51 Interesting Scotland Trivia Questions and Answers

Are you ready to test how well you know Scotland? or Do you want to have fun learning some interesting and uncommon facts about Scotland? We got you, as these fact-filled trivia questions will expose you to many fascinating facts about Scotland.

Be ready for fun, as we have lined up easy and difficult Scotland Trivia questions that will expose you to the culture, geography, politics, and history of the beautiful state of Scotland, some you will know others you will be happy to find out. Check out 51 United Kingdom (UK) Trivia Questions and Answers

1. What is the real name of Hogwarts express?
a. The Jacobite.
b. West Highland Line.
c. Dunbar.
Answer: The Jacobite.

2. Which is the largest loch in Scotland?
a. Loch Awe.
b. Loch Lomond.
c. Loch Linnhe.
Answer: Loch Linnhe.

3. Which of the following is the largest island in Scotland?
a. Lewis and Harris.
b. Mainland.
c. Skye.
Answer: Lewis and Harris.


4. ___ is the highest mountain in Scotland.
a. Ben Macdui.
b. Braeriach.
c. Ben Nevis.
Answer: Ben Nevis.

5. Who is the patron saint of Scotland?
a. St George.
b. St Andrew.
c. St David.
Answer: St Andrew.

6. Which Australian city shares its name with a Scottish city?
a. Perth.
b. Livingston.
c. Orange.
Answer: Perth.

7. What is the former capital of Scotland?
a. Dunfermline.
b. Edinburgh.
c. Scone.
Answer: Scone.

8. What was Scotland formerly known as?
a. United Kingdom.
b. Caledonia.
c. Scots.
Answer: Caledonia.

9. Who was Scotland’s longest-serving monarch?
a. James VI.
b. David II.
c. William I.
Answer: David II.

10. Which of these games was invented by Scotland?
a. Football.
b. Golf.
c. Basketball.
Answer: Golf.

11. Who was the first inaugural first prime minister of Scotland?
a. Henry McLeish.
b. Donald Dewar.
c. Jim Wallace.
Answer: Donald Dewar.

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12. Who was the first female prime minister of Scotland?
a. Alex Salmond.
b. Nicola Sturgeon.
c. Margaret Hilda.
Answer: Nicola Sturgeon.

13. What is the national animal of Scotland?
a. Eagle.
b. Unicorn.
c. Horse.
Answer: Unicorn.

14. When is the national day of Scotland?
a. November 13.
b. November 30.
c. November 20.
Answer: November 30.

15. Which colors are on the official national flag of Scotland?
a. Blue and white.
b. Red and white.
c. Green and white.
Answer: Blue and white.

16. What is the capital of Scotland?
a. Glasgow.
b. Edinburgh.
c. Livingstone.
Answer: Edinburgh.


17. The oldest castle in Scotland is ___.
a. Edinburgh Castle.
b. Castle Sween.
c. Monzie Estate.
Answer: Castle Sween.

Castle Sween Scotland
Castle Sween Scotland Photo: (© Martin Coventry) at thecastlesofscotland.co.uk

18. One of the following is the highest hedge in Scotland and also in the world.
a. Meikleour Beech Hedge.
b. Hedge Gemander.
c. Hedge Ceanothus.
Answer: Meikleour Beech Hedge.

19. What is the official royal residence of Scotland’s monarchy?
a. Windsor Castle.
b. Palace of Holyroodhouse.
c. Palace of Holyhouse.
Answer: Palace of Holyroodhouse.

20. Which colors are on the unofficial national flag of Scotland?
a. White and red.
b. Yellow and blue.
c. Yellow and red.
Answer: Yellow and red.

21. Scotland has just one land country border which is ___.
a. Wales.
b. Britain.
c. England.
Answer: England.

22. Which of these water bodies does not border with Scotland?
a. Atlantic Ocean.
b. Pacific Ocean.
c. North Sea.
Answer: North Sea.

23. What is the approximate length of Scotland’s coastline to the nearest thousand?
a. 18.
b. 19.
c. 22.
Answer: 18.

24. Which currency is used in Scotland?
a. Euro.
b. Pound sterling.
c. Dollar.
Answer: Pound sterling.

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25. What is the official national flag of Scotland called?
a. Saltire.
b. Lion Rampant.
c. St George’s flag.
Answer: Saltire.

26. Which of these is the official name of Scotland?
a. England.
b. United Kingdom.
c. Scotland.
Answer: Scotland.

27. Which continent is Scotland situated in?
a. Asia.
b. Europe.
c. Australia.
Answer: Europe.

28. Which of the following is the largest river in Scotland?
a. River Spey.
b. River Clyde.
c. River Tay.
Answer: River Tay.

29. One of these is not a county in Scotland.
a. Aberdeenshire.
b. Banffshire.
c. Gwynedd.
Answer: Gwynedd.

30. The Scottish border is known as ___.
a. Anglo-Scottish Border.
b. Franco-Scottish border.
c. German-Scottish border.
Answer: Anglo-Scottish border.

31. What is the approximate length of Scotland’s coastline?
a. 9940km.
b. 9930km
c. 9910km.
Answer: 9910km.

32. The major import of Scotland is____.
a. Gas.
b. Previous metals.
c. Machinery.
Answer: Gas.

33. Scotland’s major export goes to a country of countries called?
a. America.
b. Netherlands.
c. United Kingdom.
Answer: United Kingdom.

34. What is the largest lake in Scotland?
a. Loch Tay.
b. Loch Awe.
c. Loch Lomond.
Answer: Loch Lomond.

35. What is the name of the unofficial national flag of Scotland?
a. Lion Rampant.
b. Saltire.
c. St George’s flag.
Answer: Lion Rampant.

36. ____ is the oldest university in Scotland.
a. University of Glasgow.
b. University of St Andrews.
c. King’s College.
Answer: University of St Andrews.

37. The largest airport in Scotland is ____.
a. Edinburgh Airport.
b. Glasgow Airport.
c. Aberdeen International Airport.
Answer: Edinburgh Airport.

38. What is the oldest city in Scotland?
a. Scone.
b. Iona.
c. Dundee.
Answer: Dundee.

39. Which is not among the major sources of electricity in Scotland?
a. Tides.
b. Wind.
c. Water.
Answer: Water.

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40. When does the Edinburgh festival take place?
a. August.
b. September.
c. July.
Answer: August.

41. What is the major religion of Scotland?
a. Atheism.
b. Protestants.
c. Christians.
Answer: Christians.

42. Which is the largest library of Scotland?
a. The National Library of Scotland.
b. Dunfermline Carnegie Library & Galleries.
c. Library of Innerpeffray.
Answer: The National Library of Scotland.

43. Does Scotland have its own national anthem?
a. Yes.
b. No.
c. Maybe.
Answer: No.

44. What name is given to Scottish farms?
a. Farmland.
b. Mains.
c. Barn.
Answer: Mains.

45. How many counties are in Scotland?
a. 33.
b. 30.
c. 38.
Answer: 33.

46. How many official languages are used in Scotland?
a. 3.
b. 1.
c. 2.
Answer: 3.

47. The largest museum in Scotland is ____.
a. National Museum of Scotland.
b. National Museum of Rural Life.
c. National Museum Of Flight.
Answer: National Museum of Scotland.

48. Which is the highest building in Scotland?
a. Salisbury Cathedral.
b. 109 Bluevale Street.
c. 93 Petershill Drive.
Answer: Salisbury Cathedral.

Salisbury Cathedral Scotland
Salisbury Cathedral Scotland Photo: visitheritage.co.uk

49. What name is given to a Scottish farmer?
a. Kosatter.
b. Coaister.
c. Kosaiter.
Answer: Kosatter.

50. One of these is the national flower of Scotland.
a. Thistle.
b. Artichoke.
c. Leek.
Answer: Thistle.

51. Which of these is not among the official languages of Scotland?
a. Scottish Gaelic.
b. Scots.
c. Polish.
Answer: Polish.

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