51 Interesting Manchester United Trivia Questions and Answers

Ready to test your banter skills?  We have compiled these interesting Manchester United trivia questions to test your knowledge about fascinating  Man U history and records. Grab a cup of coffee and let’s get started.

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1. Who is the youngest player to have played for Manchester United?
a. Cliff Birkett.
b. Angel Gomes.
c. Shola Shoretire.
Answer: Angel Gomes.

2. Which Manchester United player was imprisoned for alleged rape in 2021?
a. Mason Greenwood.
b. Harriet Robson.
c. Jack Silcock.
Answer: Mason Greenwood.


3. When was Manchester United founded?
a. 1887.
b. 1878.
c. 1788.
Answer: 1878.

4. Who is often nicknamed the first Busby Babe of Manchester United?
a. Roger Byrne.
b. David Pegg.
c. Duncan Edwards.
Answer: Roger Byrne.

5. Which of these Manchester United players is nicknamed ‘The King’?
a. Eric Cantona.
b. Anthony Matheus.
c. Lisandro Martinez.
Answer: Eric Cantona.

6. How many times has Man U won the Champions League?
a. 5.
b. 3.
c. 7.
Answer: 3.

7. Which club was Jesper Blomqvist signed from to Manchester United?
a. Umea FC.
b. Bayern Munich.
c. Real Madrid.
Answer: Umea FC.

8. When did Manchester United first win the FIFA Cup?
a. 1990.
b. 1909.
c. 1890.
Answer: 1909.

9. Who has the highest number of hat tricks for Manchester United?
a. Christiano Ronaldo.
b. Law Denis.
c. Rooney Wayne.
Answer: Law Denis.

10. Which of these players were suspended from Manchester United during the 1999 Champions League final triumph?
a. Paul Scholes and Branislav Ivanovic..
b. Raul Meireles and Roy Keane.
c. Paul Scholes and Roy Keane.
Answer: Paul Scholes and Roy Keane.

11. When was the Manchester United Women’s Football Club founded?
a. 2000.
b. 2018.
c. 2016.
Answer: 2018.

12. Which Manchester United player scored a hat trick against Manchester City in the 5-0 victory in the 1994-95 premier league season?
a. Paul Scholes.
b. Chris Smalling.
c. Andrei Kanchelskis.
Answer: Andrei Kanchelskis.

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13. How many times has Manchester United won the Football League Cup?
a. 9.
b. 5.
c. 3.
Answer: 5.

14. Who were the first sponsors of Manchester United?
a. Chevrolet.
b. Electronics giant Sharp.
c. Vodaphone.
Answer: Electronics giant Sharp.

15. Who is the longest lasting captain of Manchester United?
a. Bryan Robson.
b. Eric Cantona.
c. Jack Silcock.
Answer: Bryan Robson.


16. When did Manchester United win the first Football League Cup?
a. 1992.
b. 2006.
c. 2009.
Answer: 1992.

17. Which of the following best describes the badge of Manchester United?
a. Red and yellow, with a red dragon holding a fork and a ship above.
b. Red and yellow, with a red lion holding a fork and a ship above.
c. Red and yellow, with a red devil holding a fork and a ship above.
Answer: Red and yellow, with a red devil holding a fork and a ship above.

18. Which club did Frank O’Farrell leave to become the manager of Manchester United?
a. Weymouth.
b. Leicester City.
c. Torquay United.
Answer: Leicester City.

19. Who was exchanged as part of the deal when Andy Cole was signed from Newcastle United?
a. Keith Gillespie.
b. Dwight Yorke.
c. Kevin Keegan.
Answer: Keith Gillespie.

20. Which Brazilian twins played for Manchester United?
a. Fabio and Rafael.
b. Josh and Jacob.
c. Phil and Garry.
Answer: Fabio and Rafael.

21. Which of these clubs did Manchester United sign Steve Bruce from?
a. Norwich City.
b. Sheffield United.
c. Newcastle.
Answer: Norwich City.

22. Which Manchester United player retired with the highest number of career caps?
a. Ryan Giggs.
b. Paul Scholes.
c. Bobby Charlton.
Answer: Ryan Giggs.

23. Who scored the first Premiership goal at Old Trafford?
a. Gabriel Martinelli.
b. Brian Deane.
c. Kenny Davenport.
Answer: Brian Deane.

24. Who was Manchester United’s first international player?
a. Nikola Jovanović.
b. Dennis Walker.
c. Duncan Edwards.
Amswer: Nikola Jovanović.

25. Which of these airports is not named after a Manchester United player?
a. Madeira Airport.
b. Belfast city Airport.
c. Houston Intercontinental Airport.
Answer: Houston Intercontinental Airport.

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26. Which Manchester United player was mistakenly referred to as Mike by Louis van Gaal?
a. Chris Smalling.
b. Michael Roy.
c. Will Keane.
Answer: Chris Smalling.

27. The official kit supplier of Manchester United is of which brand?
a. Adidas.
b. TeamViewer.
c. Ecolab.
Answer: Adidas.

28. Who was the first black person to play for Man U?
a. Dennis Walker.
b. Arthur Wharton.
c. Howard Gayle.
Answer: Dennis Walker.

29. Who did Arthur Albiston replace when he scored the FIFA cup debut for Manchester United in 1977?
a. Eddie Colman.
b. David Pegg.
c. Stewart Houston.
Answer: Stewart Houston.

30. From which of these clubs did they sign Roy Keane from to join Manchester United?
a. Nottingham Forest.
b. Old Trafford.
c. Manchester City.
Answer: Notthingham Forest.

31. Which of these players is the oldest man to have ever played f6r Manchester United?
a. Raimond van der Gouw.
b. Edwin van der Sar.
c. Jack Warner Midfield.
Answer: Edwin van der Sar.

32. Which of these players has never played for both Manchester United and Liverpool?
a. Paul Ince.
b. Michael Owen.
c. Kylian Mbappe.
Answer: Kylian Mappe.

33. Who did Manchester United replace Peter Schmeichel with after he left the club?
a. Mark Bosnich.
b. Fabien Barthez.
c. Tim Howard.
Answer: Mark Bosnich.

34. How many seasons did Alex Ferguson manage Manchester United?
a. 26 seasons.
b. 27 seasons.
c. 25 seasons.
Answer: 26 seasons.

35. Where did Manchester United sign Bryan Robson from?
a. Middlesbrough.
b. West Bromwich Albion.
c. Sunderland.
Answer: West Bromwich Albion.

36. What is another name for Old Trafford stadium?
a. The Theatre of Dreams.
b. The Stadium of Dreams.
c. The Amphi Hall of Dreams.
Answer: The Theatre of Dreams.

37. The statue outside the old Trafford Stadium is referred to as the ___.
a. Manchester logo.
b. Manchester United Trinity.
c. Manchester Manager.
Answer: Manchester United Trinity.

38. When Paul Pogba left Man U in 2012, he returned after ___ years?
a. 6.
b. 4.
c. 2.
Answer: 4.

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39. Which of these Manchester United players got married to one of the spice girls?
a. David Beckham.
b. Bobby Charlton.
c. Gary Neville.
Answer: David Beckham.

40. Manchester United is the ___ British club to win the FIFA World Cup.
a. 2nd.
b. 1st.
c. 3rd.
Answer: 1st.

41. When was the Old Trafford opened?
a. 1901.
b. 1910.
c. 1920.
Answer: 1910.

42. When did the club change their name to Manchester United?
a. 1900.
b. 1902.
c. 1904.
Answer: 1902.

43. When did Manchester United win its first English League title?
a. 1992.
b. 1929.
c. 1499.
Answer: 1992.

44. How FIFA World Cups has Manchester United won?
a. 2.
b. 5.
c. 1.
Answer: 1.

45. The highest transfer fee ever received by Manchester United was for which player?
a. Christiano Ronaldo.
b. Paul Pogba.
c. Antony Right Winger.
Answer: Paul Pogba.

46. When did Manchester United win its first Champions League?
a. 1968.
b. 1999.
c. 2008.
Answer: 1968.

47. Who was the chief scout of the Busby Babes?
a. Joe Armstrong.
b. Jimmy Murphy.
c. Bill Foulkes.
Answer: Joe Armstrong.

48. How many airports are named after players of Manchester United?
a. 0.
b. 2.
c. 1.
Answer: 2.

49. Which of the following players are not among the Manchester United Trinity?
a. Bobby Charlton.
b. Denis Law.
c. David Beckham.
Answer: David Beckham.

50. Manchester United was formerly known as ___.
a. West Ham United F.C.
b. Newton Heath LYR.
c. Leicester City F.C.
Answer: Newton Heath LYR.

51. What is the mascot of Manchester United called?
a. Benny the Bull.
b. Fred the Red.
c. The Red devils.
Answer: Fred the Red.

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