51 Interesting Nicaragua Trivia Questions and Answers

Are you ready to test how well you know Nicaragua? or Do you want to have fun learning some interesting and uncommon facts about Nicaragua? We got you, as these fact-filled trivia questions will expose you to many fascinating facts about Nicaragua.

Be ready for fun, as we have lined up easy and difficult Nicaragua Trivia questions that will expose you to the culture, geography, politics, and history of the beautiful country of Nicaragua, some you will know others you will be happy to find out.

1. Nicaragua has ___ regions.
a. 5.
b. 3.
c. 7.
Answer: 3.

2. In which part of North America is Nicaragua located?
a. Southern.
b. Northern.
c. Central.
Answer: Central.

3. What is the official name of Nicaragua?
a. Federal Republic of Nicaragua.
b. Republic of Nicaragua.
c. Kingdom of Nicaragua.
Answer: Republic of Nicaragua.


4. What is the largest lake in Nicaragua?
a. Lake Managua.
b. Lake Nicaragua.
c. Lake Peru.
Answer: Lake Nicaragua.

5. In what year did Nicaragua join the United Nations?
a. 1954.
b. 1945.
c. 1960.
Answer: 1945.

6. The official currency of Nicaragua is ____.
a. Cordoba.
b. Krone.
c. Leu.
Answer: Cordoba.

7. What is the time zone in Nicaragua?
a. GMT -7.
b. GMT -6.
c. GMT -8.
Answer: GMT -6.

8. Which Ocean borders Nicaragua?
a. Pacific Ocean.
b. Atlantic Ocean
c. Southern Ocean
Answer: Pacific Ocean.

9. What is the dialing code of Nicaragua?
a. +055.
b. +505.
c. +550.
Answer: +505.

10. Who was the first female president of Nicaragua?
a. Joaquin Vivian.
b. Violeta Barrios Torres.
c. Laura Chinchilla.
Answer: Violeta Barrios Torres.

11. Which of these is not on the national coat of arms of Nicaragua?
a. A rainbow.
b. A cap.
c. Cloud.
Answer: cloud.

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12. What is the main religion of Nicaragua?
a. Muslim.
b. Christianity.
c. Evangelical.
Answer: Christianity.

13. The largest airport in Nicaragua is ____.
a. Managua International Airport.
b. Sadino International Airport.
c. Waspam International Airport.
Answer: Sadino International Airport.

14. Which is the main export of Nicaragua?
a. Gold.
b. Sugar cane.
c. Milk.
Answer: gold.

15. Which of these is not among the most produced food commodities in Nicaragua?
a. Banana.
b. Coffee.
c. Sugar beet.
Answer: sugar beet.

16. How many states are in Nicaragua?
a. 20.
b. 10.
c. 15.
Answer: 15.


17. What is the climate of Nicaragua?
a. Tropical.
b. Temperate.
c. Continental.
Answer: Tropical.

18. When did Nicaragua become independent?
a. 1812.
b. 1832.
c. 1821.
Answer: 1821.

19. Which of these countries never colonized Nicaragua?
a. Spain.
b. Britain.
c. Germany.
Answer: Germany.

20. What colors are on the national flag of Nicaragua?
a. Red, white and blue.
b. Blue, white and red.
c. Blue and white.
Answer: blue and white.

21. Are the streets in Nicaragua named?
a. No.
b. Yes.
c. Maybe.
Answer: no.

22. The highest mountain in Nicaragua is _____.
a. Cerro Las Minas.
b. Mogotón Peak.
c. Cordillera de Dipilto.
Answer: Mogotón Peak.

23. What is the smallest city in Nicaragua?
a. Ciudad.
b. Masatepe.
c. Diriomo.
Answer: Diriomo.

24. ___ is the major import partner of Nicaragua.
a. Mexico.
b. Venezuela.
c. the United States.
Answer: United States.

25. What is the national anthem of Nicaragua?
a. Salve a ti, Nicaragua.
b. Salve ti, Nicaragua.
c. Salvere a ti, Nicaragua.
Answer: Salve a ti, Nicaragua.

26. Which of these countries shares no border with Nicaragua?
a. Mexico.
b. Honduras.
c. Colombia.
Answer: Mexico.

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27. The largest river in Nicaragua is ____.
a. Rio Grande de Matgalpa.
b. San Juan River.
c. Rio Coco River.
Answer: Rio Coco River.

28. When is the national day of Nicaragua?
a. 5th September.
b. 15th September.
c. 25th September.
Answer: 15th September.

29. What is the national game of Nicaragua?
a. Handball.
b. Volleyball.
c. Baseball.
Answer: baseball.

30. What is the capital of Nicaragua?
a. Granada.
b. Leon.
c. Managua.
Answer: Managua.

31. ____ is the largest island in Nicaragua.
a. Big Corn Island.
b. Great Corn Island.
c. Calala Island.
Answer: Big Corn Island.

32. Who was the self-proclaimed president of Nicaragua?
a. Daniel Ortega.
b. William Walker.
c. Adolfo Diaz.
Answer: William Walker.

33. What is the main source of electricity in Nicaragua?
a. Wind.
b. Fossil fuels.
c. Coal.
Answer: wind.

34. Which of these is the nickname of Nicaragua?
a. Land of Lakes and Volcanoes.
b. Land of Lakes and Mountains.
c. Land of Mountains and Volcanoes.
Answer: Land of Lakes and Volcanoes.

35. The largest library in Nicaragua is known as ____.
a. The National Library of Nicaragua Ruben Dario.
b. San Juan del Sur Library.
c. Alemana-Nicaraguense Library.
Answer: The National Library of Nicaragua Ruben Dario.

36. What is the major import of Nicaragua?
a. Oil and its derivatives.
b. Knitted fabric.
c. Refined petroleum.
Answer: oil and its derivatives.

37. Which is the largest museum in Nicaragua?
a. Museo Nacional.
b. ChocoMuseo Granada.
c. Centro Cultural AntiguoConvento.
Answer: Museo Nacional.

38. What is the official language of Nicaragua?
a. Spanish.
b. English.
c. Rama.
Answer: Spanish.

39. Which is the largest port in Nicaragua?
a. Port of Bluefields.
b. Port of El Bluff.
c. Puerto Corinto Port.
Answer: Puerto Corinto Port.

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40. What is the traditional dance of Nicaragua called?
a. Toro Huaco.
b. Topo Haco.
c. ToporoHuacco.
Answer: torohuaco.

41. Which country is its main export partner Nicaragua?
a. China.
b. Guatemala.
c. the United States.
Answer: United States.

42. What is the approximate length of Nicaragua’s coastline?
a. 910 km.
b. 900 km.
c. 920 km.
Answer: 910 km.

43. Which country did Nicaragua gain independence from?
a. Mexico.
b. Spain.
c. Britain.
Answer: Spain.

44. What is the coastline of Nicaragua called?
a. Mosquito Coast.
b. Beef Coast.
c. Motmot Coast.
Answer: Mosquito coast.

45. The largest volcano in Nicaragua is ____.
a. San Cristobal Volcano.
b. Masaya Volcano.
c. Momotombo Volcano.
Answer: San Cristobal Volcano.

46. Which of these cities has never served as the capital of Nicaragua?
a. Granada.
b. Leon.
c. Masaya.
Answer: Masaya.

47. What is the largest city in Nicaragua?
a. Leon.
b. Managua.
c. Waspan.
Answer: Managua.

48. What is the traditional dress of Nicaragua called?
a. Güipil Costume.
b. Gupli Costume.
c. Gipiil Costume.
Answer: Güipil Costume.

49. Which is the oldest building in Nicaragua?
a. León Cathedral.
b. St James Cathedral.
c. La Merced.
Answer: León Cathedral.

50. Nicaragua is the _____ country in Central America.
a. Smallest.
b. Largest.
c. None of the above.
Answer: largest.

51. What is the oldest city in Nicaragua?
a. Granada.
b. Leon.
c. Masaya.
Answer: Granada.

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