51 Interesting Pakistan Trivia questions and answers

Are you looking to test your knowledge about Pakistan or discover more facts about Pakistan?

We have lined up some mind-blowing and error-free Pakistan Trivia questions that will expose you to lots of fascinating knowledge about Pakistan, like culture, geography, politics, history, and more.

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1. In which part of Asia is Pakistan found?
A. Southern Asia.
B. Northern Asia.
C. Central Asia.
Answer: Southern Asia.

2. What is the meaning of Pakistan in English?
A. Land for the pure.
B. Pure of the land.
C. Land of the pure.
Answer: land of the pure.


3. Which of these is the national game of Pakistan?
A. Baseball.
B. Hockey.
C. Cricket.
Answer: hockey.

4. What are the two colors of the Pakistan flag?
A. Green and white.
B. White and green.
C. Red and green.
Answer: white and green.

5. One of these is the capital of Pakistan.
A. Rawalpindi.
B. Karachi.
C. Islamabad.
Answer: Islamabad.

6. One of these Pakistani States has never been the capital of Pakistan.
A. Rawalpindi.
B. Kahuta.
C. Karachi.
Answer: Kahuta.

7. Which of the following is the biggest city in Pakistan?
A. Karachi.
B. Muzaffargarh.
C. Faisalabad.
Answer: Karachi.

8. What is the oldest town in Pakistan called?
A. Jericho.
B. Multan.
C. Peshawar.
Answer: Peshawar.

9. Which of these is the largest lake in Pakistan?
A. Manchar Lake.
B. Karambar Lake.
C. Keenjhar Lake.
Answer: Manchar Lake.

10. Which of these is the official name of Pakistan?
A. The Islamic Republic of Pakistan.
B. The Republic of Pakistan.
C. The Dominion of Pakistan.
Answer: Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

11. In what year did Pakistan gain its independence?
A. 1947.
B. 1974.
C. 1794.
Answer: 1947.

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12. Which country colonized Pakistan before her independence?
A. Portugal.
B. Britain.
C. Russia.
Answer: Britain.

13. What is the national bird of Pakistan called?
A. Markhor.
B. Shaheen falcon.
C. Chukar.
Answer: chukar.

14. Which of these is the national animal of Pakistan?
A. Snow leopard.
B. Striped hyena.
C. Markhor.
Answer: markhor.

15. What is the national fish of Pakistan called?
A. Striped bass.
B. Mahseer.
C. Mackerel.
Answer: mahseer.


16. Which is the national flower of Pakistan?
A. Jasmine.
B. Lantana.
C. Calotropis.
Answer: jasmine.

17. Which is the national fruit of Pakistan?
A. Orange.
B. Grape.
C. Mango.
Answer: mango.

18. Which of these animals is only found in Pakistan?
A. Echis Carinatus.
B. Markhor.
C. Jackal.
Answer: markhor.

19. One of these is the national language of Pakistan.
A. Urdu.
B. English.
C. Punjabi.
Answer: Urdu.

20. Which of these languages is most spoken in Pakistan?
A. Gujarati.
B. Punjabi.
C. Pashto.
Answer: Gujarati.

21. Which of the following is the longest river in Pakistan?
A. Panjnad River.
B. Indus River.
C. Ravi River.
Answer: Indus River.

22. Which of the following is Pakistan’s largest offshore Island?
A. Astola Island.
B. Bundle Island.
C. Buddo Island.
Answer: Astola Island.

23. What is the Pakistan national anthem called?
A. Jana-gana-mana.
B. Qaumī Tarānāh.
C. Zinadine Zidane.
Answer: Qaumī Tarānāh.

24. Which of these is the first president of Pakistan after independence?
A. Iskander Mirza.
B. Ayub Khan.
C. Mohammad Afzal Cheema.
Answer: Iskander Mirza.

25. One of these is the recent president of Pakistan in 2022.
A. Mamnoon Hussain.
B. Arif Alvi.
C. Shehbaz Sharif.
Answer: Arif Alvi.

26. Who is the first female prime minister of Pakistan?
A. Khawaja Nazimuddin.
B. Liaquat Ali Khan.
C. Benazir Bhutto.
Answer: Benazir Bhutto.

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27. Which of the following is the Pakistan currency?
A. Rupee.
B. Lahk.
C. Dollar.
Answer: Rupee.

28. Which of these is the most produced food commodity in Pakistan?
A. Rice.
B. Corn.
C. Wheat.
Answer: wheat.

29. What is the highest mountain in Pakistan called?
A. Nanga Parbat.
B. K2.
C. K4.
Answer: K2.

30. What was Pakistan formerly called?
A. The Islamic Republic of Pakistan.
B. Republic of Pakistan.
C. Dominion of Pakistan.
Answer: Dominion of Pakistan.

31. Which of these is the most practiced religion in Pakistan?
A. Traditional religion.
B. Islamic religion.
C. Buddhism.
Answer: Islamic religion.

32. Which of these is the national day of Pakistan?
A. 16th August.
B. 12th August.
C. 14th August.
Answer: 14th August.

33. What is the official traditional dress of Pakistan called?
A. Shalwar Kameez.
B. Sindhi dress.
C. Taana banana.
Answer: Shalwar Kameez.

34. Which of these celestial bodies are found on the Pakistan flag?
A. Star and sun.
B. Sun and moon.
C. Moon and star.
Answer: moon and star.

35. One of these is the national food of Pakistan.
A. Slow-Cooked Spiced dog meat.
B. Slow-Cooked Spiced Lamb Stew.
C. Slow-Cooked Spiced cow meat.
Answer: Slow-Cooked Spiced Lamb Stew.

36. What is the official tree of Pakistan called?
A. Deodar tree.
B. Mango tree.
C. Cactus tree.
Answer: deodar tree.

37. What is the tallest building in Pakistan called?
A. Zamzama park.
B. Chapal skymark.
C. Bahria Opal Tower.
Answer: Bahria Opal Tower.

38. Which of these is the smallest city in Pakistan?
A. Sialkot.
B. Vehari.
C. Jhelum.
Answer: Sialkot.

39. How many countries form the borders of Pakistan?
A. 5.
B. 4.
C. 6.
Answer: 4.

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40. One of these countries is not within the borders of Pakistan.
A. India.
B. Korea.
C. China.
Answer: Korea.

41. Which of this from the southern border of Pakistan.
A. Arabian sea.
B. Indus sea.
C. India sea.
Answer: The Arabian sea.

42. Which of these is known as Pakistan’s City of light?
A. Karachi.
B. Muzaffargarh.
C. Faisalabad.
Answer: Karachi.

43. Which of these is Pakistan’s city of gardens?
A. Bengaluru.
B. Lahore.
C. Peshawar.
Answer: Lahore.

44. One of these cities is known as Pakistan’s fruit basket.
A. Sargodha.
B. Sindh.
C. Balochistan.
Answer: Balochistan.

45. Which one of these is the oldest building in Pakistan?
A. Lahore Fort.
B. Faisal Mosque.
C. Minar-e-Pakistan.
Answer: Lahore Fort.

46. One of these is the oldest fort in Pakistan.
A. Kargai Fort.
B. Rohtas Fort.
C. Ramkot Fort.
Answer: Rohtas fort.

47. Which of these is the largest airport in Pakistan?
A. Islamabad International Airport.
B. Allama Iqbal International Airport.
C. Jinnah International Airport.
Answer: JinnahInternationalAirport.

48. Which of the following is the largest port container in Pakistan?
A. Port Qasim.
B. Karachi port.
C. Gwadar port.
Answer: Karachi port.

49. Which city in Pakistan is referred to as the city of perfume?
A. Pattoki.
B. Qasim.
C. Hyderabad.
Answer: Hyderabad.

50. One of these cities is referred to as Pakistan’s valley of flowers.
A. Pattoki.
B. Qasim.
C. Hyderabad.
Answer: Pattoki.

51. Which of the following Pakistan cities is famous for sports goods?
Answer: Sialkot.

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