51 Interesting Louisiana Trivia Questions and Answers


Are you ready to test how well you know Louisiana? or Do you want to have fun learning some interesting and uncommon facts about Louisiana? We got you, as these fact-filled trivia questions will expose you to many fascinating facts about Louisiana.

Be ready for fun, as we have lined up easy and difficult Louisiana Trivia questions that will expose you to the culture, geography, politics, and history of the beautiful state of Louisiana, some you will know others you will be happy to find out.

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1. What is the nickname of Louisiana state?
Answer – The Pelican state

2. When was the official flag of Louisiana state adopted into use?
Answer – 1912

3. How many flags have the state of Louisiana been governed with as of 2022?
Answer – 10

4. In what year was the first natural gas field found in Louisiana?
Answer – 1823

5. In what year did Thomas Jefferson purchase Louisiana from Napoleon Bonaparte?
Answer – 1803

6. What is the population of people in the state of Louisiana?
Answer – 4.57 million people

7. What is the largest city in the state of Louisiana?
Answer – New Orleans

8. Who was the state of Louisiana named after?
Answer – King Louis XVI

9. People who live in the state of Louisiana can be called what?
Answer – Louisianans

10. How many parishes does Louisiana have?
Answer – 65

11. What is the motto of the state of Louisiana?
Answer – “Union, Justice, and Confidence”

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12. What are the two Louisiana state songs?
Answer – ” You are my sunshine ” and ” Give me Louisiana ”

13. What is Louisiana state reptile?
Answer – alligator


14. What is the Louisiana state’s official mammal?
Answer – black bear

15. How many state parks does the state of Louisiana have?
Answer – 35 state parks

16. How many national historical landmarks does Louisiana have?
Answer – 54

17. What is the largest island in the state of Louisiana?
Answer – Grand isle

18. What is the highest point in the state of Louisiana?
Answer – Driskill mountain ( 535 ft )

19. What is the lowest point in the state of Louisiana?
Answer – 98 ft

20. Who was Louisiana’s first self-made millionaire?
Answer – Madam C.J. Walker

21. Who was the man who invented the binocular microscope at the university of Tulane, Louisiana?
Answer – John Ridell

22. Which area in Louisiana is considered the Crawfish capital of the world?
Answer – Breaxu bridge

23. Gueydan in Louisiana is considered as the _________?
Answer – Duck capital of the world

24. Which area in Louisiana can be considered the most Cajun place in the world?
Answer – Kaplan

25. After the fall of the dinosaur, what were Louisiana’s coastal plains occupied by?
Answer – camels

26. How many years ago were the first earth mounds built in Louisiana?
Answer – 5500 years ago

27. Who were the first Europeans to visit Louisiana?
Answer – Spanish explorers

28. Who claimed the Louisiana territory for France in 1682?
Answer – Robert de La Salle

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29. In what year was Louisiana first explored?
Answer – 1541

30. In what year was the first European settlement established in Louisiana?
Answer – 1714

31. Who were the first Europeans to settle in the state of Louisiana?
Answer – the French

32. What were the nicknames of the first European settlement in Louisiana?
Answer – Natchitoches

33. In what year was sugar cane first introduced in Louisiana?
Answer – 1751

34. In what year did Spain gain control over Louisiana after the war?
Answer – 1763

35. In 1976 Opera was first performed in Louisiana for the first time in which area?
Answer – New Orleans

36. Louisiana Joined the confederacy and seceded from the United state in what year?
Answer – 1861

40. In 1862 the nation’s first army to get African American officers were?
Answer – Confederate Louisiana native guards

41. Where was oil discovered in 1901 in Louisiana?
Answer – Jennings

42. In what year was the first heart transplant performed by a team of surgeons?
Answer – 1973

43. In what year was Caesar’s dome in Louisiana completed?
Answer – 1975

44. The New Orleans saints won the super bowl for the first time in what year?
Answer – 2009

45. Who is the current governor of Louisiana as of 2022?
Answer – John Bel Edwards

46. Who is the lieutenant governor of the state of Louisiana as of 2022?
Answer – Billy Nungesser

47. What is the capital of Louisiana?
Answer – Baston rogue

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48. What is the name of the largest bridge in Louisiana?
Answer – Lake Pontchartrain causeway

49. What is Louisiana’s tallest building?
Answer – Louisiana state capitol building

50. What is the oldest town in Louisiana?
Answer – Natchitoches

51. What is the state bird of Louisiana?
Answer – brown pelican

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