51 Interesting Nigeria Trivia Questions and Answers

Nigeria is a country in Africa known as the giant of Africa due to its population and economy. Are you a Nigerian, a tourist, or someone looking to test your knowledge about Nigeria or discover more facts about Nigeria?

We have lined up some mind-blowing and error-free Nigeria questions that will expose you to lots of fascinating knowledge about Nigeria.

1. Which is the capital of Nigeria?
A. Lagos.
B. Enugu.
C. Abuja.
Answer: Abuja.

2. Which of the following is correct about the color of the Nigerian flag?
A. Green, green and white.
B. Green and white.
C. Green, white and green.
Answer: green,whiteandgreen.

3. What is the Nigerian currency called?
A. Dollar.
B. Naira.
C. Stallion.
Answer: naira.


4. Which part of Africa is Nigeria situated in?
A. Western Africa.
B. Eastern Africa.
C. Southern Africa.
Answer: Western Africa.

5. Which of the following is the national animal of Nigeria?
A. Lion.
B. Monkey.
C. Eagle.
Answer: eagle.

6. Which is the most produced food in Nigeria?
A. Yam.
B. Cassava.
C. Corn.
Answer: cassava.

7. What is the Nigerian national anthem called?
A. O! God of creation.
B. Nigeria we hail thee!
C. Arise O’Compatriots.
Answer: AriseO’Compatriots.

8. Which is the national sport of Nigeria.
A. Volleyball.
B. Basketball.
C. Soccer.
Answer: soccer.

9. Who was the first president of Nigeria?
A. Nnamdi Azikiwe.
B. Shehu Shagari.
C. Alhaji Abubakar Tafawa Balewa.
Answer: Nnamdi Azikiwe.

10. Which of these is the dominant religion of Nigeria?
A. Traditional religion.
B. Islamic religion.
C. Christianity.
Answer: Islamic religion.

11. One of these is not one of the major tribes of Nigeria.
A. Igbo.
B. Yoruba.
C. Efik.
Answer: Efik

12. In what year did Nigeria gain its independence?
A. 1906.
B. 1960.
C. 1690.
Answer: 1960.

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13. How many states does Nigeria have?
A. 63.
B. 30.
C. 36.
Answer: 36.

14. How many languages are spoken currently in Nigeria?
A. About 520.
B. About 500.
C. About 300.
Answer: About 520.

16. How many local governments are found in Nigeria?
A. 770.
B. 774.
C. 747.
Answer: 774.

17. What is the highest mountain in Nigeria called?
A. Aso Rock.
B. Mount Patti.
C. Gangirwal mountain.
Answer: Gangirwalmountain.


18. Which of these is the largest island in Nigeria?
A. Banana Island.
B. Victoria Island.
C. Lagos Island.
Answer: Lagos Island.

19. Which of the following is the largest lake in Nigeria?
A. Oguta Lake.
B. Nike Lake.
D. Lake Chad.
Answer: Oguta lake.

20. What is the tallest building in Nigeria called?
A. Union Bank Headquarters.
B. NECOM House.
C. Champagne Pearl Tower.
Answer: NECOM House.

21. In what year was the Central Bank of Nigeria founded?
A. 1985.
B. 1895.
C. 1958.
Answer: 1958.

22. One of these is the first female president of Nigeria.
A. Virginia Etiaba.
B. Ronke Kale.
C. Sarah Jibril.
Answer: Sarah Jibril.

23. Which of these was the first official capital of Nigeria?
A. Lagos.
B. Calabar.
C. Enugu.
Answer: Lagos.

24. What name was given to the last war of Nigeria?
A. The Nigerian war.
B. The Nigeria-Biafra war.
C. The Southern war.
Answer: The Nigeria-Biafra war.

25. In which year did the end sars protests take place?
A. 2019.
B. 2020.
C. 2021.
Answer: 2020.

26. What meaning is given to the eagle on the Nigerian cosy of arm.
A. Peace.
B. Unity.
C. Strength.
Answer: strength.

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27. Which one of these is the largest dam in Nigeria?
A. Kainji Dam.
B. Watari Dam.
C. Bakolori Dam.
Answer: Kainji dam.

28. The two horses in the Nigerian cost of arm represents what?
A. Progress.
B. Dignity.
C. Strength.
Answer: dignity.

29. One of these is the longest river in Nigeria.
A. River Benue.
B. River Niger.
C. River Gongola.
Answer: River Niger.

30. Which of these is the official name of Nigeria?
A. Republic of Nigeria.
B. The peoples Republic of Nigeria.
C. Federal Republic of Nigeria.

31. Which is the largest airport in Nigeria?
A. Mallam Aminu International Airport.
B. Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport.
C. Murtala Muhammed International Airport.
Answer: MurtalaMuhammedInternationalAirport.

32. When is the national day of Nigeria?
A. 1st August.
B. 21st June.
C. 1st October.
Answer: 1st October.

33. How many geo-political zones does Nigeria have?
A. 4.
B. 8.
C. 6.
Answer: 6.

34. One of these is the most populated state in Nigeria.
A. Abuja.
B. Port harcourt.
C. Lagos.
Answer: Lagos.

35. Who was the first executive president of Nigeria?
A. Nnamdi Azikiwe.
B. Shehu Shagari.
C. General Yakubu Gowon.
Answer: ShehuShagari.

36. What does the white part of the Nigerian flag indicate?
A. Dignity.
B. Strength.
C. Peace.
Answer: peace.

37. One of these is not among the middle belt states in Nigeria.
A. Imo state.
B. Kogi state.
C. Benue state.
Answer: Imo state.

38. In which state is the Kainji dam located?
A. Kwara state.
B. Niger state.
C. Lagos state.
Answer: Niger state.

39. In what year did the first coup d’etat occur in Nigeria?
A. 1975.
B. 1966.
C. 1976.
Answer: 1966.

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40. What is the first university of Nigeria called?
A. University of Nigeria, Nsukka.
B. University of Lagos.
C. University of Ibadan.
Answer: UniversityofIbadan.

41. Has Nigeria ever hosted the Olympics?
A. Yes.
B. No.
C. Maybe.
Answer: No.

42. Who is the current president of Nigeria?
A. Muhammadu Buhari.
B. Bola Tinibu.
C. Peter Obi.
Answer: Muhammadu Buhari.

43. Which one of these seasons is not experienced in Nigeria?
A. Rainy season.
B. Harmattan season.
C. Winter season.
Answer: C.

44. Which of these is the current population of Nigeria?
A. About 200 million.
B. About 220 million.
C. About 210 million.
Answer: About210million.

45. How many ethnic groups are in Nigeria?
A. 200.
B. 300.
C. 250.
Answer: 250.

46. One of these is not one of the major exported foods from Nigeria.
A. Rice.
B. Frozen shrimps.
C. Sesamum seeds.
Answer: rice.

47. Which Nigerian state is known as the food basket of the nation?
A. Niger.
B. Benue.
C. Ekiti.
Answer: Benue.

48. Which country colonized Nigeria?
A. China.
B. Britian.
C. Portugal.
Answer: Britain.

49. One of these is not one of the traditional dresses in Nigeria.
A. Abaya.
B. Mbubb.
C. Shweshwe.
Answer: shweshwe.

50. Which of the following is the official language of Nigeria?
A. Igbo.
B. English.
C. Yoruba.
Answer: English.

51. Which of the following is largest city in Nigeria?
A. Abuja.
B. Enugu.
C. Lagos.
Answer: Lagos.

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