51 Interesting Oceania Trivia Questions and Answers

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Are you ready to test how well you know Oceania? or Do you want to have fun learning some interesting and uncommon facts about Oceania? We got you, as these fact-filled trivia questions will expose you to many fascinating facts about Oceania.

Be ready for fun, as we have lined up easy and difficult Oceania Trivia questions that will expose you to the culture, geography, politics, and history of the beautiful country of Oceania, some you will know others you will be happy to find out.

1. Which of these countries is not used in Oceania?
a. Australian dollar.
b. Western Samoan pound.
c. Krona.
Answer: Australian dollar.

2. In what year did Tonga sign a Treaty of Friendship and Protectorship with Britain?
a. 1900.
b. 1090.
c. 1009.
Answer: 1900.


3. Which of these is the coldest country in Oceania?
a. New Zealand.
b. New Guinea.
c. Australia.
Answer: New Zealand.

4. In 1853, Caledonia was a/an __ colony.
a. British.
b. Australian.
c. French.
Answer: French.

5. How many independent countries are in Oceania?
a. 12.
b. 16.
c. 14.
Answer: 14.

6. How many time zones are used in Oceania?
a. 4.
b. 1.
c. 3.
Answer: 3.

7. Which of these dial codes is used in Oceania?
a. +68.
b. +61.
c. +64.
Answer: +61.

8. Which of these islands is said to have been created by a flounder and an eel?
a. Micronesia.
b. Tuvalu.
c. New Zealand.
Answer: Tuvalu.

9. Which of the following is the largest lake in Oceania?
a. Lake Amadeus.
b. Lake Frome.
c. Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre.
Answer: Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre.

10. The largest country in Oceania is ___.
a. New Zealand.
b. Australia.
c. Fiji.
Answer: Australia.

11. The constitution of the Federated States of Micronesia came into effect in the year ____.
a. 1997.
b. 1979.
c. 1799.
Answer: 1979.

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12. How many climate zones is Oceania divided into?
a. 3.
b. 1.
c. 2.
Answer: 2.

13. What is the most spoken language in Oceania?
a. French.
b. English.
c. Spanish.
Answer: English.

14. What is the most practiced religion in Oceania?
a. Christianity.
b. Mostly pagans.
c. Mostly atheist.
Answer: Christianity.

15. In what year did the London Missionary Society convert Tuvalu to Christianity?
a. 1685.
b. 1865.
c. 1856.
Answer: 1865.

16. Which of these climates is not experienced in Oceania?
a. Tropical.
b. Continental.
c. Temperate.
Answer: Continental.


17. Which of these never happened to the aborigines?
a. Their children were taken from their families.
b. They were killed by diseases.
c. They were imprisoned.
Answer: They were imprisoned.

18. The highest peak of Oceania is ___.
a. Sumantri.
b. NggaPilimsit.
c. Puncak Jaya.
Answer: Puncak Jaya.

19. What is the largest river in Oceania called?
a. Lachlan River.
b. Murray River.
c. Darling River.
Answer: Murray River.

20. Which of these animals is not only seen in Oceania?
a. Kangaroo.
b. Koala.
c. Australian rooster.
Answer: Australian rooster.

21. Which of these is not among the most produced crop in Oceania?
a. Coconut.
b. Plantain.
c. Sugar cane.
Answer: Plantain.

22. Which of these is the most experienced natural disaster in Oceania?
a. Tsunami.
b. Earthquake.
c. Cyclones.
Answer: Tsunami.

23. Which of these was the deadliest natural disaster ever encountered in New Zealand?
a. Hawke’s Bay earthquake.
b. Hawke’s Bay Cyclone.
c. Hawke’s Bay tsunami.
Answer: Hawke’s Bay earthquake.

24. In which of these oceans is Oceania located?
a. South Pacific Ocean.
b. South Atlantic Ocean.
c. North Pacific Ocean.
Answer: South Pacific Ocean.

25. Which of these countries is not in Oceania?
a. Kiribati.
b. Austria.
c. Nauru.
Answer: Austria.

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26. ___ is the highest building in Oceania.
a. No. 1 Brisbane.
b. Q1.
c. Australia 108.
Answer: Q1.

27. What is the capital of Australia?
a. Brisbane.
b. Melbourne.
c. Canberra.
Answer: Canberra.

28. How many geographical areas are in Oceania?
a. 4.
b. 7.
c. 3.
Answer: 3.

29. The largest island in Oceania is ___.
a. Grande Terre.
b. New Guinea.
c. Borneo.
Answer: New Guinea.

30. Oceania has ___ regions.
a. 5.
b. 4.
c. 7.
Answer: 4.

31. Which two countries make up Australasia?
a. Australia and Polynesia.
b. Australia and Micronesia.
c. Australia and New Zealand.
Answer: Australia and New Zealand.

32. Oceania is made up of mostly __ countries.
a. 4.
b. 3.
c. 2.
Answer: 2.

33. Which of these countries is located over all four hemispheres?
a. Fiji.
b. Australia.
c. Kiribati.
Answer: Kiribati.

34. When did the Federated States of Micronesia become a part of the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands?
a. 1947.
b. 1974.
c. 1949.
Answer: 1947.

35. Which of these is not true about Oceania?
a. It is an island.
b. It is also called Australia.
c. It is connected to Europe by land.
Answer: It is connected to Europe by land.

36. Which of these is not among the major regions of Oceania?
a. Melanesia.
b. Indonesia.
c. Australia.
Answer: Australia.

37. Oceania is the ___continent according to land area.
a. 3rd smallest.
b. 2nd smallest.
c. Smallest.
Answer: smallest.

38. ___ is the richest country in Oceania.
a. New Guinea.
b. Australia.
c. New Zealand.
Answer: Australia.

39. Are the Marshall Islands located in Oceania?
a. No.
b. Yes.
c. Partially.
Answer: Yes.

40. Which is the largest airport in Oceania?
a. Melbourne Airport.
b. Sydney Airport.
c. Auckland Airport.
Answer: Sydney Airport.

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41. Where exactly is the Great Barrier Island located?
a. New Zealand.
b. Australia.
c. United States.
Answer: New Zealand.

42. Which strait separates the Southern and Northern parts of New Zealand?
a. Cook Strait.
b. Tasman Strait.
c. Gulf of Guinea.
Answer: Cook Strait.

43. The two major ethnic groups of Fiji are all of the following except____.
a. Indian.
b. Australians.
c. Fijians.
Answer: Australians.

44. Which of the following is the newest country in Oceania?
a. Papua New Guinea.
b. Bougainville.
c. Samoa.
Answer: Bougainville.

45. The Uluru in Australia, the world’s largest monolith is also known as ___.
a. Ayers rock.
b. Red rock.
c. Auburn rock.
Answer: Ayers rock.

46. Australia and New Zealand are connected by the ___.
a. Cook Strait.
b. Tasman Sea.
c. Pacific Ocean.
Answer: Tasman Sea.

47. Which country in Oceania has the world’s highest sheep-to-human ratio; 5:1.
a. Kiribati.
b. Australia.
c. New Zealand.
Answer: New Zealand.

48. In the Indian Ocean, there is an island named Christmas Island, which belongs to which country?
a. Australia.
b. India.
c. China.
Answer: Australia.

49. Where is the Great Barrier Reef located?
a. New Guinea.
b. Australia.
c. New Zealand.
Answer: Australia.

50. Which of these religions is not among the most practiced religion in Oceania?
a. Judaism.
b. Hinduism.
c. Islamic religion.
Answer: Islamic religion.

51. Which of these people were not among the first inhabitants of Oceania?
a. Melanesians.
b. Australian Aboriginals.
c. European Aboriginals.
Answer: European Aboriginals.

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