51 Interesting Niger Trivia Questions and Answers

Are you ready to test how well you know Niger? or Do you want to have fun learning some interesting and uncommon facts about Niger? We got you, as these fact-filled trivia questions will expose you to many fascinating facts about Niger.

Be ready for fun, as we have lined up easy and difficult Niger Trivia questions that will expose you to the culture, geography, politics, and history of the beautiful state of Niger, some you will know others you will be happy to find out.

1. Which is the national animal of Niger?
a. Dama gazelle.
b. Lion.
c. Tiger.
Answer: Dama gazelle.

2. The desert in Niger is called ____.
a. Namib Desert.
b. Sahara Desert.
c. Danakil Desert.
Answer: Sahara Desert.

3. When did Niger gain her independence?
a. 1965.
b. 1960.
c. 1955.
Answer: 1960.


4. The largest river in Niger is known as ___.
a. Komadugu River.
b. Bani River.
c. River Niger.
Answer: River Niger.

5. Which of these colonies did Niger belong to before her independence?
a. French colony.
b. Spanish colony.
c. British colony.
Answer: French colony.

6. Where in Africa is Niger located?
a. Western.
b. Eastern.
c. Central.
Answer: Western.

7. How many countries is Niger bound to?
a. 9.
b. 7.
c. 4.
Answer: 7.

8. What is another name for Niger?
a. Kingdom of Niger
b. Republic of Niger
c. the Nigeria Republic.
Answer: Niger.

9. Which of these countries is not among the borders of Niger?
a. Burkina Faso.
b. Chad.
c. Cameroun.
Answer: Cameroun.

10. What is the national tree of Niger?
a. Pine tree.
b. Christmas tree.
c. Not declared.
Answer: not declared.

11. Niger is considered the ___ of the world.
a. Frying pan.
b. Pot.
c. Fire.
Answer: frying pan.

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12. Who was the first president of Niger?
a. Seyni Kountche.
b. Hamani Diori.
c. Ali Saibou.
Answer: Hamani Diori.

13. One of these is the largest airport in Niger.
a. Zinder Airport.
b. Mano Dayak International Airport.
c. Diori Hamani International Airport.
Answer: Diori Hamani International Airport.

14. What is the capital of Niger?
a. Niamey.
b. Zinder.
c. Arlit.
Answer: Niamey.

15. Are there any container ports in Niger?
a. Yes.
b. No.
c. None of the above.
Answer: no.

16. What is the currency of Niger called?
a. CFA franc.
b. Naira.
c. Cedi.
Answer: CFA franc.


17. The colors on the national flag of Niger is ___ in number.
a. 2.
b. 3.
c. 4.
Answer: 3.

18. How many regions is Niger divided into?
a. 10.
b. 8.
c. 17.
Answer: 8.

19. Which is the largest lake in Niger?
a. Lake Malawi.
b. Lake Chad.
c. Lake Tanganyika.
Answer: Lake Chad.

20. According to the Holy Bible, Niger means ____.
a. Black.
b. Beautiful lands.
c. Mountains.
Answer: black.

21. The official language of Niger is _____.
a. English.
b. Hausa.
c. French.
Answer: French.

22. Which of the following is the largest library in Niger?
a. The Municipal Library at Arlit.
b. Niger Stanford Library.
c. National Library of Arts.
Answer: The Municipal Library at Arlit.

23. What is the largest library in Niger called?
a. Ferme YOUYOU.
b. Sultan’s Palace.
c. Musée National Boubou Hama.
Answer: Musée National Boubou Hama.

24. The national anthem of Niger is ____.
a. La Nigérienne.
b. Le Nigérienne.
c. La Nigerine.
Answer: La Nigérienne.

25. Which of these countries is the major export partner of Niger?
a. Burkina Faso.
b. United Arab Emirates.
c. Canada.
Answer: United Arab Emirates.

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26. Which of these universities is not in Niger?
a. Univeriste Abdou Moumouni.
b. Universite Islamique de Say.
c. Universite de Ibadan.
Answer: Universite de Ibadan.

27. One of these is the largest region in Niger.
a. Dosso.
b. Niamey.
c. Agadez.
Answer: Agadez.

28. ___ is the official name of Niger.
a. Republic of Niger.
b. Federal Republic of Niger.
c. Niger Republic.
Answer: Republic of Niger.

29. In what year did Niger join United Nations?
a. 1960.
b. 1962.
c. 1964.
Answer: 1960.

30. What is the major import of Niger?
a. Petroleum products.
b. Pharmaceutical products.
c. Cereals.
Answer: cereals.

31. What is the major feast of Niger?
a. Eid al Adha.
b. Eid al Karbi.
c. Independence day.
Answer: Eid al Adha.

32. Which is the largest city in Niger?
a. Zinder.
b. Maradi.
c. Niamey.
Answer: Niamey.

33. Which of these is not a region of Niger?
a. Tahoua.
b. Lagos.
c. Diffa.
Answer: Lagos.

34. What is the main religion of Niger?
a. Muslim.
b. Traditionalism.
c. Christianity.
Answer: Christianity.

35. What is the most produced food commodity of Niger?
a. Sorghum.
b. Barley.
c. Millet.
Answer: millet.

36. Which of these colors is not found on the national flag of Niger?
a. Orange.
b. Blue.
c. White.
Answer: blue.

37. Which of these foods is not among the staple foods of Niger?
a. Rice.
b. Cassava.
c. Potato.
Answer: potato.

38. What is the main electricity source for Niger?
a. Fossil fuels.
b. Coal.
c. Hydro.
Answer: coal.

39. What is Niger’s national dish?
a. Djerma stew.
b. Ewa riro.
c. Iyan.
Answer: djerma stew.

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40. Niger is divided into how many departments?
a. 66.
b. 63.
c. 60.
Answer: 63.

41. Which country is the major import partner of Niger?
a. China.
b. Belgium.
c. France.
Answer: France.

42. In what order are the colors on Niger’s flag arranged?
a. Green, white and orange.
b. White, orange and green.
c. Orange, white and green.
Answer: orange, white and green.

43. Which is the major export of Niger?
a. Uranium.
b. Gold.
c. Thorium ore.
Answer: gold.

44. How many municipalities are in Niger?
a. 266.
b. 260.
c. 250.
Answer: 266.

45. Which is the most spoken language in Niger?
a. Arabic.
b. French.
c. Hausa.
Answer: Hausa.

46. Which of these is not a city in Niger?
a. Dogondoutchi.
b. Lagos.
c. Tessaoua.
Answer: Lagos.

47. What is the national flower of Niger?
a. Rose flower.
b. Yellow trumpet.
c. Raffelsia.
Answer: yellow trumpet.

48. What is the national game of Niger?
a. Wrestling.
b. Handball.
c. Football.
Answer: football.

49. Why is Niger named Niger?
a. It was coined in the Niger area.
b. It was from the largest river found in Niger.
c. It was coined in Nigeria.
Answer: it was from the largest river found in Niger.

50. How many times has Niger won the African cup of Nations?
a. 0
b. 1
c. 2
Answer: 0

51. What is the national fruit of Niger?
a. Not declared.
b. Pomegranate.
c. Mango.
Answer: not declared.

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