51 Interesting Life Hack that will Surprise You

Did you know that eating breakfast in the morning makes it ten times easier to burn calories throughout the day? Also, if your bathroom is located deep inside your house and doesn’t have any windows, your bathtub can serve as a good spot to hide away in during a tornado.

Well, in this article, you’ll find a compilation of relevant warning signs, hacks, and tips that are potential life savers. I hope you note down a hand full of them.

1. If you’re near the ocean and all the water suddenly and unexpectedly disappears, you should immediately get to high ground; because that’s a tsunami!

2. If a guard dog comes at you, DO NOT run, and do not turn around either! Stand still and move slowly backward.

3. The word “flammable” and “inflammable” mean the same thing. Flammables burn very easily, while inflammable need not be ignited, but will burn rapidly if ignited.


4. If there’s a jar or container you can’t open, run the lid under hot water for 30 seconds. Dry it so you can get a good grip. Then proceed to open the lid.

5. If you’re on an airplane that crashes into water, DO NOT inflate your life vest until after you have swum out of the plane.

6. Purple flags on a beach mean dangerous sea life in the area.

7. Never let an attacker force you into a vehicle. You should by all means struggle to make sure to not get in. Your life might and will depend on it.

8. Make sure to always get familiar with your exits, wherever you are.

9. When using chemical products, make sure to use ONLY the recommended method on the label.

10. If you ever happen to sleep outside on the streets, make sure to find something to put between you and the ground. Cardboards usually work great.

11. DO NOT walk down the stairs with your hands in your pocket. You’ll need your hands to protect your head or gain balance in case of a fall.

12. If someone points a gun at you, maintain eye contact with the person. Eye contact makes it harder to pull the trigger.

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13. Even when the traffic light turns green, you should not move immediately. Take a few seconds to look both ways before you move.

14. If caught in a burning building, lie low to the ground. The breathable air will be close to the floor.

15. If you’re trying to break up a dog fight, DO NOT grab the dog by the collar. That’s how you get bit. Instead, grab the back legs of the dogs and pull them backward.

16. Listen to your guts and trust your instincts. If they tell you a situation or a person doesn’t feel right, DO NOT take it for granted.


17. DO NOT hide under a bridge or a building during a tornado. Chances are that the structure might collapse on you.

18. In an emergency, liquor can be used as a sanitizer to ward off pests, and disinfect wounds.

19. When someone has a seizure, DO NOT stick an object in their mouth and do not move them.

20. If a diabetic person faints or gets dizzy, give them sugar immediately. It will help revive them. Do not give it in large amounts though.

21. If someone has a heart attack around you, give them aspirin to CHEW. It is the safest emergency drug to use.

22. If you’re been attacked and you find a means of self-defense, go for the groin, eyes, or ears. This is where a person is most vulnerable.

23. When signaling for help, use anything reflective like car mirrors, polished metal, or CDs, to reflect light towards your target.

24. DO NOT pour water into a burning pot. It might explode. Use baking soda to put out the fire instead of water.

25. If a stranger makes unsolicited statements like “I will not harm,” or “I will not hurt you,” it should trigger your suspicion bell and it is safe for you to assume that they will do exactly that. So, keep your distance from them!

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26. Whenever you go out and in wherever you are, make sure to take and have some extra cash with you. You never know when you might need them.

27. Keep your home doors and windows closed while you sleep and also, in your absence.

28. DO NOT get intoxicated in unfamiliar places where they are people you do not know.

29. If you’re attacked in your home, try your best to get to the kitchen. There, you will find potential weapons you can use and some hiding spots.

30. Avoid deserted places at all times. Bad guys will always look to attack someone who is alone and in a place where there are no witnesses.

31. If you ever find yourself in a hostile situation, DO NOT let shock and fear get a better hold of you. Think smart, and act fast!

32. Never stay too long in a driver’s blind spot. (A driver’s blind spot is an area around a vehicle that is difficult for the driver to see).

33. If you leave and come home every day at exactly the same time, or stop by the same spot every day, it will be easy for you to fall in as a potential target for a criminal.

34. You can use toothpaste to relieve the discomfort from a bug bite. Just make sure to get toothpaste that is peppermint flavored.

35. If you witness an accident, never take off the person’s helmet. You can make a head injury worse.

36. If you sit for several hours a day, make sure you find a simple exercise routine to stretch out your hips and chest.

37. It is important to note that the more colorful and vivid animal is, the more likely it’s poisonous. So, stay clear folks!

38. NEVER mix bleach and ammonia. The result is a poisonous gas that will take your life.

39. Using your fingernails to scratch an attacker can serve as a means of getting their DNA on your fingers, and of course, improve the chances of catching the bad guy.

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40. If you’re out in the wild, covering yourself in mud will save you from being eaten alive by insects or predators.

41. In emergency situations, superglue can be used as an alternative to cover up small cuts before one can get professional health care.

42. By keeping your car keys at your bedside table before you go to bed at night, it would be easy to press the panic button on your car and scare away an intruder.

43. Sanitary pads can be alternatively used to dress large wounds! It works pretty well to help absorb blood.

44. If you just finished having strangers in your home, especially at a party, it is important for you to check the locks of your house, as you might be at risk of an intrusion later.

45. Condoms can come in handy as an effective way of storing water and protecting goods from getting wet. I know this might sound weird, but it is a valid survival technique!

46. Soak your peeled onions in cold water for 30 seconds before you chop them. You won’t see the tears drop from your eyes!

47. Store your natural peanut butter upside down so that it doesn’t separate so much.

48. Putting frozen grapes into a glass of wine will help your wine cool faster than putting the wine bottle in a refrigerator.

49. If you want an alarm clock loud enough to wake you up, set the alarm on your phone and put it in a plastic cup! You wouldn’t have to miss your alarms again.

50. Changing your pillowcase daily can really help with acne.

51. Make sure you have a fire extinguisher and plunger in your home and office. Might save your life when you least expected it to.

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