51 Interesting Oman Trivia Questions and Answers

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Are you ready to test how well you know Oman? or Do you want to have fun learning some interesting and uncommon facts about Oman? We got you, as these fact-filled trivia questions will expose you to many fascinating facts about Oman.

Be ready for fun, as we have lined up easy and difficult Oman Trivia questions that will expose you to the culture, geography, politics, and history of the beautiful country of Oman, some you will know others you will be happy to find out.

1. Which of these Peninsulas does Oman belong to?
a. Iberian.
b. Scandinavian.
c. Arabic.
Answer: Arabic.

2. Which of these cities of Oman was annexed to Tanzania?
a. Seeb.
b. Ibri.
c. Zanzibar.
Answer: Zanzibar.


3. Which of these countries never colonized Oman?
a. Britain.
b. USA.
c. Portugal.
Answer: USA.

4. Where in Asia is Oman located?
a. South East.
b. South West.
c. South Central.
Answer: South West.

5. Oman is officially known as ____.
a. The Republic of Oman.
b. The Sultanate of Oman.
c. The Kingdom of Oman.
Answer: The Sultanate of Oman.

6. How many colors are on the national flag of Oman?
a. 3.
b. 2.
c. 4.
Answer: 3.

7. Which of these countries does not share land borders with Oman?
a. Yemen.
b. Pakistan.
c. Saudi Arabia.
Answer: Pakistan.

8. Which of these torture methods is not used in Oman?
a. Hooding.
b. Beating.
c. Use of heated metals.
Answer: use of heated metals.

9. Which of the following is the main food commodity product of Oman?
a. Dates.
b. Plantains.
c. Wheat.
Answer: dates.

10. Which of these is not allowed in broad daylight during Ramadan?
a. Eating in public places.
b. Staying indoors.
c. Walking with the opposite sex that is not related by blood.
Answer: Eating in public places.

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11. The ruler of Oman is called ___.
a. Emir.
b. Oba.
c. Sultan.
Answer: Sultan.

12. What is the largest airport in Oman called?
a. Muscat International Airport.
b. Salalah International Airport.
c. Duqm International Airport.
Answer: Muscat International Airport.

13. Oman is made up of ___ Governorates.
a. 15.
b. 11.
c. 9.
Answer: 11.

14. Which of the following is true about the land of Oman?
a. It is wet enough to grow major crops for consumption.
b. It is very dry and it is not possible to grow crops comfortably.
c. It is very wet and it is very possible to grow crops very comfortably.
Answer: It is very dry and it is not possible to grow crops comfortably.

15. What colors are on the national flag of Oman?
a. Red, white and blue.
b. Green, white and blue.
c. Green, white and red.
Answer: Green, white and red.

16. One of these does not share a border with Oman.
a. Arabian Sea.
b. North Sea.
c. Gulf of Persian.
Answer: North Sea.


17. Which of the following is the shortest-lasting war in Oman?
a. Anglo-Oman.
b. Anglo-Zanzibar.
c. Tanzania-Oman.
Answer: Anglo-Zanzibar.

18. Which is the highest mountain in Oman?
a. Jabal Bil Ays.
b. Jebel Kawr.
c. Jebel Shams.
Answer: Jebel Shams.

19. Which of these is the largest governorate in Oman?
a. Muscat.
b. Buraymi.
c. Dhahirah.
Answer: Muscat.

20. When did Oman encounter a coup d’état?
a. 1907.
b. 1997.
c. 1970.
Answer: 1970.

21. What was Oman formerly called?
a. Sultanate of Oman and Muscat.
b. Sultanate of Muscat and Oman.
c. Sultanate of Muscat and Zanzibar.
Answer: Sultanate of Muscat and Oman.

22. Which of these countries does not share border with Oman?
a. United Arab Emirates.
b. Iraq.
c. Iran.
Answer: Iraq.

23. Which of these seasons is experienced in Oman?
a. Autumn.
b. Winter.
c. All of the above.
Answer: All of the above.

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24. Oman is the ____ independent state in the Arab world.
a. Largest.
b. Oldest.
c. Richest.
Answer: Oldest.

25. How long did the Anglo-Zanzibar war last?
a. 1 hour.
b. 38 minutes.
c. 30 minutes.
Answer: 38 minutes.

26. What is the approximate length of Oman’s coastline?
a. 3,170 km.
b. 3,160 km.
c. 3,300 km.
Answer: 3,170 km.

27. Which of these natural disasters is Oman not prone to?
a. Cyclones.
b. Flooding.
c. Earthquake.
Answer: earthquake.

28. ____ is the largest desert in Oman.
a. Rub’ al Kahli.
b. Rual Khali.
c. Rub’lal Hkail.
Answer: Rub’ al Kahli.

29. The major export of Oman is ____.
a. Oil.
b. Rubber.
c. Chemicals.
Answer: oil.

30. Which of these colors is not on the national flag of Oman?
a. Blue.
b. Green.
c. Red.
Answer: Blue.

31. What is the largest island in Oman?
a. Masirah Island.
b. Bird Island.
c. Al Hallaniyah.
Answer: Masirah Island.

32. Who led the 1970 coup d’état of Oman?
a. Qaboos bin Said.
b. Ray Kane.
c. Qaboos bin Taimur.
Answer: Qaboos bin Said.

33. Which of the following is the oldest city in Oman?
a. Nizwa.
b. Izki.
c. Mascat.
Answer: Izki.

34. When was the slave trade banned in Oman?
a. 1907.
b. 1970.
c. 1997.
Answer: 1970.

35. The major import partner of Oman is ___.
a. Qatar.
b. Saudi Arabia.
c. United Arab Emirates.
Answer: United Arab Emirates.

36. What is known as the alcohol of Oman?
a. Heineken.
b. Mountain dew.
c. Guinness.
Answer: Mountain dew.

37. Which of these is not strictly prohibited in Oman?
a. Honking.
b. Dirty cars.
c. Parking on the side of roads.
Answer: Parking on the side of the road.

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38. What is the dialing code of Oman?
a. +986.
b. +968.
c. +896.
Answer: +968.

39. What is the time zone of Oman?
a. GMT +4.
b. GMT +7.
c. GMT +2.
Answer: GMT +4.

40. Which of these rulers of Oman was displaced in 1970?
a. Said bin Taimur.
b. Ray Kane.
c. Qabus bin Said.
Answer: Said bin Taimur.

41. In what year was Oman founded?
a. 1605.
b. 1560.
c. 1650.
Answer: 1650.

42. What is the capital of Oman?
a. Nizwa Fort.
b. Muscat.
c. Salalah.
Answer: Muscat.

43. Oman’s main import is ___.
a. Electrical machinery.
b. Mineral products.
c. Transport equipment.
Answer: transport equipment.

44. What is the official language of Oman?
a. Arabic.
b. Portuguese.
c. English.
Answer: Arabic.

45. What is the currency of Oman?
a. Riyal.
b. Dirham.
c. Rupee.
Answer: Riyal.

46. Which of these cities was never the capital of Oman?
a. Nizwa.
b. Zanzibar.
c. Sur.
Answer: Sur.

47. Oman’s major export partner is ___.
a. South Korea.
b. India.
c. China.
Answer: China.

48. Which of these is the dominant religion in Oman?
a. Buddhism.
b. Christianity.
c. Muslim.
Answer: Muslim.

49. What time zone is used in Oman?
a. Greenwich Mean Time.
b. Coordinated Universal Time.
c. Gulf Standard Time.
Answer: Gulf Standard Time.

50. About how many lakes are found in Oman?
a. 10.
b. 5.
c. 0.
Answer: 0.

51. Which is the largest museum in Oman?
a. Omani and French Museum.
b. The National Museum Oman.
c. Bait Al Zubair Museum.
Answer: The National Museum Oman.

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