51 Interesting Singapore Trivia Questions and Answers

Do you think you know everything about Singapore? Think again, because this Interesting Singapore trivia quiz will expose you to many fascinating things about Singapore.

It will help you learn some essential things you should know about Singapore that you probably do not know.  We have lined up some mind-blowing and error-free Singapore Trivia questions that will expose you to the beautiful country, Singapore’s culture, geography, politics, and history.

1. What is the Singapore currency called?
A. Singapore Euro.
B. Singapore Dollar.
C. Singapore Naira.
Answer: Singapore Dollar.

2. Which of the following is the nickname of Singapore?
A. Lion city.
B. Bull city.
C. Tiger city.
Answer: Lion city.

3. What is the smallest city in Singapore called?
A. Newton.
B. Simei.
C. Kampong Lorong Buangkok.
Answer: Kampong Lorong Buangkok.


4. What colors are found on the national flag.
A. White and blue.
B. White and red.
C. White and green.
Answer: white and red.

5. One of the following is the largest river in Singapore.
A. Serangoon River.
B. Singapore River.
C. Kallang River.
Answer: Kallang River.

6. In which region of Asia is Singapore located?
A. South Eastern.
B. South Western.
C. Northern Eastern.
Answer: South Eastern.

7. Which is the most practiced religion in Singapore?
A. Christianity.
B. Muslim.
C. Buddhism.
Answer: Buddhism.

8. One of these is the national bird of Singapore.
A. Crimson Sunbird.
B. Spotted dove.
C. Javan myna.
Answer: Crimson Sunbird.

9. Which is the largest lake in Singapore?
A. Jurong Lake.
B. Symphony Lake.
C. Marina Reservoir.
Answer: Marina Reservoir.

10. One of these is the tallest building in Singapore.
A. Guoco Tower.
B. UOB Plaza One.
C. Capitaspring.
Answer: Guoco Tower.

11. What is the Singapore traditional dress called?
A. Bayu Kurun.
B. Bayu Kung.
C. Baju Kurung.
Answer: Baju Kurung.

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12. Which of these is the national food of Singapore?
A. Hainanese beef rice.
B. Hainanese chicken rice.
C. Hainanese pork rice.
Answer: Hainanese chicken rice.

13. Which of these is the largest library in Singapore?
A. Tampines Regional Library.
B. Yishun Library.
C. National Library of Singapore.
Answer: National Library of Singapore.

14. Which is the capital of Singapore?
A. Singapore.
B. Yishun.
C. Bukit Batok.
Answer: Singapore.

15. One of these is not a traditional dance in Singapore.
A. Asli.
B. Inang.
C. Igele.
Answer: Igele.

16. What is the Singapore national anthem called?
A. Majulah Singapura.
B. Majulah Singa.
C. Majulah Singapore.
Answer: Majulah Singapura.


17. What is the largest museum in Singapore called?
A. ArtScience Museum.
B. Fort Canning Park.
C. National Museum of Singapore.
Answer: National Museum of Singapore.

18. Which is the most populated state in Singapore?
A. Western Region.
B. Central Region.
C. Eastern Region.
Answer: Central Region.

19. Which is the most exported commodity in Singapore?
A. Electrical machinery.
B. Mineral fuels.
C. Gems.
Answer: electrical machinery.

20. How many stars are on the national flag of Singapore?
A. 6.
B. 5.
C. 4.
Answer: 5.

21. Which is the largest island in Singapore?
A. Pulau Ujong.
B. Jurong Island.
C. Tekong Island.
Answer: Pulau Ujong.

22. Which two animals are found in the Singapore coat of arms?
A. Lion and buffalo.
B. Lion and bull.
C. Lion and tiger.
Answer: lion and tiger.

23. Which is the largest dam in Singapore?
A. Marina Barrage.
B. Bedok Reservoir.
C. Kranji Reservoir.
Answer: Marina Barrage.

24. One of these is the most imported commodity in Singapore.
A. Medical apparatus.
B. Precious metals.
C. Electrical machinery.
Answer: electrical machinery.

25. __ is the largest city in Singapore.
A. Singapore.
B. Woodlands.
C. Marine Parade.
Answer: Singapore.

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26. Who was the first president of Singapore?
A. Yusof bin Ishak.
B. Devan Nair.
C. Benjamin Henry Sheares.
Answer: Yusof bin Ishak.

27. What is the oldest museum in Singapore called?
A. ArtScience Museum.
B. Fort Canning Park.
C. National Museum of Singapore.
Answer: National Museum of Singapore.

28. Which country once acquired primary custody of Singapore?
A. Japan.
B. China.
C. Malaysia.
Answer: Japan.

29. Which is the largest state in Singapore in terms of area?
A. Central Region.
B. Eastern Region.
C. Western Region.
Answer: Western Region.

30. Who was the first female president of Singapore?
A. Ms. Halimah Yacob.
B. Ms. Halimah Jacob.
C. Ms. Hamah Yaboc.
Answer: Ms. Halimah Yacob.

31. Which of these is Singapore’s highest peak?
A. Bukit Kallang.
B. Bukit Gombak Hill.
C. Bukit Timah Hill.
Answer: Bukit Timah Hill.

32. When is the national day of Singapore?
A. 19th August.
B. 9th August.
C. 29th August.
Answer: 9th August.

33. The largest airport in Singapore is __?
A. Kallang Airport.
B. Seletar Airport.
C. Changi Airport.
Answer: Changi Airport.

34. Who is the current president of Singapore in 2022?
A. Yusof bin Ishak.
B. Halimah Yacob.
C. Benjamin Henry.
Answer: Halimah Yacob.

35. When did Singapore join United Nations?
A. 1965.
B. 1956.
C. 1695.
Answer: 1965.

36. One of these options is the largest container port in Singapore.
A. Tanjong Pagar Terminal.
B. Tuas Port.
C. Port of Singapore.
Answer: Port of Singapore.

37. In what year did Singapore gain independence?
A. 1965.
B. 1956.
C. 1695.
Answer: 1965.

38. What is the national flower of Singapore called?
A. Frangipani.
B. Bougainvillaea.
C. Vanda Miss Joaquim.
Answer: Vanda Miss Joaquim.

39. What is the official name of Singapore?
A. Federal Republic of Singapore.
B. Republic of Singapore.
C. Federal of Singapore.
Answer: Republic of Singapore.

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40. One of the following is the oldest university in Singapore.
A. NYU Tisch School of the Arts, Asia.
B. Singapore Polytechnic.
C. Singapore Bible College.
Answer: NYU Tisch School of the Arts, Asia.

41. How many states are in Singapore?
A. 7.
B. 6.
C. 5.
Answer: 5.

42. One of these is the national tree of Singapore.
A. Tembusu tree.
B. Flame of the Forest.
C. Trumpet tree.
Answer: Tembusu tree.

43. Which two oceans does Singapore lie between?
A. Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.
B. Indian and Atlantic Oceans.
C. Pacific and Indian Oceans.
Answer: Pacific and Indian Oceans.

44. Singapore was formerly known as __?
A. Temsek.
B. Temasek.
C. Tmasek.
Answer: Temasek.

45. Which of these is not among the country borders of Singapore?
A. Malaysia.
B. Indonesia.
C. Micronesia.
Answer: Micronesia.

46. One of these is the national animal of Singapore.
A. Koala.
B. Lion.
C. Kangaroo.
Answer: Lion.

47. One of these is not among the official languages of Singapore.
A. Mandarin.
B. Hankgu.
C. Malay.
Answer: Hankgu.

48. In what year didSingaporejoin European Nations?

49. The coastline in Singapore measures about __?
A. 193km.
B. 139km.
C. 391km.
Answer: 193km.

50. One of these is the national fruit of Singapore.
A. Durian.
B. Mango.
C. Avacado pear.
Answer: durian.

51. What two celestial bodies are found in the national flag of Singapore?
A. Moon and sun.
B. Moon and star.
C. Sun and star.
Answer: moon and star.

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