51 Interesting Manchester City FC facts and Records

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Lots of drama go down in every English Premier League season. Records are created and broken, with some offset. We will be digging deep in this article to uncover some fascinating facts and stories about Manchester City FC like the “All time top goal scorer of Manchester City

Relax and read each fact carefully, because you will certainly discover some jaw-dropping Manchester City FC facts you can use to banter with your friends. 

Note: Most date based facts are correct as of 2023.

1. Manchester City FC has won about 6 Football Association Cups.


2. Man City has only been relegated to the third tier of English football once which happened in 1998.

3. The major sponsor of Man City is Etihad Airways which has been so since 2011.

4. Man City remains the only team to have won 100 points in one season. This record was achieved in the 2017/18 season.

5. Manchester City was originally called St Marks West Gorton.

6. Manchester City ranks highest as the richest football club in the world in 2023.

7. Manchester City FC is among the four clubs owned by the City Football Group.

8. Pep Guardiola is the most successful coach of Man City who won 11 trophies in 6 years.

9. The most successful player of Manchester City is Sergio Agüero.

10. The club changed its name to Manchester City FC in 1894.

11. In 1904, 17 of Man City’s players were suspended due to allegations of financial misconduct.

12. The all-time top goal scorer of Manchester City is Sergio Agüero with about 260 goals.

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13. The oldest man to have played for Man City is John Burridge at the age of 43 years 5 months and 11 days.

14. The Abu Dhabi billionaire Sheikh Mansour is the greatest single sponsor of Man City.

15. The club was founded in 1880.


16. The first foreign player of Man City was Walter Bowman, a Canadian.

17. The club moved its home to the Hyde Park Stadium in 1887.

18. The most expensive transfer made in Man City was for Jack Grealish for £100m.

19. The new logo of Man City was adopted in 1197.

20. Man City has only won the European Cup Winners’ Cup once which was in the 1969/70 season.

21. Man City has won the English League Cup twice, first in 1969/70 and second in the 1975/76 seasons.

22. Man City joined the Football League in 1892.

23. Man City has won a total of 29 major honors throughout its history.

24. Man City has a lot of sponsors including Nissan, PUMA, OKX, Nexen Tire, and Global Partners among others.

25. The home ground of Manchester City is Etihad Stadium in East Manchester.

26. Man City is the only English club to have been relegated with a positive goal difference.

27. The player with the highest number of assists for Man City is De Bruyne with about 96 assists.

28. Man City fans are called ‘cityzens’.

29. Man City has held the British transfer record twice before. One was for Steve Daley for 1.45 million, second was for Robinho for 32.5 million.

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30. Man City has won a total of 6 Football Association Community Shields won in 1937, 1968, 1972, 2012, 2018, and lastly in 2019.

31. The first black man to have played for Man City is Stan Horne.

32. The most recent sponsor of Man City is 8xBet.

33. The most decorated player of Man City is Sergio Aguero with 260 goals and 15 major honors.

34. In 1887, All time top goal scorer of Manchester City changed its name to Ardwick Association Football Club.

35. Edin Dezuko was the fastest Man City player to have scored 100 goals.

36. The youngest player to have played for Man City is Paul Simpson Midfield at the age of 16 years, 2 months, and 6 days.

37. The club’s worth is about 1.42 billion U.S. dollars.

38. In the 2018/19 season, Man City became the first team to have completed the domestic treble in English men’s football history.

39. The uniform of Man City’s home kit is sky blue which was adopted in 1894.

40. The former logo of Man City was a round shape with their name around it which was changed into a golden eagle, a shield, and three stars in 1997.

41. The longest-serving coach of man city is Les McDowall who coached for about 13 years.

42. The uniform of Man City, red and black was adopted in 1968.

43. The former home ground of Man City was Maine Road which was moved from there in 2003.

44. Man City has never won a UEFA Champions League Cup.

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45. The cult status of Glauber Berti was due to the fact that he lasted only 6 minutes in the 2008/09 campaign and was yet voted as the Man of the Match in that game by Man City fans.

46. Man City has won about 8 league titles.

47. Manchester City’s greatest defeat is the loss 0-8 to Burton Wanderers in 1894 and the 0-8 loss to Wolverhampton Wanderers in 1933.

48. The club that Man City has lost the most to is Arsenal on 87 different occasions.

49. 1968-1970 was the most successful period for Man City.

50. The Man City player with the highest number of appearances is Alan Oakes.

51. The motto of Man City is ‘pride in battle’.

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