tokyo.

2. Which of these is the official name of the Japanese currency?
A. Japanese yuan.
B. Japanese renminbi.
C. Japanese yen.
Answer: Japanese yen.

3. Which of these represents the official Japanese flag?
A. A white background with a red circle at the center.
B. A white background with a red circle at the end.
C. A red background with a white circle at the center.
Answer: A white background with a red circle at the center.


4. What is the nickname of Japan?
A. The raising sun.
B. Land of the rising sun.
C. Land of the risen sun.
Answer: Land of the raising sun.

5. Which of the following is referred to as the Japanese deer?
A. Sika deer.
B. Red deer.
C. Water deer.
Answer: sika deer.

6. What is another name for the Japanese macaque?
A. Rain money.
B. Snow monkey.
C. Summer monkey.
Answer: snow monkey.

7. Which of these is the highest mountain in Japan?
A. Mount Fuji.
B. Mount Kita.
C. Mount Ontake.
Answer: mount Fuji.

8. What is the longest river in Japan called?
A. Shinano River.
B. Tone River.
C. Mogami River.
Answer: Shinano River.

9. Who was the first emperor of Japan?
A. Michiko.
B. Mako Komuro.
C. Jimmu Tennō.
Answer: Jimmu Tennō.

10. What was the first capital of Japan?
A. Osaka.
B. Kyoto.
C. Tokyo.
Answer: Osaka.

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11. In what year did Japan join the UN?
A. 1965.
B. 1956.
C. 1695.
Answer: 1956.

12. What is the most produced food commodity in Japan?
A. Milk.
B. Sugar beet.
C. Rice.
Answer: rice.

13. What is the national animal of Japan?
A. Japanese raccoon dog.
B. Japanese snow monkey.
C. Japanese serow.
Answer: Japanese snow monkey.

14. What is the national bird of Japan called?
A. Japanese murrelet.
B. Japanese wood pigeon.
C. Green pheasant.
Answer: green pheasant.

15. What is the national stone of Japan called?
A. Jade.
B. Diamond.
C. Granite.
Answer: jade.

16. Japanese language does not have singular and plural.
A. Maybe.
B. False.
C. True.
Answer: true.


17. What is the Japan language called?
A. Japanese.
B. Nipongo.
C. Nihongo.
Answer: Nihongo.

18. Where is the Snow festival held annually?
A. Fukuoka.
B. Hiroshima.
C. Sapporo.
Answer: Sapporo.

19. Which of these is the smallest of the four main Islands in Japan?
A. Hokkaido.
B. Shikoku.
C. Honshu.
Answer: Shikoku.

20. What is the largest Island in Japan called?
A. Baffin Island.
B. Honshu Island.
C. New Guinea Island.
Answer: New Guinea island.

21. Which of the following is the most dominant religion of the Japanese?
A. Christianity.
B. Islamic religion.
C. Shintu religion.
Answer: Shintu religion.

22. What is the symbol of the Shintos?
A. A gate.
B. A god.
C. A monkey.
Answer: A gate.

23. What does sushi mean in Japan language?
A. Sweet rice.
B. Honey rice.
C. Sour rice.
Answer: sour rice.

24. When does the Obon festival take place in Japan?
A. Autumn.
B. Summer.
C. Spring.
Answer: summer.

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25. Which of the following is referred to as the kitchen of Japan?
A. Kobe.
B. Osaka.
C. Sendai.
Answer: Osaka.

26. Rice is used in making which Japanese wine?
A. Soju.
B. Sik.
C. Sake.
Answer: sake.

27. Which part of Asia is Japan situated in?
A. East Asia.
B. North Asia.
C. South Asia.
Answer: East Asia.

28. What is the Japanese national flower?
A. Plum blossom.
B. Cherry blossom.
C. Japanese apricot.
Answer: cherry blossom.

29. What two numbers are considered unlucky in Japan?
A. 4 and 7.
B. 9 and 5.
C. 4 and 9.
Answer: 4 and 9.

30. Which of the following is the national game of Japan?
A. Sumo wrestling.
B. Go.
C. Baseball.
Answer: sumo wrestling.

31. What is the official name of the Japanese bullet train?
A. Seibu railway.
B. Shinkansen.
C. Shibusen.
Answer: Shinkansen.

32. What does Japan mean in Japanese?
A. Nihon.
B. Nihongu.
C. Nippon.
Answer: Nihon.

33. Which is the largest forest in Japan?
A. Bijinbayashi forest.
B. Aokigahara forest.
D. Koajiro forest.
Answer: Aokigahara forest.

34. In what year did Tokyo first host the Olympics?
A. 1946.
B. 1960.
C. 1964.
Answer: 1964.

35. To celebrate Christmas in Japan, which fast food is eaten?
A. McDonald’s.
B. Kentucky Fried Chicken.
D. Burger King.
Answer: Kentucky Fried Chicken.

36. The oldest company in Japan is called?
A. Kono Gumi.
B. Hitachi.
C. Mitsubishi.
Answer: Kono Gumi.

37. How many active volcanoes are experienced in Japan yearly?
A. 100.
B. 120.
C. 110.
Answer: 110.

38. What is the name of the Japanese ancient warriors?
A. Sumorio.
B. Samurai.
C. Somurui.
Answer: Samurai.

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39. Japan is home to how many Islands?
A. 6,838.
B. 6,825.
C. 6,852.
Answer: 6,852.

40. What is the Japanese traditional wear called?
A. Hanbok.
B. Yukata.
C. Kimono.
Answer: Kimono.

41. What is Japanese poetry called?
A. Haiku.
B. Sijo.
C. Hiuko.
Answer: Haiku.

42. What is the Japanese traditional Inn known as?
A. Ryoki.
B. Ryokan.
C. Kryoki.
Answer: Ryokan.

43. What was the former capital of Japan before Tokyo?
A. Kyoto.
B. None.
C. Tokyo.
Answer: Kyoto.

44. What does the Japanese weird ‘geisha’ mean?
A. People of art.
B. Woman of art.
C. Person of art.
Answer: person of art.

45. What are the Japanese movies called?
A. Anime.
B. Cartoon.
C. Kurato.
Answer: Anime.

46. Which country in Asia grows the square watermelon?
A. India.
B. Japan.
C. Korea.
Answer: Japan.

47. Which type of paper is used more than toilet paper in Japan?
A. Notebook.
B. Novel.
C. Comic books.
Answer: Comic books.

48. The first geisha in Japan were__?
A. Women.
B. Men.
D. Anyone.
Answer: men.

49. Sushi was originally eaten as what in Japan?
A. Main food.
B. Snacks.
C. Street food.
Answer: Street food.

50. What occupies the largest surface area of Japan?
A. Oceans.
B. Mountains.
C. Islands.
Answer: mountains.

51. Which of these is not a place in Japan?
A. Nara.
B. Nagoya.
C. Taiwan.
Answer: Taiwan.

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