51 Interesting South Africa Trivia Question and Answers

Do you think you know everything about South Africa? Think again, because this Interesting South Africa trivia quiz will expose you to many fascinating things about South Africa.

It will help you learn some essential things you should know about South Africa that you probably do not know.  We have lined up some mind-blowing and error-free South Africa Trivia questions that will expose you to the culture, geography, politics, and history of the beautiful country, South Africa.

1. Which is the oldest castle in South Africa.
A. Erasmus Castle.
B. Destiny Castle.
C. Castle of Good Hope.
Answer: Castle of Good Hope.

2. One of these is the largest lake in South Africa.
A. Lake Tanganyika.
B. Lake Sibaya.
C. Sodwana Bay.
Answer: Lake Sibaya.

3. Which of these cities has never been the capital of South Africa?
A. Pretoria.
B. Bloemfontein.
C. Johannesburg.
Answer: Johannesburg.


4. Which of these is the oldest city in South Africa?
A. Cape Town.
B. Swellendam.
C. Stellenbosch.
Answer: Cape Town.

5. __ is the most produced food commodity in South Africa.
A. Rice.
B. Barley.
C. Maize.
Answer: Maize.

6. __ is the largest library in South Africa.
A. Msunduzi Municipal Library.
B. National Library of South Africa.
C. Adelaide Tambo Public Library.
Answer: National Library of South Africa.

7. In what year did South Africa gain its independence?
A. 1960.
B. 1916.
C. 1961.
Answer: 1961.

8. Which of these is the smallest city in South Africa?
A. Greyton.
B. Bisho.
C. Hogsback.
Answer: Greyton.

9. The most exported commodity in South Africa is __?
A. Vehicles.
B. Ores.
C. Precious metals.
Answer: precious metals.

10. Which is the most famous museum in South Africa?
A. KwaZulu-Natal Museum.
B. Apartheid Museum.
C. Hector Pieterson Memorial.
Answer: Apartheid museum.

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11. What is the most imported commodity in South Africa?
A. Crude oil.
B. Telephones.
C. Refined petroleum.
Answer: Refined petroleum.

12. What is the national animal of South Africa called?
A. Springbuck.
B. Reindeer.
C. Deer.
Answer: Springbuck.

13. Which year did South Africa first join United Nations?
A. 1954.
B. 1961.
C. 1945.
Answer: 1945.

14. Which is the oldest museum in South Africa?
A. Heart of Cape Town Museum.
B. Iziko South African Museum.
C. Amathole Museum.
Answer: Iziko South African Museum.

15. When is the national day of South Africa?
A. 7th April.
B. 17th April.
C. 27th April.
Answer: 27th April.

16. How many colors are found on the national flag of South Africa?
A. 6.
B. 5.
C. 7.
Answer: 6.


17. In what year was South Africa banned from United Nations?
A. 1947.
B. 1954.
C. 1974.
Answer: 1974.

18. The largest city in South Africa is ___?
A. Soweto.
B. Johannesburg.
C. Cape Town.
Answer: Johannesburg.

19. What is the official name of South Africa?
A. Federal Republic of South Africa.
B. Federal of South Africa.
C. Republic of South Africa.
Answer: Republic of South Africa.

20. Which is the national bird of South Africa?
A. Blue crane.
B. Red crane.
C. Yellow crane.
Answer: blue crane.

21. One of these is not among the most consumed food in South Africa.
A. Bread.
B. Maize.
C. Rice.
Answer: Rice.

22. __ is the largest state in South Africa.
A. Central Cape.
B. Northern Cape.
C. Southern Cape.
Answer: Northern Cape.

23. What is the South African currency called?
A. Real.
B. Shilling.
C. Rand.
Answer: Rand.

24. ___ is the national food of South Africa.
A. Bobotie.
B. Chakalaka & pap.
C. Potjiekos.
Answer: bobotie.

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25. One of these was never the name of South Africa.
A. Cape colony.
B. Transvaal.
C. Biafra.
Answer: Biafra.

26. How many provinces are in South Africa?
A. 11.
B. 10.
C. 9.
Answer: 9.

27. When was South Africa reinstated as a member of the United Nations?
A. 1980.
B. 1990.
C. 1994.
Answer: 1994.

28. Which is the national anthem of South Africa?
A. Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika.
B. Nosi Sikelel’ iAfria.
C. Nki Silel’ iAfrika.
Answer: Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika.

29. Which country colonized South Africa before her independence?
A. Spain.
C. Britain.
Answer: Britain.

30. How many neighboring countries does South Africa have?
A. 6.
B. 5.
C. 7.
Answer: 5.

31. How many official languages are spoken in South Africa?
A. 12.
B. 1.
C. 11.
Answer: 11.

32. What does the inscription on the South African coat of arms mean?
A. Diverse people unite.
B. Diverse people united.
C. People unite diversely.
Answer: diverse people unite.

33. ___ is the most dominant religion in South Africa.
A. Judaism.
B. Muslim.
C. Christianity.
Answer: Christianity.

34. One of these is not among the boundaries of South Africa.
A. Botswana.
B. Zambia.
C. Zimbabwe.
Answer: Zambia.

35. Which is the most populated province in South Africa?
A. Southern Cape.
B. Gauteng.
C. Northern Cape.
Answer: Gauteng.

36. ___ is the national flower of South Africa.
A. king protea.
B. Transvaal daisy.
C. Sugarbushes.
Answer: king protea.

37. Which of these countries is totally surrounded by South Africa?
A. Lithoso.
B. Lesotho.
C. Botswana.
Answer: Lesotho.

38. What is the approximate length of South Africa’s coastline?
A. About 2,000km.
B. About 3,000km.
C. About 2,500km.
Answer: about 3,000km.

39. Who was the first black president of South Africa?
A. Thabo Mbeki.
B. Kgalema Motlanthe.
C. Nelson Mandela.
Answer: Nelson Mandela.

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40. The national tree of South Africa is ___?
A. Real yellowwood.
B. Baobab.
C. Afrocarpus falcatus.
Answer: Real yellowwood.

41. When did Britain take over Cape Colony?
A. 1759.
B. 1965.
C. 1975.
Answer: 1975.

42. Which is the smallest province in South Africa?
A. Johannesburg.
B. Gauteng.
C. Sesotho.
Answer: Gauteng.

43. ___ is the national game of South Africa.
A. Football.
B. Cricket.
C. Rugby.
Answer: rugby.

44. How many capital cities does South Africa have?
A. 4.
B. 3.
C. 2.
Answer: 3.

45. Who is the current president of South Africa.
A. Matamela Cyril Ramaphosa.
B. Jan Christiaan Heunis.
C. Pieter Willem Botha.
Answer: Matamela Cyril Ramaphosa.

46. How many years did Nelson Mandela stay in prison?
A. 18 years.
B. 25 years.
C. 27 years.
Answer: 27 years.

47. Which of these is not a province in South Africa?
A. KwaZulu-Natal.
B. Mpumalanga.
C. Setswana.
Answer: Setswana.

48. Which is the highest mountain in South Africa?
A. Mohlesi pass.
B. Thabana Ntlenyana.
C. Mafadi.
Answer: Thabana Ntlenyana.

49. Which is not among the official languages of South Africa?
A. English.
B. Setswana.
C. Madiba.
Answer: madiba.

50. Which is the largest River in South Africa?
A. Orange River.
B. Limpopo River.
C. Vaal River.
Answer: Orange River.

51. Which is the oldest building in South Africa.
A. Erasmus Castle.
B. Destiny Castle.
C. Castle of Good Hope.
Answer: Castle of Good Hope.

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