51 Interesting Liverpool FC facts and Records

Lots of drama go down in every English Premier League season. Records are created and broken, with some offset. We will be digging deep in this article to uncover some fascinating facts and stories about Liverpool FC like “the greatest goal scorer of Liverpool FC

Relax and read each fact carefully, because you will certainly discover some jaw-dropping Liverpool FC facts you can use to banter with your friends. 

1. Liverpool has a lot of sponsors including Nike, Axa, Expedia, Mauritius, and Kodansha amongst others.

2. Alex Raisbeck was the first-ever captain of Liverpool.

3. Phil Neal is the most decorated player in the history of Liverpool. He brought about 22 pieces of silverware to the Anfield Trophy room.


4. James Milner is a talented player who can play in midfield, full-back, and wing.

5. Liverpool FC was founded in 1892.

6. The anthem of Liverpool Football Club is ‘You’ll never walk alone’.

7. In 1915, Manchester United and Liverpool were involved in a betting scandal in the Old Trafford Stadium on April 2nd.

8. Liverpool was the first professional English football club to have a sponsor’s logo on their uniform.

9. The anthem of Liverpool was composed by Richard Rodgers in 1945.

10. The home of Liverpool FC is Anfield Stadium.

11. The most-played player of Liverpool FC is Ian Callaghan, with about 857 appearances.

12. Liverpool’s longest run without a single trophy lasted for about 17 years.

13. Liverpool has never finished in a tournament with less than 8th position since 1963.

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14. Steven Gerrard is the longest-serving captain of Liverpool who served for more than 13 years.

15. Liverpool has only won the FIFA Cup once which was in 2019.

16. The first match of Liverpool was watched by only 100 people despite the stadium being built for about 20,000 people.


17. Steven Gerrard being the longest-serving captain has been with the club for about 472 games.

18. The greatest goal scorer of Liverpool is Ian Rush having scored 346 goals in 668 appearances.

19. The original color of Liverpool’s uniform was blue and white. It was amended in 1896.

20. Liverpool FC won the UEFA Champions League Cup 6 times in 1977, 1978, 1981, 1984, 2005, and 2019.

21. Due to the scandal that occurred between Liverpool and Manchester United in 1915, 4 of Liverpool’s players were banned.

22. Liverpool Football Club was originally the name of a rugby club now known as Liverpool St. Helens.

23. Liverpool’s first match was on 1st September 1892 against Rotherham Town.

24. Liverpool once held the world record for the most expensive defender and goalkeeper but it only lasted for some weeks.

25. They are the most successful English team in Europe with 4 UEFA Super Cups.

26. The bird on Liverpool’s crest is called a Liver bird and was adopted as part of the official Liverpool badge in 1901.

27. The youngest person to have ever played for Liverpool was Jerome Sinclar when he was just 16 years and 6 days old.

28. Kenny Dalglish the then-manager of Liverpool is the first person to have been both a manager and a player at the same time.

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29. In the match against Rotherham Town, the first Liverpool goal was scored by Malcolm McVean.

30. Liverpool has 19 Premier League titles.

31. Liverpool once held the record for the fastest Premier League hat-trick which was scored by Sadio Mane in 4 minutes, 33 seconds.

32. Luis Suarez, a Liverpool player became the first player in Premier League to score three hat-tricks against the same team (Norwich City).

33. In 1946, Jack Balmera Liverpool player became the only player to have scored hat-tricks in three consecutive League matches.

34. Two Liverpool players have made more than 300 appearances without scoring a goal. They are Ephraim Longworth appearing 370 times and Ammie Carragher appearing 305 times.

35. Liverpool is one of the most successful clubs with about 50 major men’s first-team honors.

36. Jamie Carragher has the highest-scored own goals (3) with not a single league title.

37. The fastest goal of Liverpool was scored by Paul Walsh in just 14 seconds in a match against West Ham United in 1984.

38. Robbie Fowler was nicknamed ‘God’ by Liverpool fans due to his ruthlessness in scoring goals.

39. With a total of 5888 competitive matches played by Liverpool, they have won 10,278 goals.

40. Liverpool ranks 2nd in terms of titles just after Manchester United.

41. Andy McGuigan was the first player to have netted 5 goals in a league game for Liverpool.

42. The youngest player to have won 6 different cups with an English club is Alexander-Arnold at the age of 23 years and 219 days.

43. Roger Hunt scored the highest number of League goals (245) for Liverpool.

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44. Roberto Firmino is the most substituted Liverpool player with about 112 substitutions.

45. John Houlding is the founder of Liverpool Football Club.

46. The club was formed due to a dispute between Everton football club and Houlding the owner of Anfield Stadium.

47. The club with the most league victories (69) over Liverpool is Manchester United.

48. The oldest person to have played for Liverpool is Ned Doig who was 41 years and 165 days when he last played in 1908.

49. The club belongs to Fenway Sports Group LLC which is being managed by John Henry and Tom Werner.

50. Liverpool’s most recent sponsor is Coca-cola.

51. The first Liverpool match was a success for them as they scored 7-1 against Rotherham Town.

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