51 Interesting Netherlands Questions and Answers

Are you ready to test how well you know the Netherlands? or Do you want to have fun learning some interesting and uncommon facts about the Netherlands? We got you, as these fact-filled trivia questions will expose you to many fascinating facts about the Netherlands.

Be ready for fun, as we have lined up easy and difficult Netherlands Trivia questions that will expose you to the culture, geography, politics, and history of the beautiful country of Netherlands, some you will know others you will be happy to find out.

1. The oldest castle in the Netherlands is known as ____.
a. Kasteel Doornenburg.
b. Castle Doorwerth.
c. Soestdijk Palace.
Answer: Kasteel Doornenburg.

2. Which country colonized the Netherlands?
a. Dutch.
b. Britain.
c. Spain.
Answer: Dutch.

3. Where in Europe is the Netherlands located?
a. Eastern.
b. Western.
c. Central.
Answer: Western.


4. What is the capital of the Netherlands?
a. Amsterdam.
b. Hague.
c. Rotterdam.
Answer: Amsterdam.

5. Which of the following correctly describes the national flag of the Netherlands?
a. Horizontal bands of green, red and white.
b. Vertical bands of red, white, and blue.
c. Horizontal bands of red. white and blue.
Answer: horizontal bands of red, white, and blue.

6. The Amsterdam Miracle happened in the year ___.
a. 1435.
b. 1345.
c. 1534.
Answer: 1345.

7. What is the main import of the Netherlands?
a. Packaged medicaments.
b. Broadcasting equipment.
c. Crude petroleum.
Answer: Crude petroleum.

8. Which of these countries is not among the borders of the Netherlands?
a. Belgium.
b. Germany.
c. Denmark.
Answer: Denmark.

9. Which currency is being used in the Netherlands?
a. Euro.
b. Baht.
c. Krone.
Answer: euro.

10. Who was the first king of the Netherlands?
a. King Willem Frederick.
b. King Willem Alexander.
c. King Willem Philip.
Answer: King Willem Frederick.

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11. How many provinces are in the Netherlands?
a. 14.
b. 12.
c. 16.
Answer: 12.

12. When did the Netherlands boycott the Summer Olympics?
a. 1956.
b. 1965.
c. 1986.
Answer: 1956.

13. The largest port in the Netherlands and also the largest and smartest port in Europe is known as ___.
a. Zeeland seaport.
b. Port of Rotterdam.
c. Port of Amsterdam.
Answer: Port of Rotterdam.

14. What does Netherland mean in English?
a. Low-lying country.
b. Moderate-lying country.
c. High-lying country.
Answer: low-lying country.

15. What was the currency of the Netherlands before the euro?
a. It was never changed.
b. Precursor ecu.
c. Guilder.
Answer: Guilder.

16. When did the Netherlands gain its independence?
a. 1851.
b. 1815.
c. 1581.
Answer: 1581.


17. What is the official language of the Netherlands?
a. English.
b. Frisian.
c. Dutch.
Answer: Dutch.

18. Which of these countries was never colonized by the Netherlands?
a. Ghana.
b. Sierra Leone.
c. Luxembourg.
Answer: Sierra Leone.

19. In what year was the Netherlands founded?
a. 1581.
b. 1518.
c. 1158.
Answer: 1581.

20. ____ is the national anthem of the Netherlands.
a. Wilhelmus van Nassouwe.
b. Nassouwe van Wilhelmus.
c. Wilmus van Nassouwe.
Answer: Wilhelmus van Nassouwe.

21. Which of these seas borders the Netherlands?
a. Caribbean Sea.
b. North Sea.
c. Black Sea.
Answer: North Sea.

22. What is the oldest building in the Netherlands?
a. Heerlen Roman baths.
b. Ulpia Noviomagus.
c. Oude Kerk.
Answer: Heerlen Roman baths.

23. The traditional dress of the Netherlands is called___.
a. Dracht.
b. Draht.
c. Drachtder.
Answer: Dracht.

24. How many Anglo-Dutch wars were fought?
a. 5.
b. 2.
c. 4.
Answer: 4.

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25. On which side did the Netherlands fight during World War 2?
a. They were neutral.
b. Axis.
c. Allies.
Answer: they were neutral.

26. In what year did the Netherlands host the Summer Olympics?
a. 1982.
b. 1928.
c. 1892.
Answer: 1928.

27. What is the main food commodity produced in the Netherlands?
a. Wheat.
b. Milk.
c. Potatoes.
Answer: wheat.

28. The main religion of the Netherlands is ___.
a. Muslim.
b. Christianity.
c. Buddhism.
Answer: Christianity.

29. The largest airport in the Netherlands is known as ____.
a. Eindhoven Airport.
b. Amsterdam Airport.
c. Groningen Airport.
Answer: Amsterdam Airport.

30. How many African countries did the Netherlands colonize?
a. 6.
b. 9.
c. 10.
Answer: 6.

31. Which is the largest city in the Netherlands?
a. Utrecht.
b. Amsterdam.
c. Rotterdam.
Answer: Amsterdam.

32. What is the informal name of the Netherlands?
a. Nether.
b. Lands of Nether.
c. Holland.
Answer: Holland.

33. How many countries is the Netherlands made up of?
a. 3.
b. 1.
c. 4.
Answer: 4.

34. Which of these beer brands is not made in the Netherlands?
a. Jopen.
b. Hero.
c. Heineken.
Answer: Hero.

35. What is the oldest city in the Netherlands?
a. Utrecht.
b. Nijmegen.
c. Maastricht.
Answer: Nijmegen.

36. Which is not among the provinces of the Netherlands?
a. Drenthe.
b. Zeeland.
c. Friland.
Answer: Friland.

37. Where is the seat of the government situated?
a. Amsterdam.
b. Hague.
c. Rotterdam.
Answer: Hague.

38. Which is the largest lake in the Netherlands?
a. Lake IJsselmeer.
b. Lake Markermeer.
c. Lake Haringvliet.
Answer: Lake IHsselmeer.

39. When is King’s day in the Netherlands celebrated?
a. 17th April.
b. 7th April.
c. 27th April.
Answer: 27th April.

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40. When did the Netherlands join the European Union?
a. 1985.
b. 1958.
c. 1956.
Answer: 1958.

41. What is the national color of the Netherlands?
a. Blue.
b. Red.
c. Orange.
Answer: orange.

42. Which of these countries never colonized the Netherlands?
a. Britain.
b. Germany.
c. Mexico.
Answer: Mexico.

43. ___ is the official name of the Netherlands.
a. the Republic of Netherlands.
b. Kingdom of the Netherlands.
c. The Kingdom of Netherlands.
Answer: Kingdom of the Netherlands.

44. Which of the following is the major export of the Netherlands?
a. Clothing and footwear.
b. Machinery and transport equipment.
c. Mineral fuels.
Answer: machinery and transport equipment.

45. Which of these is not a country in the Netherlands?
a. Aruba.
b. Sint Maarten.
c. Sint Eustatius.
Answer: Sint Eustatius.

46. Which of these is not among the major trademarks of the Netherlands?
a. Tulip.
b. Windmills.
c. Windbreaker.
Answer: windbreaker.

47. On which side did the Netherlands fight during World War 1?
a. Allies.
b. Axis.
c. They were neutral.
Answer: Neutral.

48. What is the national flower of the Netherlands?
a. Lily.
b. Rose.
c. Tulip.
Answer: tulip.

49. Which country invaded the Netherlands in 1940 during World War 2?
a. Britain.
b. Germany.
c. France.
Answer: Germany.

50. Which is the oldest university in the Netherlands?
a. University of Franeker.
b. University of Amsterdam.
c. Leiden University.
Answer: Leiden University.

51. In what year did the Netherlands join United Nations?
a. 1955.
b. 1954.
c. 1945.
Answer: 1945.

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