51 Interesting Poland Trivia questions and answers

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We have lined up some mind-blowing and error-free Poland questions that will expose you to lots of fascinating knowledge about Poland. Play this Fun Poland Trivia Quiz, to uncover some important facts that most people don’t know, and surely you will be proud of yourself.

1. Which part of Europe is Poland situated in?
A. Northern Europe.
B. Southern Europe.
C. Central Europe.
Answer: Central Europe.

2. Which of these is the capital of Poland?
A. Łódź.
B. Warsaw.
C. Kraków.
Answer: Warsaw.

3. What is the longest river in Poland called?
A. Vistula River.
B. Oder River.
C. Noteć River.
Answer: Vistula River.


4. Which is the highest mountain in Poland?
A. Mount Rysy.
B. Zadný Gerlach.
C. Lavínový štít.
Answer: ZadnýGerlach.

5. Which of the following perfectly describes the national flag of Poland? It is divided into_
A. Upper red and lower white colours.
B. Left red and right white colours.
C. Upper white and lower red colours.
Answer: Upperwhiteandlowerredcolours.

6. Which of these is the official name of Poland?
A. Republic of Poland.
B. People’s Republic of Poland.
C. Polish people’s Republic.
Answer: Republic of Poland.

7. What is the approximate population of Poland?
A. 37.80 million.
B. 37.95 million.
C. 37,757,348.
Answer: 37.95 million.

8. Which of the following is the largest airport in Poland?
A. Katowice International Airport.
B. Kraków John Paul II International Airport.
C. Warsaw Chopin Airport.
Answer:Warsaw Chopin Airport.

9. Which of the following is the largest city in Poland?
A. Szczecin.
B. Warsaw.
C. Kraków.
Answer: Warsaw.

10. What is the national bird of Poland called?
A. Crowned white-tailed eagle.
B. Northern lapwing.
C. Western capercaillie.
Answer: Crownedwhite-tailed eagle.

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11. Which is the flower of Poland?
A. Geraniums.
B. Crocuses.
C. Poppies.
Answer: poppies.

12. What is Poland’s currency called?
A. Euro.
B. Zloty.
C. Dollar.
Answer: Złoty.

13. What year did Poland join the UN?
A. 1945.
B. 1954.
C. 1990.
Answer: 1945.

14. When is the national independence day of Poland?
A. 1st November.
B. 11th November.
C. 21st November.
Answer: 11th November.

15. One of these countries does not share a border with Poland.
A. Lithuania.
B. Ukraine.
C. Britain.
Answer: Britain.

16. Which of these is the national sport of Poland?
A. Soccer.
B. Volleyball.
C. Ringnetball.
Answer: soccer.


17. What is the meaning of Poland in Polish?
A. Polka.
B. Polska.
C. Poldka
Answer: Polska.

18. What is the main religion of Poland called?
A. Protestantism.
B. Eastern Orthodoxy.
C. Catholicism.
Answer: Catholicism.

19. The largest castle in Poland is called what?
A. Ogrodzieniec Castle.
B. Malbork Castle.
C. Książ Castle.
Answer: Malbork Castle.

20. One of these is the largest island in Poland.
A. Wolin Island.
B. Cämmerer See Island.
C. Sobieszewo Island.
Answer: Wolin Island.

21. Which of these stones is Poland known for?
A. Agates.
B. Quartzs.
C. Amber.
Answer: amber.

22. Which one of these is the largest lake in Poland?
A. Śniardwy lake.
B. Lake Mamry.
C. Łebsko Lake.
Answer: Śniardwy lake.

23. Who is the first female president of Poland?
A. Édith Cresson.
B. Ewa Kopacz.
C. Gabrielle Narutowicz.
Answer: Ewa Kopacz.

24. Who was the last king of Poland?
A. Władysław Sikorski.
B. Felicjan Sławoj Składkowski.
C. Stanisław August Poniatowski.
Answer: Stanisław August Poniatowski.

25. What is the largest forest of Poland called?
A. Białowieża Forest.
B. Puszcza Bukowa.
C. Puszcza Biała.
Answer: Białowieża Forest.

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26. Which is the deepest lake in Poland?
A. Morzycko Lake.
B. Lake Hańcza.
C. Drawsko Lake.
Answer: Lake Hańcza.

27. How many countries does Poland share its boundary with?
A. 6.
B. 8.
C. 7.
Answer: 7.

28. One of these is the tallest building in Poland.
A. Varso Tower.
B. Warsaw Spire.
C. Sky Tower.
Answer: Varso tower.

29. Which of these is the oldest town in Poland?
A. Wrocław.
B. Bohemia.
C. Kalisz.
Answer: Kalisz.

30. Which of the following is the first capital of Poland?
A. Bohemia.
B. Kalisz.
C. Gniezno.
Answer: Gniezno.

31. In what year was the kingdom of Poland first established?
A. 1052.
B. 1025.
C. 1205.
Answer: 1025.

32. What number correctly represents the number of world heritage sites in Poland?
A. 15.
B. 16.
C. 17.
Answer: 16.

33. What animal works in the Palace of culture and science in Poland?
A. Dog.
B. Cat.
C. Horse.
Answer: cat.

34. In what year did Poland join the European Union?
A. 2000.
B. 2007.
C. 2004.
Answer: 2004.

35. One of these cities is not in Poland.
A. Klodzko.
B. Łomża.
C. Hereford.
Answer: Hereford.

36. Which of these is the oldest university in Poland?
A. University of Warsaw.
B. Jagiellonian University.
C. University of Wroclaw.
Answer: Jagiellonian University.

37. What is the national anthem of Poland called?
A. Mazurek Dąbrowskiego
B. Marek Dabowkieg.
C. Azurek Darowkogo.
Answer: Mazurek Dąbrowskiego.

38. Which of these is the most produced food commodity in Poland?
A. Sugar beets.
B. Wheat.
C. Milk.
Answer: milk.

39. Which of the following is the most consumed food in Poland?
A. Placki Ziemniaczane.
B. Kotlet Schabowy.
C. Pierogi.
Answer: pierogi.

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40. One of these is not a dancing style in Poland.
A. Krakowiak.
B. Oberek.
C. Czamara.
Answer: Czamara.

41. Which of these is the correct way to say hello in Polish?
A. Przykro mi.
B. Dzięki.
C. Cześć.
Answer: Cześć.

42. Which one of these is not among the most used ingredient in Polish cuisine?
A. Mushroom.
B. Fluted pumpkin.
C. Cucumber.
Answer: fluted pumpkin.

43. How do you say I’m sorry in Polish?
A. Przykro mi.
B. Dzięki.
C. Cześć.
Answer: Przykro mi.

44. Which of these is the national soup of the Polish.
A. Rosol.
B. Grzybowa.
C. Schabowy.
Answer: Schabowy.

45. Which of these is the most exported food commodity in Poland?
A. Poultry meat.
B. Beef.
C. Pork.
Answer: poultry meat.

46. How do you say thank you in Polish?
A. Dziękuję.
B. Napoj.
C. Na Zdrowie.
Answer: Dziękuję.

47. How many federal states does Poland have?
A. 18.
B. 16.
C. 14.
Answer: 16.

48. In what year did Poland gain its independence?
A. 1981.
B. 1891.
C. 1918.
Answer: 1918.

49. which of these Polish States was almost completely destroyed during world war 2?
A. Warsaw.
Answer: Warsaw.

50. One of these weathers is not experienced in Poland.
A. Summer.
B. Winter.
C. Harmattan.
Answer: harmattan.

51. Which of the following is the current president of Poland in 2022?
A. Andrzej Sebastian Duda.
B. Lech Kaczyński.
C. Maria Kaczyńska.
Answer: Andrzej Sebastian Duda.

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