51 Interesting Spain Trivia Questions and Answers

Do you think you know everything about Spain? Think again, because this Interesting Spain trivia quiz will expose you to many fascinating things about Spain.

It will help you learn some essential things you should know about Spain that you probably do not know. You will also uncover some powerful questions that will make you feel proud and smart when you answer them in front of people.

We have lined up some mind-blowing and error-free Spain Trivia questions that will expose you to the culture, geography, politics, and history of the beautiful country, Spain.

1. What is the capital of Spain?

A. Madrid.
B. Barcelona.
C. Catalonia.
Answer: Madrid.


2. Between Which two continents is Spain located?
A. Europe and Asia.
B. Asia and Africa.
C. Europe and Africa.
Answer: Europe and Africa.

3. Which of the following perfectly describes the flag of Spain?
A. Vertical lines or red, yellow, and red.
B. Horizontal lines of red, white, and red.
C. Horizontal lines of red, yellow, and red.
Answer: horizontal lines of red, yellow, and red.

4. Which is the national animal of Spain?
A. Lion.
B. Bull.
C. Bulldog.
Answer: Bull.

5. Which is the largest city in Spain?
A. Alicante.
B. Valencia.
C. Madrid.
Answer: Madrid.

6. One of these Spanish rivers does not flow into the Atlantic Ocean.
A. Tagus River.
B. Ebro River.
C. Duero River.
Answer: Ebro river.

7. Which is the largest lake in Spain?
A. Sanabria Lake.
B. Canales Reservoir.
C. Lake As Pontes.
Answer: Sanabria Lake.

8. What is the Spanish currency called?
A. Dirham.
B. Euro.
C. Dollar.
Answer: Euro.

9. One of these options is the tallest building in Spain.
A. Torre de Collserola.
B. Torre de Cristal.
C. Torre Bankia.
Answer: Torre de Collserola.

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10. Which is the traditional dress of Spain?
A. Huipil.
B. Traje de flamenca.
C. Tratge d’hereu.
Answer: Traje de flamenca.

11. One of the following religions is the most practiced religion in Spain.
A. Muslim.
B. Judaism.
C. Christianity.
Answer: Christianity.

12. One of the following is the national bird of Spain.
A. Spanish imperial eagle.
B. White-headed duck.
C. Eurasian hoopoe.
Answer: Spanish imperial eagle.

13. Who is the first female prime minister of Spain?
A. María Teresa Fernández.
B. Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba.
C. José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero.
Answer: María Teresa Fernández.

14. When is the National Day of Spain?
A. 2nd October.
B. 12th October.
C. 22nd October.
Answer: 12th October.


15. __ is not among the boundaries of Spain.
A. England.
B. France.
C. Andorra.
Answer: England.

16. Spain is divided into __ judicial districts?
A. 243.
B. 432.
C. 324.
Answer: 432.

17. In what year did Spain join the UN?
A. 1595.
B. 1559.
C. 1955.
Answer: 1955.

18. What is Spain in Spanish?
A. España.
B. Español.
C. Española.
Answer: España.

19. Spain was formerly known as__?
A. Portugal.
B. Hispania.
C. Hispan.
Answer: Hispania.

20. Which is the national sport of Spain?
A. Cricket.
B. Soccer.
C. Baseball.
Answer: Soccer.

21. When is the tomato festival held in Spain?
A. Every last Saturday of August.
B. Every last Thursday of August.
C. Every last Wednesday of August.
Answer: every last Wednesday of August.

22. Madrid is larger than Barcelona in terms of population.
A. True.
B. False.
C. I don’t know.
Answer: True.

23. Which is the most produced food commodity in Spain?
A. Barley.
B. Rice.
C. Tomato.
Answer: barley.

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24. When was the Second Republic of Spanish founded?
A. 1932.
B. 1913.
C. 1931.
Answer: 1931.

25. What is the Anthem of Spain in English?
A. Royal March
B. Spanish March
C. King March
Answer: Royal March

26. Which is the largest library in Spain?
A. Hispano-Arabe de Cultura.
B. Paseo de Recoletos.
C. Biblioteca Nacional de España.
Answer: Biblioteca Nacional de España.

27. __ is the highest waterfall in Spain.
A. Salto del Nervión.
B. Sant Miquel de Fai.
C. Cascada del Cinca.
Answer: Salto del Nervión.

28. When did the Spanish civil war start?
A. 1963.
B. 1693.
C. 1936.
Answer: 1936.

29. The Spanish anthem officially has no words.
A. Maybe.
B. True.
C. False.
Answer: true.

30. What dish is eaten as the Christmas meal?
A. Pickles.
B. Seafood.
C. Entremeses.
Answer: Entremeses.

31. What is the largest stadium in Spain called?
A. Camp Nou.
B. Benito Villamarín.
C. Santiago Bernabéu.
Answer: Camp Nou.

32. How many autonomous communities does Spain possess?
A. 16.
B. 17.
C. 18.
Answer: 17.

33. Which is the largest dam in Spain?
A. Aldeadávila Dam.
B. Alcántara Dam.
C. Almendra Dam.
Answer: Aldeadávila Dam.

34. What is eaten on New year’s Eve in Spain?
A. Berries.
B. Red grapes.
C. Green grapes.
Answer: Green grapes.

35. __ is the most imported commodity in Spain?
A. Mineral fuels.
B. Pharmaceuticals.
C. Electrical machinery.
Answer: Mineral fuels.

36. Which meat is eaten most in Spain?
A. Pork.
B. Beef.
C. Poultry.
Answer: pork.

37. How is hello said in Spain?
A. ¡Adiós!
B. ¡Bueno!
C. ¡Hola!
Answer: ¡Hola!

38. When did the Spanish civil war end?
A. 1939.
B. 1993.
C. 1990.
Answer: 1939.

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39. Which is the largest museum in Spain?
A. Museo del Prado.
B. Museo Guggenheim Bilbao.
C. Pirámides de Güímar.
Answer: Museo del Prado.

40. What is the Spanish anthem called?
A. Marcha Real.
B. March a real.
C. Match Real.
Answer: Marcha Real.

41. In what year did Spain join European Union?
A. 1986.
B. 1896.
C. 1698.
Answer: 1986.

42. __ is not a town found in Spain?
A. Pälomar.
B. Málaga.
C. Córdoba.
Answer: Pälomar.

43. What is the most exported commodity in Spain?
A. Pork.
B. Refined petroleum.
C. Copper ore.
Answer: Refined petroleum.

44. Where is the annual tomato festival held annually?
A. Ourense.
B. Lleida.
C. Buñol.
Answer: Buñol.

45. How many provinces can be found in Spain?
A. 50.
B. 40.
C. 60.
Answer: 50.

46. When did Spain gain its independence?
A. 1978.
B. 1987.
C. 1897.
Answer: 1978.

47. Who is the current prime minister of Spain?
A. Pedro Sánchez.
B. Mariano Rajoy.
C. Juan Carlos.
Answer: Pedro Sánchez.

48. Which is the highest mountain in Spain?
A. Teide Peak.
B. Mount Mulhacén.
C. Mount Aneto.
Answer: Teide peak.

49. One of the following is the largest island in Spain.
A. Majorca.
B. Tenerife.
C. Lanzarote.
Answer: Majorca.

50. Which language is majorly spoken in Spain?
A. English.
B. Spanish.
C. Anglo.
Answer: Spanish.

51. Which is the main dish of Spain?
A. Croquetas.
B. Tortilla Española.
C. Paella de Marisco.
Answer: Paella de Marisco.

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