51 Interesting Maryland Trivia Questions and Answers

Are you ready to test how well you know the U.S. State of Maryland? or Do you want to have fun learning some interesting and uncommon facts about Maryland? We got you, as these fact-filled trivia questions will expose you to many fascinating facts about Maryland.

Be ready for fun, as we have lined up easy and difficult Maryland Trivia questions that will expose you to the culture, geography, politics, and history of the beautiful state of Maryland, some you will know others you will be happy to find out.

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1. Who started the first printing business in Mary’s City in 1685?
Answer – William Nunhead


2. The Maryland Gazette was founded in which year?
Answer – 1727

3. Who inaugurated the first post office system in Baltimore?
Answer – Willam Goddard

4. In what year was the first balloon ascension in Baltimore take place?
Answer – 1784

5. In 1789 in Bethesda, who founded the society of Jesuits in Maryland?
Answer – Georgetown prep

6. In what year was the Baltimore water company chartered in Maryland?
Answer – 1792

7. Who designed the flag that flew over ft McHenry during the war of 1812?
Answer – Mary Pickersgill

8. When did Frank Scott write “the star Splanged banner”?
Answer – 1814

9. In what year was the Baltimore college of dental surgery?
Answer – 1828

10. The first telegraph line in the world was first established between?
Answer – Washington and Baltimore

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11. Who created the first agriculture research college in the United States?
Answer – Charles Benedict Calvert

12. What was the last ship to survive the civil war in Baltimore?
Answer – Uss constellation docked

13. In what year was B & O railroad incorporated in Maryland?
Answer – 1827

14. Who was the Carrollton Viaduct in Baltimore named after?
Answer – Charles Carroll of Carrollton


15. What is the longest bridge in Maryland?
Answer – Thomas Viaduct.

16. Dr. Florence RIna Sabin of John Hopkins school of medicine in Baltimore became the first professor of medicine in which year?
Answer – 1901

17. In what year was the United States naval academy founded?
Answer – 1945

18. King Williams school was the first school in the United States, what year was it created?
Answer – 1696

19. What is the first sailing capital of the world located in Maryland?
Answer – Annapolis

20. What is the oldest state capitol in Maryland?
Answer – Maryland state House

21. What can be known as the decoy capital of the world?
Answer – Havre de Grace

22. What is the nickname of Maryland state?
Answer – The old line state

23. What is the capital of Maryland state?
Answer – Annapolis

24. What is the biggest city in Maryland state?
Answer – Baltimore

25. What is the population of people in Maryland state?
Answer – approximately 6 million

26. What is the state’s official flower?
Answer – black-eyed Susan

27. What is the state’s official bird?
Answer – Baltimore Orioles

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28. Who were the first people to inhabit the city of Paleo?
Answer – Indians

29. Where did Maryland state get its name from?
Answer – Queen Henrietta Maria of England

30. What is the state’s official song?
Answer – “Maryland, my Maryland ”

31. What is the Maryland baseball team named after?
Answer – a poem

32. How many hours did the great fire of Baltimore in 1904 last?
Answer – 30 hours

33. Who was named after the town named Boring?
Answer – David Boring

34. Walking became the state exercise in Maryland in which year?
Answer – 2008

35. Who is the founder of the world’s first umbrella factory?
Answer – Francis Beehler

36. Who was the first surgeon to separate conjoined twins in Maryland and the world?
Answer – Ben Carson

37. WHo is the first African American on the supreme court of the United States?
Answer – Thurgood Marshall

38. What is the highest point in Maryland?
Answer – Hoye-crest ( 3,360 )ft

39. What is the lowest point in Maryland?
Answer – below the Atlantic Ocean

40. What is the name of the governor of Maryland?
Answer – Larry Hogan

41. What is the name of the lieutenant governor of Maryland?
Answer – Boyd Rutherford

42. How many counties does Maryland have?
Answer – 24

43. What is the state’s official horse?
Answer – Thoroughbred

44. What is the state’s official tree?
Answer – White oak

45. How many years did slavery last in the state of Maryland?
Answer – 200

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46. How many pounds of seafood are harvested from the Chesapeake bay every year?
Answer – 500 million

47. Assateague island in Maryland is home to what species?
Answer – wild Chincoteague ponies

48. What is the name of the man that invented the refrigerator in Maryland?
Answer – Thomas Moore

49. Where is the birthplace of Babe Ruth one of the greatest baseball players of all time?
Answer – Baltimore, Maryland

50. How many people visit Assateague island annually?
Answer – 2.1 million

51. What is the oldest college in the state of Maryland?
Answer – King Williams School

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