51 Interesting Questions and Answers about Portugal

Are you ready to test how well you know Portugal? or Do you want to have fun learning some interesting and uncommon facts about Portugal? We got you, as these fact-filled trivia questions will expose you to many fascinating facts about Portugal.

Be ready for fun, as we have lined up easy and difficult Portugal Trivia questions that will expose you to the culture, geography, politics, and history of the beautiful country of Portugal, some you will know others you will be happy to find out.

1. The national anthem of Portugal is ___.
a. A Portuguesa.
b. La Portuguesa.
c. O Portuguesa.
Answer: A Portuguesa.

2. In what year did Portugal join European Union?
a. 1954.
b. 1945.
c. 1986.
Answer: 1986.

3. What was the former currency of Portugal?
a. It was never changed.
b. Escudo.
c. Euro.
Answer: escudo.


4. How many colors are on the national flag of Portugal?
a. 4.
b. 6.
c. 5.
Answer: 5.

5. How many regions are in Portugal?
a. 2.
b. 7.
c. 5.
Answer: 7.

6. Which water body lies on the border of Portugal?
a. the Pacific Ocean.
b. the Caribbean Sea.
c. the Atlantic Ocean.
Answer: Atlantic Ocean.

7. What is the official language of Portugal?
a. English.
b. Portuguese.
c. Mirandese.
Answer: Portuguese.

8. When did Portugal join the United Nations?
a. 1986.
b. 1945.
c. 1954.
Answer: 1945.

9. What is the currency of Portugal?
a. Escudo.
b. Euro.
c. Baht.
Answer: euro.

10. Where in Southern Europe is Portugal located?
a. Northern.
b. Eastern.
c. Western.
Answer: Western.

11. The main electricity source in Portugal is ___.
a. Wind.
b. Solar.
c. Geothermal.
Answer: wind.

12. ___ is the oldest castle in Portugal.
a. Guimaraes Castle.
b. Tomar Castle.
c. Castle of the Moors.
Answer: Castle of the Moors.

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13. The oldest still-standing ally is between Portugal and ___.
a. Spain.
b. England.
c. Rome.
Answer: England.

14. When did the Great Lisbon earthquake happen?
a. 1755.
b. 1575.
c. 1557.
Answer: 1755.

15. The longest bridge in Portugal and also in Europe is known as ____.
a. Vasco Da Gama Bridge.
b. Oresund Bridge.
c. 25 De Abril Bridge.
Answer: Vasco Da Gama Bridge.

16. What are the two main colors of Portugal’s flag?
a. Green and red.
b. Yellow and green.
c. Red and white.
Answer: green and red.


17. How many African countries did Portugal colonize?
a. 7.
b. 4
c. 9.
Answer: 7.

18. Which is the highest mountain in Portugal?
a. Mount Pico Ruivo.
b. Mount Torre.
c. Mount Pico.
Answer: Mount Pico.

19. When did Napoleon occupy Portugal?
a. 1870.
b. 1807.
c. 1780.
Answer: 1807.

20. Which language did Portuguese originate from?
a. Latin.
b. Spanish.
c. Arabic.
Answer: Latin.

21. Why is the national symbol of Portugal a rooster? It is so because ___.
a. A rooster saved an accused man from being killed.
b. Roosters show brotherhood.
c. Roosters are colorful and they mark their independence.
Answer: a rooster saved an accused man from being killed.

22. Portugal was the ___ to abolish slavery.
a. 2nd.
b. 4th.
c. 1st.
Answer: 1st.

23. Which of these is the largest island in Portugal?
a. Pico Island.
b. Madeira Island.
c. Santiago Island.
Answer: Santiago Island.

24. What is the main religion of Portugal?
a. Roman Catholic.
b. Eastern Orthodoxy.
c. Islam.
Answer: Roman Catholic.

25. What is the dialing code of Portugal?
a. +531.
b. +351.
c. +315.
Answer: +351.

26. What is the time zone of Portugal?
a. GMT 00.
b. GMT +1.
c. GMT -1.
Answer: GMT 00.

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27. How many countries did Portugal colonize?
a. About 55.
b. About 50.
c. About 45.
Answer: about 50.

28. What is the capital of Portugal?
a. Porto.
b. Coimbra.
c. Lisbon.
Answer: Lisbon.

29. Which of the following is the largest city in Portugal?
a. Ponte de Sor.
b. Castelo Branco.
c. Guarda.
Answer: Castelo Branco.

30. How many districts are in Portugal?
a. 20.
b. 16.
c. 18.
Answer: 18.

31. Who was the first prime minister of Portugal?
a. Bernardino Machado.
b. Teófilo Braga.
c. Manuel de Arriaga.
Answer: Manuel de Arriaga.

32. When is the national day of Portugal?
a. June 20.
b. June 10.
c. June 30.
Answer: June 10.

33. What is the main export of Portugal?
a. Commodities.
b. Motor vehicles and parts.
c. Electrical machinery.
Answer: motor vehicles and parts.

34. What is the coast of Portugal called?
a. Gold Coast.
b. Silver Coast.
c. Coast of Silver.
Answer: Silver Coast.

35. When did Portugal gain its independence?
a. 1143.
b. 1134.
c. 1314.
Answer: 1143.

36. Who was the first female prime minister of Portugal?
a. Maria de Lourdes.
b. Isabel Capella.
c. Janie Pintasilgo.
Answer: Maria de Lourdes.

37. What is the approximate length of Portugal’s coastline?
a. 1,800 km.
b. 2,000 km.
c. 2,200km.
Answer: 1,800 km.

38. The official name of Portugal is ___.
a. The Republic of Portugal.
b. The Portuguese Republic.
c. The Federal Republic of Portugal.
Answer: The Republic of Portugal.

39. One of these is the largest river in Portugal.
a. Douro River.
b. Mondego River.
c. Tagus River.
Answer: Tagus River.

40. Which of the following is the largest lake in Portugal?
a. Alqueva Lake.
b. Lagoa do Fogo.
c. Lagoa do Congo.
Answer: Alqueva Lake.

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41. What is the largest airport in Portugal?
a. João Paulo II Airport.
b. Francisco de Sá Carneiro Airport.
c. Humberto Delgado Airport.
Answer: Humberto Delgado Airport.

42. ___ is the tallest building in Portugal.
a. Monsanto Tower.
b. Twin Tower I.
c. Torre Vasco da Gama.
Answer: Torre Vasco da Gama.

43. What is the largest library in Portugal?
a. Biblioteca Joanina.
b. National Library of Portugal.
c. Biblioteca Municipal Almeida Garrett.
Answer: National Library of Portugal.

44. What is the major import of Portugal?
a. Electrical machinery.
b. Vehicles.
c. Mineral fuels.
Answer: mineral fuels.

45. The largest dam in Portugal is called ____.
a. Bemposta Dam.
b. Alqueva Dam.
c. Castro Dam.
Answer: Alqueva Dam.

46. Which of these cities has never served as the capital of Portugal?
a. Coimbra.
b. Lisbon.
c. Porto.
Answer: Porto.

47. What is the national game of Portugal?
a. Football.
b. Basketball.
c. Volleyball.
Answer: football.

48. One of these is not among the most produced food commodity of Portugal.
a. Tomato.
b. Olive.
c. Plantain.
Answer: plantain.

49. What is the climate of Portugal?
a. Mild and rainy.
b. Cold and rainy.
c. Warm and rainy.
Answer: mild and rainy.

50. ___ is the oldest building in Portugal.
a. Saint Benedict Palace.
b. Patriarchal Metropolitan Cathedral.
c. Lisbon Cathedral.
Answer: Patriarchal Metropolitan Cathedral.

51. Which country did Portugal gain independence from?
a. Rome.
b. Britain.
c. Spain.
Answer: Spain.

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